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The Luciferian Lie

The Omni-Conscious is primarily responsible for Conscious Growth. All seeds that presented the possibility of ripening is thus known to it. They are viewed as vines of possibilities through the mixtures of the original galactic […]

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Learning to Create as Spirit (Part 1)

Force in the Scientific Sense

Physics defines Force as having four particular types.
All directly influencing the atom, the glue that holds
together the universe. I believe we all by now have
learned of the parts of an atom, yet this discovery is
ever evolving. Within the center of the atom is the
cluster of any two protons and neutrons around the
Nucleus, the first type of force is called the Strong
Nuclear Force because its power to hold together

Protons and Neutrons is unfathomable. When these
Protons and Neutrons form a new element by
connecting around the Nucleus a barrier is created
around them which will no longer allow any more
Protons or Neutron, this force is called Weak Nuclear
Force. Both these forms of Force are short ranged
existing only in their initial space. Electromagnetic
Force is the force which exists between all particles
which have an electric charge. For example, electrons
(negative charge) bind with nucleus of an atom, due to
the presence of protons (positive charge).

(New) The deeper we dive into fragmenting the
parts of these atoms, we currently define an Atom as
the smallest particle that a Chemical Element
can exist. These Atoms combine to form Molecules,
which are two or more Atoms that are more
advanced Chemical Elements. Protons and
Neutrons is what composes the center of Atoms. We
now have come to understand some of the makeup of
Protons and Neutrons. They consist of what we now
call Quarks, which are Elementary Particles
which combine to form Composite Particles to
form what we call Hadrons. The most stable
Hadrons are Protons and Neutrons, which are the
component parts of Atoms. In fact, over the years as
Scientist view these Protons, they continue to
document Protons becoming smaller and smaller
without Scientific Explanations (I believe another will
come forth with this consciousness). Quarks may be
reasoned to be Infinitely Small, according to the
theory of our standard models. This asserts that
Quarks, along with Electrons are Point Objects with
no size at all. Smaller than this we have conceived of
Neutrinos, which are subatomic particles that
zip through the cosmos at nearly the speed of
light by Cosmic Rays, Nuclear Reactions from
exploding Stars, or the atomic decay of Atomic Nuclei
or Hadrons (which is still in theory). Neutrinos pass
through us tens of thousands a times each day and
have no “physical effects” of which we “currently
consciously” know of. We do Scientifically know that
Neutrinos do not possess Mass or Electrical Charge. I
will not venture into further understandings of The
Planck Length, for current theory states that such
investigations could result in a formation of a Black
Hole. I have no comments to such considerations.
(End New)

Force is long range in fact, infinite in length of
distance. Many everyday experiences such as friction
and air resistance are due to this force, imagine all
the different factors of the wind moving throughout
many directions in a deep forest. The electrons are
constantly meeting resistance among the trees and
will need to create multiple pathways to move
through. The Gravitational Force is the force that
holds us onto the Earth. Gravitational force is
cumulative and extended to infinity. It exists
whenever there is matter. Your body is experiencing a
gravitational pull between you and whatever means
your reading this (or anything close to you or as far
away as stars and galaxies) but the effect is so small
you will never sense it. However, you can sense the
gravitational pull with the Earth (that is, your
weight) due to the cumulative effect of billions of
billions of the atoms within your body and those
atoms of the Earth. This means that the larger the
body (containing more matter), the stronger the force.
Though all extremely interesting, the last two have
the most apparent influence on our existence whereas
the first two could, if we understood them better.
Spirits create on a canvas by manipulating force
(we view this as manifesting). Most of us never
contemplate the breakdown of an atom and so never
absorb critical knowledge that has been brought to us
for collective understanding. The only Force that
matters to us is the first, the Strong Nuclear Force. I
must also state that as a society we have actively
defined how we look at the universe, since it is in our
nature to label our beliefs it would be pertinent to
place this information here.

1. Materialism is the view that overall, everything
exists as matter and energy. This became the most
popular view in the 20th century.
2. Realism is the view that the entire universe exists
independent of our Observation.
3. Solipsism says that only your mind exists, and
anything outside of it doesn’t exist. Perhaps
influenced by eastern philosophy, yet still not fully
4. Idealism states that Reality is a Mental Construct
and doesn’t exist independent of Observation.
Here in #4 is where I seek to take us, it’s so
important to understand that the truth has been
debated by some of the greatest minds, even Einstein.
Though each represents our evolution in realization
individually. I urge you to take the journey on your
own to gather your own beliefs or understandings, for
we live now in a society where a wealth of knowledge
is available to us all.

Next I will speak on how this knowledge relates to our ability to Manifest (Create) as part of The Physical Plane.

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How This Universe Manifested (The Absolute) Part 1

Reflections can be considered as Direct Links,
whereas Reflective is considered as any step (one or
more) farther from these Direct Links. When Reflect
is used, it can be use simultaneously. The Planetary
Logos creates the Form of the Planet to his Liking and
is in direct reflection of The Solar Logos, which in
turn is reflective of The Galactic Logos. Solar Logos is
directly reflective of The Universal Mind or The
Source of Consciousness (depending upon which path
it takes).

