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Star Beings in The Known Universe 5

Sirians: the Sirians are part of the alien-cultures who assist Earth and all its inhabitants (Humans, Animals and Nature). Sirians are spiritual warriors, and strongly connected to life-forms of dolphins and whales. There is a […]

Star Beings in the Known Universe 4


Among the species known to inhabit the
Milky Way, the Arcturians are the most ancient and
intelligent. They do have strong Mental Bonds here
on Earth, but not for control over our societies.
play with mastering their Mental Powers as youths
by dominating Minds here and controlling them for
timespans. They initially have technology that acts
as channels for their Minds to reach here, then as
they advance can move their Minds here without
assistance. They have developed a tier list to
determine their Mental Capabilities, and very strict
Laws when performing dominating techniques here
on Earth. Mental strength is what fuels their society
from fundamental living to highly evolved
technology. They believe themselves to be the first
system to be given the gift of life in our galaxy,
because they equate Intelligence with Evolution.
They’ve mutated and evolved over their time and
now exist in many forms. The main race of
Arcturians stands to about 5 feet with green skin and
large eyes. Traveling here to Earth is more of a field
trip for them to observe, or perhaps directly link up
mentally with those they have dominated. Many
stories can develop from earthlings meeting another
that has been dominated by an Arcturian, we get
stories of Time Travelers or people from other
Dimensions, or humans having complete memory
loss when The Arcturian is still new to their abilities.
The Yahyel is a portion of this race that have
decided to have closer interactions with Earth and
now live here in dimensional pockets, we so far
don’t equate the two species as one.

Alpha Centaurian:

The Alpha Centaurians are a
humanoid race possessing aquatic qualities about
them such as gills and webbed limbs to allow
surviving in their oceanic environments. They have a
luminous, bluish-gray skin tone and appear to vary
significantly in height. They are said to possess vast
scientific and technical prowess that is amongst the
highest quality in the universe, but also possess such
advanced weapons systems that other species are
afraid to war with them. Even so, they are very
theoretical: part of their mission statement on Earth
is to help raise its local populace’s scientific,
technical, and theoretical knowledge. There are also
claims they are here to enlighten mankind’s
consciousness, however this will never be done
through these technical means they have proposed.
This “mental enlightenment” is to allow Earthlings
to actually comprehend their knowledge, due to its
vast superiority to that on Earth. Telepathic in
nature, they attempt to make their knowledge known
to others by telepathically linking up with some of
mankind’s most advanced scientists, although since
they are so incredibly intelligent by comparison and
have such a high vibration, it is occasionally difficult
for them to ground their ideas to the Earthly plane.
Because of this they have allied with the Sirians,
who are quite good at bridging this gap due to being
very good at the practical application of ideas, as
well as making these theories usable for a third
dimensional society such as that of Earth. As such,
the Sirians operate as the workers and doers of the
Earth for the Alpha Centaurians.

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Universal Mind


With renewed strength we now see Conscious Leaders taking
on more roles as the forces of Religion became the new
warfront. With logic falling into disarray the Plane of Psyche
(already formed earlier) would start to influence Water’s
Evolution as the awakening of Mind began to form.
Understanding the Universal Mind is to understand all that
functions without thought, much like the complete body
organism. Universal Mind works above Mind, yet Mind is
unique because it thinks and actively manipulates its
environment. However, at any time should Mind stop this
action, the Universal Mind will once again take over. The
creation of form as in a fetus, the Universal Mind is at work.

Upon death, again the Universal Mind
takes over. The Universal Mind is what connects all Minds,
what’s learned by those Minds, and how it can apply this to
future generations of Minds. Minds can only evolve through
adding to their knowledge, this knowledge does not register as
what is right or wrong, only what works. And so, Minds will
continue to do these actions, unless something new has proven
to work in conjunction with survival.

Visionaries could find themselves shunned, killed, or kept
captive as interesting people to possess. What began this need
to understand and caused Minds to wander beyond its
function, was the influence from the Plane of Psyche. But still
with Sentient Beings came free movement of forms. Now
capable of physically reflecting what Universal Mind does,
manipulate and transform form for future evolution.

