Of Man and Gods 3

Advertisements Non-Theistic religion does not center upon the existence of any deities, but it does not deny their existence either. As such, members can easily be a collection of atheists, agnostics, and theists. Theist believers often integrate their beliefs in a deity or deities with the non-theistic religion, rather than dealing with the two beliefsContinue reading “Of Man and Gods 3”

Of Man and Gods 1

Advertisements It is time for us to shed the taught belief that we derived from a single continent and moved throughout the planet. When looking at the many ways throughout planetary history we have evolved, we must understand that we equally derived from multiple areas on this planet. It is only due to the structurallyContinue reading “Of Man and Gods 1”

Star Beings in The Known Universe 5

Advertisements Sirians: the Sirians are part of the alien-cultures who assist Earth and all its inhabitants (Humans, Animals and Nature). Sirians are spiritual warriors, and strongly connected to life-forms of dolphins and whales. There is a growing movement to inhabit these forms when we reincarnate through the Collective, as what are called Star Seed Races.Continue reading “Star Beings in The Known Universe 5”

Omniscience: Free for 5 days! E-book Edition.

Advertisements My gift for everyone’s great support, No Amazon Account? Subscripers on right side of webpage will be emailed a Free Copy during these 5 Days. The Force of Life was a single spectacular stream from Source that poured into this universe. Creating Order from Chaos and structuring life in its wake as Cosmic EvolutionContinue reading “Omniscience: Free for 5 days! E-book Edition.”

Star Beings in the Known Universe 4

Advertisements Arcturians: Among the species known to inhabit the Milky Way, the Arcturians are the most ancient and intelligent. They do have strong Mental Bonds here on Earth, but not for control over our societies. play with mastering their Mental Powers as youths by dominating Minds here and controlling them for timespans. They initially haveContinue reading “Star Beings in the Known Universe 4”

The Multiverse

Advertisements As we gently fall to sleep at night our consciousness withdraws from this plane and awakens to another. The Dream Realm is beyond our full comprehension, it is grander than our spacious conceptualizations, and more connected than we can physically conceive with our minds. But this does not mean that it is not capableContinue reading “The Multiverse”

Omniscience: Mystics Continued..

Advertisements The only insight I can give to these Mystics is to sustain with your commitment through a higher form of consciousness. Know that you must see beyond opinions that may alter your realized truths either positive or negative. For residing in Conscious Collective ultimately is residing in Absolute Truth. Should you never get anyContinue reading “Omniscience: Mystics Continued..”

The Outer Universe 3

Advertisements If you will note, when looking at the Elemental Chart, Dark resides in the center. We can understand how it has influence on all connected Kingdoms. But it is contained and surrounded at once, but constantly finding new ways to spread itself. Our Domain is just above Dark, and in the stages of formation,Continue reading “The Outer Universe 3”

Universal Mind

Advertisements   With renewed strength we now see Conscious Leaders taking on more roles as the forces of Religion became the new warfront. With logic falling into disarray the Plane of Psyche (already formed earlier) would start to influence Water’s Evolution as the awakening of Mind began to form. Understanding the Universal Mind is toContinue reading “Universal Mind”

The Chakras/Etheric Forms

Advertisements From Consciousness: Earth’s Evolution, Spiritually Realized  The next part of our journey may be difficult for many to comprehend initially. The activities of the Chakra Points are well known to the evolving collective consciousness. However, there can be found inconsistencies with the philosophies and how to bring forth a comprehensible cohesion. In addition, ancientContinue reading “The Chakras/Etheric Forms”

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