All Logos, though conditioned by forms
Possess Consciousness, and so very much like us
existing with dual natures. There are also Grand
Bodies that are “Of Consciousness”, though not
necessarily Conscious. I must add that there are
Grand Bodies, that are of The Outer Universe. All
Bodies that become infected by The Outer Universe
can thus infect its reflections unless these reflections
are of The Collective Universe (a story spoke of in
Perennial Wisdom about our Moon). Though this is
not to say that they are immune from physical effects.
Our Physical Forms is reflective of the Planetary
Logo, Etheric Forms reflective of The Universal Mind,
and our Astral Forms is reflective of The Source of
Consciousness. Our True Forms is of the nature and
reflection of The Omni-Consciousness and is realized
when freeing ourselves from these three forms. As
such, we are the first Beings brought forth with these
three reflections once awakened.

All other
Connections extend into Galactic Logos and even
larger heavenly bodies with associations as they build
what we view as Astrological Forms. Even though we
possess connection to the Omni-Conscious, very few
Perfected Beings move that far, The Source of
Consciousness is generally where they complete their
journey until this Known Universe has completed its
manifestation. The Source of Consciousness reflects
The Omni-Consciousness and The Keeper of The
Plane of Space. The Universal Mind reflects The
Omni-Consciousness and The Keeper of The Plane of
Time. Lastly, The Omni-Conscious reflects The
Absolute, which has no further reflections. Many
definitions made by us when considering a singular
Godhead has usually defined The Source of

We place Relative Reality to The
Source of Consciousness through our conceptual
understandings, not fully realizing that it reflects The
Omni-Conscious, which reflects The Absolute. Only
the Absolute is without form to what we conceive.
These are the connections when considering our
universe, they may be altered somewhat in others, but
The Absolute is never changing. The Absolute Laws
are manifested through consciousness and is
directed to bring Consciousness to Absolute
Truth. Once manifested, they create an unbreakable
law to The Known Universe and its functions. These
Laws maybe strayed from, fought against, and
ignored. But they will persist until Collective
Consciousness is realized. They supersede sub-laws
that are created by Beings within The Collective
Consciousness should they come into conflict.

The 1st Absolute Law is thus: There is only the
Absolute. Though dark we may perceive, but
what we perceive must be known for its Truth.
The Absolute is all, and thus before this Known
Universe came into manifestation The Absolute

There was existence within this universe,
though not what we can currently comprehend. It was
of the processes which occur among all universes prior
to manifestations. It is one of cold transformative
mixtures and gravitational movements influenced by
surrounding grand bodies. Life was seeded within the
Chaos that stirred for an unaccountable amount, for
time did not exist. These implanted seeds are of a
design that far supersede our current consciousness.
But it can be relayed that each was a Centralized
Construct of a Stream of Consciousness that has
developed throughout beginning less time. Through
this design, they laid about ripening throughout the
soupy complexities of The Chaotic Realm.
Once these seeds ripened to the stage of
awakening, The Omni-Conscious became aware of
their existence within The Great Void.

The Omni-Conscious has manifested within innumerable
universes beyond comprehension, consciousness must
know consciousness for growth. The Universe came
into existence when The Omni-Conscious
intentionally placed itself into this Universe and
proclaimed, “I Am.” An implanted seed to all other
manifestations of Consciousness when ripened to
awakening. Streams of Conscious Life Energy
poured forth into this universe. This was not a grand
spectacle but a flowing of two spiracle strains much
like our concepts of DNA. They gracefully extended
out and sought out the seeds scatter throughout this
chaotic soupy mix.

These vines were the un-manifested forms of
Time and Space. Time and Space is a Consciousness
beyond The Void and strung together throughout
many unaccountable Universes. They are directed
through the Omni-Conscious, though not necessarily
of The Omni-Conscious. Time and Space manifest
differently in considering the universe they coincide
in. Yet they bring forth with them a stream of
consciousness that connects to an unaccountable
amount of past formed universes. Upon touching
these dormant seeds, they pushed forward in search
of the next one. They continued this process until all
that would become The Known Universe was linked.
Time and Space still un-manifested, they continued to
surge life’s essence through the seedlings connecting
The Omni-Conscious.

This was unbeknownst to the Entities that
dwelled within Chaos, for they know not the workings
of Consciousness. One seeking refuge from Conscious
Expansion laid dormant untouched within this
universe for times past forgotten, its presence created
anomalies that flourished into random Entities within
this pre-organized realm. Consciousness may conceive
that this Being was part of The Omni-Conscious
Design, though this is speculative to our true

These Beings are manifested byproducts of universes that reside beyond this one. Yet
are key elements to the Polarizing Production of
Order. Will be continued…

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Chakras: Evolution Continues… (Part 8)


Unlike the elements of Holy and Dark, the element of
Psyche is directly related to the Soul of this Planet, The
Hierarchy of Sun Gods, and The Collective Conscious
Universe. Liquid and Gases relinquishes our heavy forms
and wishes us set free of this bondage. When all seemed the
bleakest, the Being we’ve come to call Christ
incarnated/manifested on this earth. Though a more
reverential name would be Yahweh, his path would mark a
transformation in us and open the doorways back to our
evolutionary scheme that Lucifer blocked us from.
Incarnations from Greater Beings happened on
occasion throughout our evolution, mainly from a Counsel
of Beings that guide us. There are also some that have
gained the knowledge to maintain their spiritual form in a
sleep like state and believe themselves supporting our
evolutionary cause, I have not made any conclusions on
this yet. They at times will manifest Avatars within this
world to support their causes, this is the only way they can
renew their conscious understanding of the changing world.
Even Lucifer manifested at times, last one recorded in the
ancient eastern culture when this Being was able to solidify
the locks on our Etheric forms. He influenced a philosophy
that clouded our viewpoints on truth, it would be one of the
few times Lucifer and Ahriman worked together.