Water’s Evolution was not initially these evolved forms
of minds, for the Universal Mind controlled much of their
evolution. Still today we see lifeforms function with
intelligence that simply cannot be understood and so we only
fascinate with them. How the structures of the insect
kingdoms blow us away with new discoveries continually. The
Universal Mind works on the premise of what has worked 
before, it will continue to replicate this on the most
fundamentals for prosperity. The God Particle and Golden
Spiral will prove this exceptional function.

Remember this spiral of how Consciousness is formed?
Spirit moves into Form, moves into Mind, and then moves
into Consciousness. This means that these initial forms of
Water’s Evolution are in fact of sources energy, and children
of consciousness. All that Light touches is of consciousness,
though not necessarily conscious. As they evolved past Mind,
they became free agents as consciousness began to take root in
their collective understandings. This would ultimately cause
Minds to move beyond the Universal Mind to seek
understanding of it. Many Sentient Beings that only moved
through developing the lower chakras, would learn enough to 
conceive the Universal Mind as the origin of existence and
would cease to look further. We see this today within our
Theosophical views, though incredibly versed with great
spiritual breakthroughs many have taken it in and ceased to
continue once the Masters of Old moved on.

The Universal Mind has been and will always be throughout all of existence. It has been perfecting the principles of creating form since before matter was. Over billions of years through trial and error, it now replicates what it knows works. We will see this work in all the fundamental natures of life. The Universal Mind’s goal is Sentient Creation, we will see this currently in the known universe, all other animal kingdoms are in fact catered to assist, when not they will cease. All breaking and reforming of molecules throughout the billions of years were in fact looking, experimenting, and tweaking Sentient creation. There were trillions of failed experiments until what was found worked, even today we learn of many extinctions before humans. Sentient Beings, as an unperfected but finalized creation of The Universal Mind, was expected to succeed, and seed the universe. It never accounted for Sentience developing as it has beyond this.


Within this structure of Water’s Evolution, you will find in order the Universal Mind, Form, Intelligence, and then Individualized Mind. Individualized Mind’s being on the precipice of Collective Consciousness should they move beyond Heart Consciousness. Universal Mind is aware of consciousness within the Known Universe, however it is looked at as an abnormality due to its unpredictability. Universal Mind is about structure and function, no matter the forms it creates. Universal Mind touches the unconscious, it formed the Elemental Planes and Entities which reside there and is not of The Outer Universe. The Universal Mind is a companion to Consciousness, though lacks true understanding of it because it is not among what it controls.

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The Chakras/Etheric Forms

From Consciousness: Earth’s Evolution, Spiritually Realized

 The next part of our journey may be difficult for many to comprehend initially. The activities of the Chakra Points are well known to the evolving collective consciousness. However, there can be found inconsistencies with the philosophies and how to bring forth a comprehensible cohesion. In addition, ancient records to draw upon are at many times fragmented and influenced. We must know that all processes in the Spiritual Universe have a prime directive to evolve and thus The Chakras are included. I present an outline for which the Chakra Points have evolved to fit our ever-expanding societies. I feel that this topic will be taken up by another one day to enhance upon. I wish to fundamentally present the originations, manifestations, and evolutions of these Power Points.

            Chakras are our direct regulator to the physical body. They can be blocked initially far beyond our current lifetime and accumulate more blockage upon the same Chakra repeatedly. Since so well connected to one another, one damaged Chakra can easily influence many others. We must understand that as sure as we possess a human body, we can unblock them. There is a blessing in having human form of which a specter and ghost does not possess, for their soul is cut off from the anchors which root us to Source. This is one of the deployments of the Ahrimanic Force I spoke of, wrapped, and bound in Darkness the corruption will begin. I will speak from different viewpoints at times as I move consciousness to communicate this in a way that will resonate. I am certain that some items have been forgotten as they would prefer. I myself took years to decide on this, my original book only brought forth the positive, for at the time I lacked the will to go back to such places. I understood I was doing a great disservice to the greater cause and found the will to revisit these areas now.  

