Practicing Peace and Meditation

Advertisements There have been numerous strides in the awakening of the spiritual world. At the front of this charge, meditation has come to be a key towards manifesting a greater awareness of self. It has shown itself to be flexible and assessable to all people, in all situations. It is a movement like never beforeContinue reading “Practicing Peace and Meditation”

Star Beings in The Known Universe 5

Advertisements Sirians: the Sirians are part of the alien-cultures who assist Earth and all its inhabitants (Humans, Animals and Nature). Sirians are spiritual warriors, and strongly connected to life-forms of dolphins and whales. There is a growing movement to inhabit these forms when we reincarnate through the Collective, as what are called Star Seed Races.Continue reading “Star Beings in The Known Universe 5”

Omniscience: Free for 5 days! E-book Edition.

Advertisements My gift for everyone’s great support, No Amazon Account? Subscripers on right side of webpage will be emailed a Free Copy during these 5 Days. The Force of Life was a single spectacular stream from Source that poured into this universe. Creating Order from Chaos and structuring life in its wake as Cosmic EvolutionContinue reading “Omniscience: Free for 5 days! E-book Edition.”

Star Beings in The Known Universe 3

Advertisements The Anunnaki: I may harm some concepts of this Star Race, for it is believed that they come from a Planet that resides within our Solar System. Nibiru Is their home planet, but resides on a Solar System close to us, it is a very organic planet that is developed by harvesting 100% naturalContinue reading “Star Beings in The Known Universe 3”

Omni Chakras/Astral Forms

Advertisements When your able to move from the Physical Form into the Etheric Form, and Consciousness becomes fully realized, life will take on a very different meaning for you. In addition, obstacles will no longer possess the pull of unnecessary emotions as before. Life becomes an experience of a new sense, we now begin toContinue reading “Omni Chakras/Astral Forms”


Advertisements Water’s Evolution Understanding Form Volume 2 in the Universal Consciousness Series in production We have a complete history of being told that we cannot know The Mind of God. Yet Souls have unaccountably risen up throughout our societies and have been made immortalized because they did just this. We end up fabricating enriched storiesContinue reading “Mindfulness”

Unconsciousness (Video)

Advertisements The Unconscious Level of the Omnipotent Design maybe hard for us to comprehend. We are children of Light and Dark, our very spiritual bodies both physical and spiritual possess the struggle of existence’s ancient war. Imagine Source as a grandmaster at meditation, though perfect and all-knowing with complete harmony in spirit, the physical bodyContinue reading “Unconsciousness (Video)”

Universal Understanding

Advertisements (VIDEO) Space as matter is one of the three manifestations of our Astral Form, the other two being Time and Source. They each possess a spiritual form that must be perceived, for Space it is Stability. Merging and knowing this last piece of wisdom to our Astral Forms, will be the furthest we canContinue reading “Universal Understanding”

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