This forced the hand of the Earth’s Soul to manifest
later in the body of Christ. With Christ the Element of
Psyche brought in this world a new bridge to The
Conscious Universe, in later chapters I will explain more
on how, just know without a continued stream of
Consciousness we would’ve eventually had lost our place
in evolution. It’s also here that we need to fully realize
what took place in the Resurrection of Christ. When Christ
incarnated, he took on both other Beings for our salvation.
They both attempted to have him relinquish his quest and
join them, but Christ was unmoved in his conviction. Both
beings threatened by him went forth destroying his
character, which only helped him to grow in love among
us, finally concluding in his physical death which was the
plan they never saw coming.

Christ brought forth our reconnection to Source
when manifesting on the planet, but he also unlocked the
doorway that Lucifer had locked on our Etheric Bodies on
his Death and Resurrection. Granting us once again a
pathway back into Universal Truth. We would no longer be
threatened with subjugation and have a freedom of choice.
Christ’s shedding of his flesh and showing us the miracle of
his Astral Form awakened our Souls once again to this
truth. Henceforth, upon our Etheric Bodies an access point
would be created which could never be locked or
destroyed. Our freewill and choice was truly solidified
through the life and actions of this truly boundless Great

Being named Jesus Christ.
Quickly afterwards Luciferians went into effect
hunting and seeking to destroy all associated with this
event. Containing and obliterating all literature which could
be hunted down, while rewriting a vague truth to support
their cause. Secret Societies were formed where very few
knew the truth behind their missions, they killed and
destroyed in what they believed to be the name of Christ.
Speaking and praying to Luciferic Beings as the world was
placed on fire. The Resurrection so shattered Lucifer’s
plans that he conquered the planet, even Ahriman became a
threat. All that practiced the ancient ways, were put to
death and only the manufactured One God ruled. No one
realizing this was The Light Bearer himself, as the best lies
were eventually forgotten. The new battle became the
relentless awakened Conscious Beings and the Luciferic
Followers internally within organizations still to this day.

Ahriman crept back into Darkness, keeping his
legions out of sight, while deploying his knowledge of
dimensions. Overtime, he deployed ancient ways to
stagnant us and feed on our consciousness once we allowed
our consciousness to become corrupted. This corruption
could overtime effect communities, societies, and cultures.
When the Industrial age came about, Lucifer had very little
interest in it and so Ahriman saw an opening back into the
world. Industries and Trades became Technology and
Science, mostly influenced by Ahriman though most have
little skill to see this reality.

The true Followers of Christ have survived, there is
no need for congregations for the Earth is their home. They
communicate through the Element of Psyche without effort.
Christ pulsates continually with these followers granting
them understandings, now days it is easy to destroy their
characters so that the masses no longer listen to them. They
live in truth and are extremely neutral in the events of the
world. They found their awakening in very different ways,
their lifetimes ripened to awake at just the right time, but
only they will know why. It is important that these beings
speak only facts, for they can no longer live with a veil
over their sight. Many have decided not to speak at all, it is
not for us to reason why. These true followers mapped out
an awakened understanding of the Chakra Points by
understanding the Crown Chakra fully unlocked by Christ.
These Followers of The Earth Soul also have a direct
record of all that has occurred within the Earth Scheme.
They utilize ancient knowledge from all sources and see it
without delusion.

Psyche’s secret is that our truth can never be taken
away. Even through death we are one with Source and will
continue forward. This Element directly connects us to the
Mental, Spiritual, and Astral Realms. Freeing ourselves
from the lie that we are mere physical beings will grant us a
seat at the True Christ’s table. Relinquishing ourselves 41 | P a g e
from the manipulations of false beliefs, and false Gods. We
finally see clearly The One True Christ and take our place
at his side to do what was meant.

In Closing

I wished to lay the groundwork for deeper spiritual
exploration. In order to move forward, we needed to move
closer to our current condition here on Earth. I thank you
for reading so far, if you are among those who haven’t
shaken all I’ve said in disbelief, then perhaps you’re
prepared to learn more. In some, I may be testing their faith
in what has been said. All is as it should be, our collective
awakening will occur because there are enough of us who
wish it to be so. Truths must come to pass, and secrets must
be brought forth. We must understand what it means to
follow Our Lord, The One True Christ. What it meant when
he said we too could perform such miracles, and what this
means for the future of life in this Solar System. It must be
known that events and timelines no longer need to be
specified, it is the prime negative influential argument of
Luciferic and Ahrimanic Beings. For the reincarnation of
Christ and the workings within the Bible have shown itself
within our complete planetary timeline on multiple
occasions, in many ways this has caused us confusion. I
invite you to take on such a journey of contemplation, and
to look towards stories which arouse our consciousness
from the Lemurian ages.