            I feel many ancient teachings speak of Luciferic and Ahrimanic forces as being in tight allegiance with one another, this was never true from my experiences. In the beginning Lucifer saw little threat to Ahriman, so Ahriman was able to work and grow in strength undetected. They are both a reflection of the battle within our overall spiritual forms, we conceive their war of Light and Dark within us and believe it is our battle, when in fact it is not. Luciferic influence has mastered blocking our Chakra Points, while Ahrimanic forces has mastered feeding from their blockages.

            I do not wish to paint too bleak a picture, for as I have said we possess incredible resources at our disposal by simply bringing our consciousness into ploy against these troubles. I will present ways to heighten your understanding, and contemplations to discover the inner workings on the seven main Chakras. A better way to view Chakras is that they are needed to strengthen your Physical/Etheric bodies as so to take on greater obstacles and achieve blessings. We have all seem images of the postured sitting Yogi with the rainbowed hued chakra points, I do not wish to look at it from this angle. I will present them in a way to connect the Elementals in order.

            When in our earliest forms, our bodies did not breathe Air, but breathed Soul Energy. In addition, it was a conscious unified breath through our Ethereal Forms simultaneously. All energy taken in through each main Chakra Point, much like a Tai-chi practitioner yet much more advanced. Once our Crown Chakra was locked by Luciferian influence, our connection to Cosmic Energy was severed which in turn over a course of a few lifetimes damaged each of the other Chakras. All Chakras are mutually supportive towards our evolving personal growth. The work on repairing these damaged power sources began in the Atlantean ages once we were able to collectively gain awareness of this, unfortunately without the Crown Chakra giving to us Conscious Truth we lacked the capabilities to properly repair them. Later, through the grace and blessings of The Christ’s unlocking the Crown, we were left to repair the fragments.          

Navel/Solar Plexus Chakra

Influenced by Plasma/Fire, this Power Point is our Willpower to create. Granted by the Conscious Universe, we are one of the few beings within the Universe granted such grace. When Ancient Teachings speak of us being created in God’s image, here is where we should explore. For all Elemental Beings lack the power of creation as we do, as we see within the sea of the cosmos, this process does not happen without effort. Born to become Gods in our own rights, we have been seeded here just for this purpose. Like a beautiful flower bed, some will wither away into Darkness and others will prosper into the Light. In our beginning stages here, we played like children with our will to create. The Naval Chakra’s manifestation with the physical body created the desirable world around us at will, and still does. Quantum Physics has acknowledged and are baffled at how atoms manifest from Conscious Perception, however Buddhist Philosophy has documented this for some time. We intellectualize that this “perception” is coming from the head region, when in fact it is an awareness deep within The Solar Plexus which interacts within its universe and creates it.   

Navel’s Evolution- ​In today’s evolution The Navel Chakra awakens between the ages of 18-21.  This is the time when we concentrate on all the worldly pleasures we could gain. College paths, military recruiting, and parental ushering all place us on the course of the stomach chakra. ​This chakra is located barely an inch above the naval.  It varies in comparison to everyone, the best way to be sure is to place your writing hand on your stomach area, move it about slowly, and you will eventually find that comfortable location where the stomach chakra resides.  Trust in your wisdom, you’ll find it. ​Not wanting great riches in life doesn’t mean this chakra is blocked.  For some people have decided that pleasure isn’t measured in money alone. 

Blocks in this chakra become prominent when we come up against obstacles in our personal life, shame will initialize a block. Shame influences us at birth, being made to feel inferior and or responsible for the hardships of any number of dynamics we exist in. For instance, someone born to a family that’s considered lower class might come up against the shame of giving their family a hard life to clothe and feed them. Or the early imprints of religions that speak of our sins and shame us into submission, or shame us as we rebel. These are just some of the reasons why this chakra may become blocked. ​

Unblocking this chakra can be at times difficult. Mainly because we must balance it while we live it. We must perceive the goals that will make us the happiest and at peace with ourselves. Now write them down, all of them. Next, find within yourself the courage to understand that this was always your journey from birth, to be able to discover that what has been built is of your own making. Those things that have placed shame on you could not have done so without your consent, you simply fed into what was being told to you without contemplating its truthfulness. Shame hinders sense of self-accomplishment, which has always been our strongest obstacle to manifesting and obtaining our truest dreams. The whispers of our past deeds, most of which we had very little to do with stains our sense of true worth. This in turn, causes us to create a version of self-victimization and low worth that manifests around us.

We as spirits deserve to be happy, for if we’re not then we’re not in balance. ​Sometimes we might need to find happiness in our current situation. Some masters have been known to also awakened through this shame, so weighed down they stepped away from the flow of life and within the depths of their longing manifested a new reality. You must realize that this is your path, I say this very much with love that even the harshest of events you must bring Consciousness to, accepting you had a part in it is the only way to no longer feel victimized and ashamed by it. This work will not be easy, I know well what I say, and there are many tragic events within our childhood that we cannot confront and even bare to consider our part in. Just please understand that I am not saying there was a willing participation in the event, but an event that has bound your part in it which has shamed and victimized you. To acknowledge your part in these acts, relinquishes you from them and places you in conscious truth, only then can true contentment and transformation come to your life. Acknowledging all things in your life that is good, and all that you’ve gained wisdom from.  However, if the bad outweighs the good in your current life. Then to become serene you must balance this chakra out. For we can’t truly love another if we don’t love ourselves. We are too aware to live our lives in clichés that are harmful.

Root/Base of The Spine Chakra

Solids/Earth influences our Survival instincts in this Power Point. Without a desire to survive, there would not be a desire to thrive, this encompasses both spiritually/physically. Every species possesses to some degree a level of survival nature. This Chakra is quite interesting to observe in an individual, for any number of actions we perform can be looked at as hindering our survival and we seem to not be aware of this. We may have lacked the need for survival in our beginning stages here on earth due to our understanding that all was as it should be, but later as we manifested into more solid forming communities, we took on intellectually finding ways to survive. What was passed down through out the generations were essential to live a well-rounded life, trades and morals most likely developed in a stronger sense.

            Today, a new generation is automatically taught anti-survival techniques. Not to grow their own crop, but to buy a chemically grown ones from a grocery store. To find satisfaction in easily assessable foods which aren’t healthy, the enjoyments of intoxicants, nicotine, and spirits. These are for the most part unconscious suicide at its best. We think of nothing of how this effects our spiritual growth, or how we damage our genes for future generations. However, even witnessing destructive behaviors which are blocked, or damaged Root Chakras allows an aware being to free themselves from such tendencies.

            Root’s Evolution here in today’s time the spine chakra awakens in humankind around the age of 35. This is the point when we’re forced to worry about our physical conditions. Originally, this was a time when we were supposed to slow down and take care of our body to prepare for the final development. Now however we have unnatural diets, different types of pollution, and many manmade drugs. With the entire unnatural intake early in life the spine chakra awakens to a body of chaos. This may be compounded by eating problems, past drug use, the other impurities in our system. ​The spine chakra is located at the top portion of the buttock directly over the tailbone. It is here that the energies enter the spine and connect to the entire body. Health depends on how the spine chakra is functioning.

            Blocks in this Chakras are usually created through internal Fears of not surviving. Initially we are born into a life unaware of our actions which hinder our survival, for we are not taught such things are wrong. Generations upon generations have performed these actions, once hit with the possibility that they may be wrong, we become afraid to venture into unknown understandings. This fear is boosted by those around us and their negative influential fears placed upon you when you attempt to express this new understanding. So, fear of lack of support generally compounds this Chakras block for we are made to feel that we cannot survive alone.

             Physically you can become aware there’s a block in the spine chakra in situations where weight seems to be an impending problem to the person, any type of over or under the counter drug addictions, or estranged eating habits that aren’t good for the body. The point is this, the spine chakra can constitute good health once it is awakened. At that point in life, we seem to have already performed much destruction to the body. That is why it is great that we here in America are jumping on this health craze! It is always best to open the chakra early so that the benefits can be gained the rest of your life. I know there are many of us however that are just starting to pay attention, and that’s OK too because we all need to perform the art of balancing all these Chakras. ​

To unblock the Root Chakra, you must become aware of everything that goes into your body. We must learn the consequences of drugs we take in, the environmental hazards in the air we breathe, and all truth behind the sustenance we consume. This will move us into once again becoming an active participant in our own survival. First is the act of truly confronting this issue, this will stimulate the spine chakra into awakening, understand that generations of how we evolved into this way of living may need to be contemplated. Perhaps you will understand a greater concern for yourself when you have balanced the odds and have confronted the consequences. 