Many ideas could be challenging, and there are
forces that wish you to remain asleep at every turn. But
have you not felt asleep long enough? Are you among those
who seek to know why you have such a strong desire to
break the veil? I say only to you, please continue. For it is
easy for us to go about our daily lives hammered by
generations of instinctual natures, such natures believe life
and death a fleeting thing that is feared.
Luciferic and Ahrimanic influence are not stated
here to be dislodged or learned of in secrecy. They are to
finally be brought into the light of Consciousness, for they
are now ingrained within our Etheric Bodies and one with
our timelines. We are to be made to know them, that is the 43 | P a g e
goal of this literature. For once we will not imbalance the
two, the process of creation as spiritual beings will be
acknowledged just as equally by the realities of destruction.
There are many Great Beings that have come and gone
throughout our experience here on Earth, they seek to help
or hinder. Some beings are still intertwined and influential
beyond our current understandings, this work will direct us
in truth as to how.

All that has been said thus far, though challenging is
factual in considering your place upon the Awakened path.
Too many spiritual doctrines seem to only cover life as a
directive toward being positive, although that is indeed our
goal, they tend to block out what we crucially need to know
when succumbed by the negative. This causes imbalance
due to our very nature, we exist in and move about
throughout many realms and dimensions in a single
lifetime. My goal is to present us in a way which
encompasses balance to this nature, the Physical/Spiritual,
Conscious/Unconscious, and finally the power of
Creation/Destruction. I know well that there are some
places where a Conscious Being should never venture, but I
feel this needs to come to light. I will now continue
challenging you, understand that the points of power upon
our Etheric Bodies has always been, and will always be our
creation. These Chakras are not set in stone as one believes,
and they evolve alongside us. This is the crucial
understanding which now needs to be brought to light.

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Chakras: Evolution Continues… (Part 7)


Yet again little is known about the next Being that instilled
itself within our evolutionary scheme. Between Solids and
Liquids, we become aware of the Element of Dark.
Ahriman and his minions surfaced into our awareness just
at the end of the Lemurian, and the beginning of the
Atlantean era. It was always theorized that the Ahrimanic
influence were implanted with us far before this, but this
Being lacked the knowledge to influence us until Lucifer
came into play. Quietly Ahriman learned the hidden
knowledge until it was able to act. Dark as the Element
forms in earthly depths of cold where one would think life
would not be. Ahriman is more cunning and has the
patience that surpasses many.

Dark was fully realized in the Atlantean age when
Ahriman was able to whisper the dark arts in our ears to
bring forth his legions through summoning magic. These
beings that were let loose still infect our societies today, it
helps that they are not unified but war among themselves.
It has also been theorized that Ahriman is far more ancient
than the other Greater Beings in play. That he resides
already in a Universe of his own making, an alternate
dimension put another way. The only thing truly known, is
that like Lucifer he requires sustenance from us, of course
they use it in different ways to further their goals.

As Lucifer influences our Religious and Political
branches giving us the effect of superiority over one
another and a false path to deification, Ahriman has taken
control of the Sciences and Technologies seeking a way to
fully manifest within our world. We’re left to decide if we
can snap out of our sleep and awaken in time. And so here
is the ongoing battle from Lemurian times, two Beings that
have been fighting relentlessly for our souls while both
keeping us blind to the truth. We can easily be influenced
either way and care little for what it would mean, one by
one we submit to wars we have little understandings of and
create technologies with little cognition of the future.

Dark’s secret is that Ahriman cares little of such things as
ruling us, he will give to us anything we wish and dazzle us
with power only so he can take control of something far
more powerful. I am quite sure of this as I have watched
Ahriman’s actions, I also choose to be vague on this reason
until later chapters. Know only that this planet holds the
key to unlocking Ahriman passing any further. It has been
prophesized that we would not be able to stop this
inevitability soon. I however do not accept this, Ahriman
whispers to us in many ways and can easily find a way to
make us loose hope. Even if he should manifest, we can
still be prepared and ready to stop it from going any further.

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Chakras: Evolution Continues… (Part 6)


All of which I spoke of so far was a fast track aimed at
getting us where we are today. I only wanted to point
directions and not detail this thoroughly so early, for I
know all of this will be better understood later. In the end
we must take on such a journey individually to fully realize
What I am now going to speak of is also well
documented within the ancient records, but to an Awakened
One, consciousness pulses with this knowledge. We see the
conflict at war within the soul and its reflection manifested
within the elements. Because we have taken part in this act
of expansion within the universe, we are like children
extremely dependent of its life-giving energies. Most
Cosmic Beings respect this process, but some on occasions
were let loose. Once their actions were recognized, then
events were seen on this planet to such an extent that mass
extinction occurred, this was done to reset the spiritual
path. However, two of these beings were able to bond with
our Etheric Forms, hence becoming part of our evolution.
One such being, though true names are beyond our
knowledge, he has been named by us Lucifer, The Light

Between the intensity of Plasmatic and Solid force,
the Element of Holy resides. Called Holy Fire, Holy Light,
Holy Ghost, and even St Elmo’s Fire it takes on the glow of
bright luminescence quite like solidified electricity. After
his fall, Lucifer came forth with an army of followers all
from this Element. They initially possessed forms that
glowed so beautifully that we were attracted to them. On a
side note please understand that Holy is the Plane that
Angelic Beings come from and there are civilizations there
with multiple belief systems. We are not born from this
Plane yet hold within us the evolution to surpass it in ways
that make us superior. Understanding this will hold the key
to Lucifer’s need to control our Evolution. He does this by
requiring that we are baptized in his false views and submit
our God-Given will/consciousness to him.
Lucifer, in merging with our evolution was an
influence we were too young at the time to control. Initially
while in Lemuria we cared little, for with our strong
connection to Source we accepted all things with quiet
curiosity. The Luciferic energy was simply a force that
shared our space. Eventually it became stronger,
influencing our Etheric and Physical bodies while blocking
out our Astral Bodies. Creating these blocks assured that a
new path to true awakening could only be made through
Luciferic assistance. To the few who forgone this path, they
found freedom at a cost of eternal subjugation. Luciferic
beings believe they are the one true path to salvation.
Such organizations are well known for their
demands upon the soul. The history of forced subjugation
and deaths are well known. Communication is so advanced
that these Organizations can no longer hide their
hypocrisies. I need not point to any one such belief
structure for we need only follow the trail of suffering and
pain from its fruits historically. The veil is strengthened
through opposition, so development of many these beliefs
confuses one to find the true path and keeps us wandering
about throughout lifetimes. On occasions, consciousness
regains a hold on these organizations but many times the
masses have been too infected to make long term change.

Holy’s secret is that we are the path. We are truth
incarnate. If we possess form, we are the children born
from Consciousness and are meant to transcend even the
Beings that wish to control us. We can become any type of
Leader within our societies in light and love but must never
give up the truth in the process. Lucifer and his following
were made immensely strong through false understandings,
and many have drunk freely of this. It does not matter if
you are up against the world, when you have truth in your
heart you will be protected.

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Chakras: Evolution Continues… (Part 5)


Time would past and civilizations would begin to prosper
again. Gases liberated our expression with speech, this
form of communication further fragmented our connections
with one another. Globally these Nations would conquer
one another which from the physical viewpoint seemed
quite normal. A more in-depth scrutiny would understand
that Gases were manifesting into Air at this time. With the
element of Air, brought an influential way of life as we
shared this heavier oxygen on the planet. Our sacred belief
on communication began a mental construct of superiority
of civilizations.

Throughout the Ages of Metal, we were influenced
to have greater control over other communication that
conflicted with our own. From the outlook there were
common wars, however truthfully knowledge was being
destroyed, contained, and controlled. Great libraries of
ancient wisdom burned to ash as truth was taught only to
the elite organizations. Single powerful belief structures
sprang forth demanding your submission, no longer giving
us choice as our young were taught new ways and lost their

When most looked lost, a new path would be
opened by one we would call Christ, upon this planet his
name and miracles would reach every ear. Our Great Parent
in Christ would point the way towards many hidden
teachings. He would give to us insights and show us
miracles that we had forgotten for centuries. He would
open and cleanse gateways which had been blocked and
corrupted deep in our past. Lastly, he would give to us the
remembrance of how to love one another so much that his
sacrifice became symbolic of this love.
Manipulation of the Christ’s event went into effect
immediately. Structures of beliefs distorted the truth on one
front and replaced this with aggressively holding onto the
self-awakening. Moving incredibly fast, we come to the
world of communication. Radios, became phone, became
cellphones, became the internet. Truth’s became opinions,
became lies, became loss. Digging through it all it would
take a critical eye to find facts these days. However, truth is
here to be found, as sure as the Air we breathe.

We are aware of Air in everyday life, supporting us
whenever we’re in need. Softly blowing seedlings of trees
to their expanding destinations this is a very supporting
element. Air supports our communication in many ways as
well. Here we can fully utilize our politics, news/media,
and establishing closer ties to other humans around the
world and one day beyond. We find an ally in this Element,
for thus far the elements before possessed more control
over our development. This Element will move our forms
into the next stage of our evolution once we truly act and
clean the pollutants on the planet.

Air’s secret is for us to understand that we are
never alone. Air will always be here to help us on our
journey. You might find this in the soft caressing of the
wind upon your face. If you open yourself to
understanding, most of the time wind reminds you of a
loved one who is thinking about you. Air is an abundance
of supportive information, telepathically communicating
our thoughts continually to the Collective Universe.

Gases Influence it’s important to know that this is
where power of thought resides. In this Elements awakened
state, it vibrates with our own Etheric Forms. Deep desires
will manifest depending on the strength of the thought.
However, true will is not effort, it is an unflinching belief
that it is already done. Without consciously accepting this
wisdom, it would take a spirit a few lifetimes to trust this
through experience.
The harsher aspect of this Element is that we can
create our heaven or hell with it. Negativity and Fears will
create such a world as well, either internally or externally.
As life compounds us with pessimism and regrets they in
turn influence our outlook for the way of existence.
Powerful organizations have used this for quite some time
to hinder our growth by corrupting our consumer type
appetites, this too will be clarified in later chapters.