Addictions are mostly hypnotic in their control over us, but we are stronger by rising our consciousness to understand why addictions have such control. It really takes us to change our mind after we receive the knowledge of our destruction, the spine chakras energy of influence will take hold and fully function. The spine chakra will directly and remarkably influence your body. Also remember Air’s Secret, that we are never alone, there’s always help if we seek it. ​I must also speak about those who are physically disabled. There are many stories which may have caused such situations. I must ask you to believe in your spiritual strength. There are lessons to be learned however we journey. When we find the strength to balance our spiritual life than we truly become whole. A miracle happens every day, but in all cases, it took the belief of the individual. This book is but a guideline to believe in yourself and realizing your potential. We are made great in accordance to the love we have for ourselves and for one another.

Sacral/Seat of the Soul Chakra

Liquids/Water has an obvious influence on this Power Point as Pleasure also known as the Sex Chakra. The mixing of our bodily fluids within acts of procreation stands to reason this fact. Though maintained individually, this Chakra possesses an ability to create a force that pulls us to one another in much more than just physical ways. Once we were divided into separate sexes this Chakra has a drive to reassemble us once again. This draw to one another can come in many forms but will primarily be of Physical nature, should either being be awakened it could much likely be Etheric in nature. I myself have found deep bonds regardless of the sex of the individual. This in turn can cause an unawaken soul to become somewhat confused, for this Chakra only knows very few means to express itself without the advancement of the Heart Chakra later discussed. An awakened soul will control such feelings and even guide the unawaken to understand their feelings, it would be extremely wrong to manipulate the unawaken soul for this would cause much harm and stunted spiritual growth.

            This is a very instinctual Chakra, having the ability to barely see another human being and knowing that something within that person is what you need in your life. The level of Consciousness will determine what you perceive is needed, some men would say it is to procreate, while other men would know they have farther goals in mind. Some think it is mysterious and choose to play a game with this feeling, while some just openly allow this feeling to develop at a natural pace unhindered.

We must understand that we have been here many times and have intimately shared lifetimes with one another. Some bonds only made stronger on multiple meetings, regardless of the bodies we possessed. The drives and urges we gain when in a familiar soul’s presence, can blur our truth to the situation. This has stimulated many internal struggles within the individual, which in turn has influenced many belief systems, and many cultures. Male dominated societies form the false belief that Women are the cause of their urges and seek to control this, most often succumbing to these urges in secrecy. Brothels, Sex Trades, Prostitution, and Criminal Sex Acts are all grown from hindering our ability to confront our internal feelings from the Sacral Chakra.                  

We define many different Sexual Orientations to understand our initial pull/connection we had with another soul which we were made to feel as not normal, when in-fact under non-criminal situations were completely normal. This then encompasses our complete identity with ourselves, as we seek to alter ourselves in ways that fit how we initially felt intimately with that other soul. When guilt is formed with such feeling towards that soul, we become conflicted to how right it felt at the time. If it could just be seen this way in Consciousness, then it would not be defined, diagnosed, and overthought. We are spiritual beings and should not give ourselves worldly definitions. To simply love how we are moved to as spiritual beings.

Sacral’s Evolution In today’s era the sex chakra awakens early, at around the age that we call adolescence or puberty, 12 years of age. Keep in mind that it was just a couple of centuries ago that young girls wed to older men, still unfortunately legal in some states. As our morality changes so will this chakra. Taking to the fact that sex seems to be so much of an issue, children younger than 12 are now experimenting. The problem here is that sex chakra is a primal instrument that the television and media have played on for far too long. Any of the physical human chakras such as the spine, stomach, and the sex can be influenced suggestively and have been used overtly/covertly for profits within the Consumer Industries. They are roots to our physical existence, and thus physical pleasure gains the fastest response.

Blocks in this Chakra comes in the form of Guilt. ​To understand how this chakra becomes blocked takes a spirit truly willing to look at themselves. They will need to look at the entire picture of their life, determine where they made decisions and where all their outside dynamics influenced those decisions. I’m not saying that we should all be heterosexuals with a preconceived perfect family lifestyle. Let’s be real, sex and population control has got extremely out of hand in the 21st century. What does Plasma/Fire do to balance life on this planet? Disease, forcing us to tone down our sexual drives. No one deserves to die, but this speaks to us about how to live our lives by elevating our Consciousness over our fundamental drives. Those who have a concern for their survival no matter what their orientations, are now using protection. ​Some of the characteristics of this chakra being blocked are too much or too little sexual escapades (unless a conscious decision was made to abstain for the later) or any lack of fulfillment. Now these are very general, but they apply to every situation where there’s a block. Due to social evolution, different sexual orientations are not considered blocks in the sex chakra. We choose our sexual identities due to our emotional and social status. In this, we have more control than we would like to believe.

​No matter the preference, to unblock this chakra you must pose this question to yourself on a piece of paper. “From whom and how was I influenced to be the way I am sexually in my lifetime as, write name.” Now contemplate the very first feeling which inspired any new urges which may have been at the time foreign to your current understanding. Think of the other soul involved with that feeling, and lastly bring consciousness as to how or why this made you feel guilty. What scenes in your life caused you to feel wrong for having such feelings? All sorts of things can surface if you really take the time to confront the issues. You should especially do this if you think you don’t need to. At the end you will have a true knowledge of this chakra and gain some insight to yourself.

Make a commitment to be happy and comfortable with who you are. Sometimes this task could take weeks of contemplation but stay dedicated to knowing. If there was some form of negative energy in the past confront it any way, make sure you knew how you felt. This is direct truth, there isn’t any guilt behind learning that we had influences which built our identities. The question that must be posed to each of us is, are we sexually happy with who we are? We are products of social conditioning, but the decisions we make for personal happiness should always become the guidelines to follow. Consciously ask yourself from your own point of view,’ why you are?’ As spirits we’re sexless, as babies we don’t have sexual identities, as we grow up, we’re led by an example. My point is whoever you are, know well all these aspects of your spiritual identity. For being sure of who you are will allow others to know you. Imagine someone you know without any “hang-ups”, they are fun to be around and generously free with their personality. 

This is what we strive for when balancing out this chakra. The three human chakras I’ve thus explained Spine, Stomach, and Sex are considered the lower physical chakras, they are primarily responsible for growth in the physical world, and those who have mastered simply understanding these three will be granted wealth, health, and prowess. The three lower physical chakras resonate with what we call our primal brain (i.e. the original brain we possessed before we began to advance). The next three human chakras I’m going to discuss are considered the Mental Chakras, each enhancing and taking on a fully realized dominant role to complement and even overshadow the lower physical chakras. It was always our role as spirits to attempt to regain control over the wild nature of the human body, but to find freedom not dominance.

Heart Chakra

Gasses/Air is the Element associated with this Chakra, it influences the ability to Love within us. Manifesting shortly after the Sacral Chakra, the Heart Chakra advanced upon our urges to physically connect and common compassion towards larger dynamics began. Within the same time period, leaders populated our world with the need to love one another, love thy neighbor, and compassion towards all mankind. This opened the doorway for Christ’s entrance into the world, performing the greatest act of kindness in the end.

            Here we sought to settle into cultures and single families, polygamy was fading from our belief structures. Men were learning to bond with a single woman, for the most part this worked. Love brought with it a fire of emotions and jealousies, yet also a host of majestically love driven artwork. We spent our puberty dreaming about finding one single person that would complete our very existence, hopefully that worked out for some of us. For when it didn’t, we were left in more despair than our over emotionally charged bodies could handle.

            We agonizingly overdramatized death ceremonies, in excruciating pain when a loved one passed. Brooded and depressed for years on end and for the most promised we might never love again in such ways. We created Sciences and Professions to help us keep our loved ones by are side for extended amount of time. Pulled in whole congregations to pray together for days on end to save the lives of our considered important leaders. Gave trusted people in our lives the power of attorney to make sure our wishes were followed appropriately after we passed, to those we loved.