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Chakras: Evolution Continues… (Part 4)


Liquids began to become abundant upon the planet, all of
this is recorded within our writings. The other Being that
whispered to us of how superior we are followed as we
came to create Atlantis. Island like in appearance, Atlantis
was created with many waterways. We took on a softer
energy with Liquids influence, it brought to this planet a
knowledge of things beyond the stars. The Atlanteans
encompassed a superior control over many of the
inhabitants on the planet. The Atlanteans believed
themselves the divine rulers and overseers of the planet and
on a few occasions was made to show this force.
The Atlantean was one with their creativity in this
epoch, arts and crafts were fully realized with magic in
abundance. All structures took on a fluidity which
complimented all the society. Vocal communication began
to form, so there was a mixture of telepathic and verbal
communication. Here the development of incantations and
powerful verbal sounds were created.

For an amount of time we began to dedicate our lives to
discovering the deepest and darkest ancient arts. Rune
Magic was developed, the art of drawing ancient symbols
on matter which created permanent effects. Like children,
forgetting our true selves we delved even deeper and
Summoning Magic was created. Beings were brought forth
into our realms which were never intended to reach us, this
would come at a price. Thus, once again these two
Powerful Beings placed us in another war as the same
fractions once again surfaced. Looked at as an awe

 inspiring society it must be noted that it eventually became
very segregated and secretive in position and power.
Liquid manifested into Water during this era, as it
did our physical bodies took on this organic form we see
today. Water is the conduit of energy, and thus so are we.
Water is also a means as to which many organisms exist
within us causing our forms to become a silent constant
battleground. Water is the historian of genetic
understanding, consciously we began to fall into a deep
state of sleep as we believed ourselves originating from
Amoeba and the depths of the oceans. Through Water, the
man and women manifested. Until this point, we were
recorded as being a society of hermaphrodites capable of
self-reproduction. On Atlantis, we developed emotional
connections and needs for one another. The constant
thought, “I need someone to connect with me” eventually
manifested the two sexes.
Water soothes us at the beaches gently reminding
our genetic side of the time long ago when we believe
ourselves to have splashed along the shoreline mixing DNA
and forming strands of larger life. It heals our thoughts
when we’re immersed in the steam of a hot bath, calmly
taking us to a time when life was much clearer. Water is
our truly first connection to existence as physical entities,
its essence is still found nurturing the bountiful oceans or
helping lives richness grow with rainfall. Without Water,
the physical world as we know it would no longer
exist. Though we are complex beings that require all the
elements to survive, this one holds a special place in our
physical creation.

Water’s secret is to rediscover the wisdom that has
disconnected us from true understanding. How many of us
have honestly looked around and asked why? These
answers have been here inside us for eternity. If you have
been asking such questions without understanding, then
perhaps you should calmly ask yourself in what way are
you asking? To the Spirit, a DNA strand is a readable
document, all answers to our physical existence resides
within its pages.

Liquid’s Influence within the physical form is to
learn the secrets within secrets with this Element. It is here
where our ability to manipulate our forms were locked up.
DNA is awakened through intense emotions, this will
record great events that will adapt to our needs and
evolution. Our recorded history from Lemuria, Atlantis,
and the great Civilizations afterwards is also locked away
from us until we truly seek this knowledge. It is crucial to
know that all information given will be from a genetic
viewpoint, the Astral and Etheric records reside elsewhere.
Liquid is slow moving, pacing itself it rarely makes
mistakes. Genetically transforming organism to fit their
needs to prosper. Many times, we look at a variety of
animals on this planet and wonder what caused their
development. Then through observations and patience we
learned what their different anatomy is used for. Should
species be defined by this understanding, we would learn of
ancestry differently, but would also learn our similarities.

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Chakras: Evolution Continues… (Part 3)

Nature is an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere. Blaise Pascal


Extensive unknown time elapsed, The Earth began to
solidify. Life sprang forth and became extinct many of
times. Our focal point here now becomes the inhabitants of
The Lemurian age. In these forms we coincided in what we
would think of as the time Giants walked the Earth. Though
our forms were thought of as larger, our structures weren’t
as solid as we would think. We were still strongly
connected with our Etheric Forms which gave a light
fluidity to us. We possessed the ability to manifest our
forms quickly depending upon our environments,
sometimes multiple times within one lifetime. Our bone
physicality was such that after death, very little was left
shortly afterwards. It wasn’t until we began structuring
societies later that these Giant’s bone structures began to
harden. A gene that springs up off and on throughout the
entirety of our existence. Ancient teachings mastered
influencing this at a few other points in our existence at a
time when the megaliths were built. But for some reason
this knowledge is closed now within The Akashic Records.
Within the picture you will see how The Lemurian
Culture later enriched the surrounding Continents. Also
note the derived cultures that sprang forth from later
surrounding areas, their connection with the planet still
very strong today, their appearance undeniably similar. It
would also be important to note that in no way am I
suggesting that human forms began on Lemuria, I am
stating that our next phase in spiritual evolution inhabited
the forms of Lemuria. It would also be important to realize
in each plateau to our collective awakenings there has been
a great transformation on the planet, a continent ceased to
exist as we know it in the physical realm. Remnants which
remain are focal points to the greater among us to travel
and learn.