            You see, Love is in fact the most beautiful emotion we can feel for another soul. It unfortunately has been turned into a disillusioned grasping without the proper truths. Those truths are that we were never meant to fall in love with the flesh, but to find the truth of the ones we love beyond the flesh. To be able to sense, see, and blend with their energies and not their physical forms. When in love, the Sacral Chakra pulls us together, yet the Heart Chakra will bind our Souls. It’s well known that couples in love for over many years generally pass close to one year of one another. The ability to let one go can also determine how much you love them, if being together is full of suffering.

             ​Heart’s Evolution the heart chakra stimulates the need to be compassionate to others and in doing so expressing and gaining emotional love. Today it awakens at the age of four. Children gain much needed comfort in their loved ones around them. How this is expressed to them, will be the way they express it towards others. A young boy whose father expresses his love by wrestling or sports and nothing more will intern have the boy express himself to other males mainly in that fashion. Or maybe if that boy grew up and drifted off the sports path you might find he can’t relate to his father anymore.

There are so many examples, but the point is we should allow one another to express their compassion freely. It is important for the child to learn many ways to gain a sense of bonding within the safety of the family. Please remember that it would be foolish to consider that our upbringing had nothing to do with who we are. We don’t need to accuse, but we do need to confront. The heart chakra has change over the course of the last two centuries. Whereas it originally centered itself over the heart, it takes up a much greater area now centered on the front of the chest. When ignited and stimulated this chakra will give to your essence a very pleasing quality that all you talk to will see. It will strengthen the affinity you have with anyone who knows you.

Block’s what makes this chakra tricky to balance is that we must conquer our Grief. Usually we don’t fully realize the extent of emotions that we are able to give and receive. Grief further burdens us because of the complex mixed of emotions that is associated with it. Grief is associated with loss, and if you were born human, growing up will have plenty of loss. It is also important to recognize the reasons why we feel Grief the way we do at any given time. This is the groundwork to have a healthier relationship with yourself. There are so many of us who like to say, “I don’t know why I’m that way.” Unless you’re willing to know yourself, you never will. 

Blocks can show up in any form of emotional instability, or feelings that prohibits our ability to freely express our emotions. In addition, the blocked heart chakra also influences the sex chakra drives influencing it to become anywhere from overly aggressive to nonexistent. The heart chakras influence is such that it must be expressed somehow and in some way. The heart chakra stimulates our mentality, but the sex chakra urges our body. Here is where extreme conflicts reside. Humans end up looking for ways to be expressive, yearning perhaps to feel that emotional satisfaction. Jail may end up an extreme scenario, suicide may be another. It is my hope that we all take the time needed to understand our inner workings before society is forced to classify us. ​To unblock this chakra, follow these steps.  

1.  List on a piece of paper the different ways you would imagine companionship to be. Be honest with yourself and remember not to place any negative judgments on your needs because they are important.

2.  Now on another piece of paper list actions someone else has performed to you that helped you to know you love him or her. For example, since we have strong communication, it’s mentally stimulating for me. Or, I would like it when others share time with me, because that is how I know they love me.

3.  Be sure to list why you feel loved by them performing these acts. Whatever comes to mind write it down.

4.  Now list on a fourth sheet all the ways you show others you love them. This is a very important step in your awareness.  You are for the first time going to deduce who you are. 

Keeping in mind the knowledge you’ve gained from the other human chakras. ​Become truly aware of what you see and what you write. Do not persecute yourself for things you have no control over. Just learn from the experiences either good or bad without becoming judgmental. If you become enlightened to those negative forces which should be changed in your heart chakra then simply make a conscious decision to part ways with that energy. It’s more important to feel good about yourself than to suffer. Whatever you do try not to place any blame. This is about your spirituality. 

Parents for the most part do the best they can when we consider where they are at in their own spirituality. In addition, we must do the best when it comes to ours. ​This is one of the strongest steps toward self-understanding, because the heart chakra when balanced allows us to step away from our emotional insecurities and be able to express the way we as spirits have longed to. This is our gateway into understanding that we’re more than animal, the sex chakra become stimulated for much more than simple physical urges. The keys to commitment, know thyself.