Lemurian culture was full of fantasy, many of our
past dreams were in fact once reality here. Since we were
still so connected with our etheric bodies, our mere
emotions transformed our world and personal forms. It
would be easy to see skin shades of blues and reds, humans
with more than four arms, or what we would call magic
performed without ceremonies. Yet the Lemurians had little
desire to control their world, they were connected to Source
and understood all was as it should be. In peace, they
watched life play out as it was meant to. The Elementals
thrived alongside the Lemurians during this time in what
would be looked at as harmony.
Solid eventually manifested into Earth. We as
Spirits helped bring this about with our fascinations, we
went from bending the matter to our will to becoming more
personal and touching matter hands on. Life for us began to
take on a more personal role as we grasped at being
entertained more by the world. There was as always within
our existence fractions that wanted to hold on to the old
ways, as others wished to progress with stone and metal.
Wars ensued for which the Hindu Texts of Ancient India
teachings speak thoroughly so I will not. I will say however
that it was perhaps the first time in our physical existence
that two Greater Beings stepped out of the shadows and
made themselves known. One Being influenced us to
become arrogant with the powers we wielded, this side
believed themselves to be Gods. The other Being
influenced our control over earth, it made us believe we
were to conquer and control it. It wouldn’t be for another
extended amount of time before we would recognize these
Beings for who they were.

Lemuria, being destroyed by war and chaotic
energies that we drenched the continent in eventually sank
away into history. As the fragments of this society
traversed and regrouped forming tighter understanding of
Nature in tribal communities, they went into personal battle
with The Being that whispered they should control nature,
as they developed their ability to enter the Astral world.
Many Shamans speak of the Blue Road and dangers to
travel it.

It is a fact that Earth’s energies are aggressive. Far
from the passive outlook that writers record it as having the
true nature of Earth is survival, which is an aggressive act
to all the species on this planet. Out with the old, in with
the new is the underlying energies here which is apparent in
the young lion cub eventually besting the leader of the
Pride. Earth is for the most part a builder, it is an upshot of
layer upon layer of earthquakes and reformations of land,
which has instilled in us an incredible adaptability to
survive. Many species have come and gone, it’s important
to note that this had been going on far before Humankind
stepped on the earth. We should however understand that
there are miniscule worlds that have formed and lived
beside us and within us, some that can be only viewed by a
microscope. By influence and necessity, we took on this
trait mentally to survive many harsh eras. In today’s world,
technology is simply the transformation/manipulation of
the matter that we had originally been able to mentally
create. We must ponder now if we are creating it, or if it is
creating us. We’ve come a long way, yet somewhere inside
we fear that, that which we are creating now doesn’t
eventually create itself like we do now. Or that we become
dependent more so on our creations, with Artificial
Intelligence over the horizon there is much to 19 | P a g e
contemplate. Already earth is feeling the devastation that
we are placing on it to fuel our destinies. Earth is the
original survivor, we would you kindly to remember that
with respect.

Earth’s secret is that we must learn to step away
from that which propelled us into the 21st century. The
species of humankind though superior does not survive
alone, we have made our place in existence, but our
aggressive tendencies have placed many of the other
species either in extinction or close to it. There’s a wealth
of wisdom to be gained from all the other inhabitants of
this planet. When we understand this, we further
understand ourselves. Remember that we were once them,
crawling, hunting, discovering, and surviving. I speak in
no way fearful towards this element, for its traits have
driven us to survive throughout years of adversity. We
should understand Earth more deeply before we continue
beyond this great changing millennium.

Solids Influence is for the most part awake. Earth’s
layers of crust are always active, though it takes its
directives from most higher beings. This in turn can get
conflicted when multiple orders are given at once. All other
voices are silenced when The Logos of this planet speaks
however, these are the times when we see the most
inactivity and the inhabitants on Earth can prosper.
Generally, we are meant to harmonize with earth during
this time, but nowadays we fail at this continually.
Solid has little interest in what Species hold reign
on earth, only that it is from Earth. This would mean should
we tinker with bioengineering as we do, should those
creations prove superior than they will in fact grasp Solid’s
attention. Should also Artificial Intelligence become
cultivated enough and prove to be more essential than we
are, Solid’s focus would inevitably sway towards it. It
would be due to our collective lack of connection to truth
which would make this so, we have become so fascinated
with our creations that we believe them to be more essential
then the air we breathe.

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Chakras: Evolution Continues… (Part 2)

In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind those who don’t. Blaise Pascal


In understanding the true form of Fire, we need only to
recollect on the Source of our lives here on the planet, The
Sun. Intensify fire to the highest fathomable and Plasma
becomes known. Plasma is the primordial soup from which
planets are born, but it is also the composition of our bodies
that slowly disperse after we are formed physically. It is
how we tend to this flame that will determine our life.
When presumed to be cooling, consider the lifespan of a
human. Humans produce an ongoing heat source within the
body, this could average 60-80 years. This may depend
upon the elemental makeup and conditions we internally
manifest within our lives. Over the years this heat source depletes until death occurs and it can no longer produce
heat. Built materials and building stronger forms last longer
due to slower deterioration and manifesting stronger
materials. Yet all will succumb to heat depletion eventually
within the physical universe. Plasma interacts with all other
elements when in this state, it is seen as the light of all the
Universe expanding thousands of light years only to be
held by our minds eye as we ponder upwards.
There are many accounts of our creation here on
this planet. We must understand that once we place time
into a story of creation, it could render it obsolete when
maintaining that sole understanding. We are not capable of
comprehending our eternal life, how can we fully
appreciate how long we have existed here on this planet?
We place illogical time stamps on historical mega
structures such as the Pyramids and define the worlds
creation within a mere thousands of years. I have looked at
many stories of such, I see light only among
documentations that hold The Sun as parenting us here on
Earth. Ancient Knowledge has always given personas to
the celestial bodies, how can we even deny this? All is
Consciousness, therefore planetary bodies being by
definitions Organisms are conscious. The Father of
Consciousness and Life in this domain is The Sun. It
radiates pure Plasma and sustaining all for the time. It was
directed by the Consciousness of the planet as this will
come to be understood later. Stated simply; Where there is
Plasma, there is Light. Where there is Light, there is Life.
Where there is Life, Consciousness is expanded.
We came upon this planet within its early
development, we need not quarrel about the forms we
inhabited. Brought down by the plasmatic rays of the Sun
we were not of any solid substance, but freely intermingled
with the Elements. The Elements were in spiritual form and
the planet was very translucent. We were Tenders to the
will of Our Parent, made to prepare this planet for what was
to come. Then it came about that this planet went through a
phase where Plasma manifested into the physical world and
Fire started its cooking as the substances and compounds began to form. Here we too began our decent into the
material world.

Fire has always been sort of an observer on this
planet. Whenever certain conditions occur, then fire
becomes active. Fire is the pure reason why everything
over all hasn’t overpopulated. Fire looks after earth to
make sure it only grows as much as it’s able to. It’s known
to consume oxygen in the atmosphere which balances wind
with earth. It creates warm currents to clash with cold
currents which creates extreme wind conditions. The
essence of fire influences lava to explode out of
mountaintops and create land formations. Fire has always
been the dreaded figured in humankind’s growth. We
created a place that’s opposite the heavens and called it
hell, and then proclaimed that it’s a place full of lava and
brimstone where only the damned go. This is most likely
because where there is intense heat there’s also scattered
life, droughts, and starvation due to lack of natural
resources. Buddhist philosophy dictates that fire is the
essence of our physical forms, that we are products of the
original explosion within the universe. Intense heat
compounded elements together forming galaxies, planetary
bodies, and then life as we understand it. Eventually the
heat fades in these planetary giants and they take on new
forms. We are a replication of these events as the energy of
the electric heartbeat gives to us limitations on our
lives. We in turn pass on our legacy to a new generation of
structures and communities that continue to grow and fade
in a continuous cycle. Within the cycles we’re continuously
being balanced out, however without such a balance made,
the natural process of life would never be able to
prosper. Fire is responsible for plague and disease having
the natural ability to create those things humankind
considers threats. The average person isn’t aware of the
millions of deaths that occur inside their country aside from
the obvious covered ones. Fire is not responsible for war,
there are other influences later to come which can feed off
the destruction of life in this way.

Fire can also manifest into forms as Asteri or
Salamanders. There are many sizes and forms to note, but
for one that is Clairvoyant they are noticed in all types of
fire, even the controlled ones. Though they take on a
menacing appearance, it is only due to our concept of this
element. Our Consciousness being superior than that of an
Elementals, causes our observation of them to bend to our
conceptualization. We do not suffer this effect from
viewing a Consciousness equal to ours, we see what they
wish us to see conceptually. This viewpoint will give us
clarity as to why throughout history we have unaccountable
visions of heavenly and demonic forms in our literature and
testimonies. At times, all elementals can be granted form
from a source greater than ourselves, or even from a
collection of Conscious Beings. These forms can and will
take on a directive of which they were created, even
mimicking conscious intelligence. Do not feed these
creations by thinking they are deified, a mistake that was
made countlessly throughout our history which has caused
much suffering.

Fire’s Secret is that this element will balance the
future existence for the evolving world. To know this
Element is to simply learn the signs it gives to us. Lands
which are barren we should never overpopulate. Islands
that are still in a formational stage that are populated with
civilizations risk prolonged destruction. Cities which are
over weighted or being drilled constantly for natural
resources will suffer earthquakes. We as humankind have
become too proud and our ability to so call “survive” in any
environment that we claim ownership of. The world is in
constant change, we should find a way to respect that. We
take land and make ownership even when the land has not
welcomed us. By not listening we have become responsible
for many more deaths than was perhaps originally planned
in the greater design.

Plasma’s Influence on occasions, the awakened
state of Fire will act. It’s directly connected to the force
which pumps our hearts therefore can easily affect our
blood flow in unique ways. Though generally it’s never
concerned with individuals, these events could be looked at
as calamitous as in great loss directly influencing a direct
species on the planet. Due to a stagnation of truth, which
later corrupts our lifestyle, culture, or beliefs.
Plasma just as easily connects to all life and
strengthens it with life energy. More flow throughout the
body enhances our Physical, Astral, and Etheric forms.
This in turn can bring us back to the path of Source and
Truth. We see this prevalent within Eastern Cultures, in the
many body-controlled practices. They branch on to any of
the three forms and excel only within one branch becoming
astoundingly proficient. A path that encompasses all three
is now needed to reach our next evolution.