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Chakras: Evolution Continues… (Part 3)

Nature is an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere. Blaise Pascal


Extensive unknown time elapsed, The Earth began to
solidify. Life sprang forth and became extinct many of
times. Our focal point here now becomes the inhabitants of
The Lemurian age. In these forms we coincided in what we
would think of as the time Giants walked the Earth. Though
our forms were thought of as larger, our structures weren’t
as solid as we would think. We were still strongly
connected with our Etheric Forms which gave a light
fluidity to us. We possessed the ability to manifest our
forms quickly depending upon our environments,
sometimes multiple times within one lifetime. Our bone
physicality was such that after death, very little was left
shortly afterwards. It wasn’t until we began structuring
societies later that these Giant’s bone structures began to
harden. A gene that springs up off and on throughout the
entirety of our existence. Ancient teachings mastered
influencing this at a few other points in our existence at a
time when the megaliths were built. But for some reason
this knowledge is closed now within The Akashic Records.
Within the picture you will see how The Lemurian
Culture later enriched the surrounding Continents. Also
note the derived cultures that sprang forth from later
surrounding areas, their connection with the planet still
very strong today, their appearance undeniably similar. It
would also be important to note that in no way am I
suggesting that human forms began on Lemuria, I am
stating that our next phase in spiritual evolution inhabited
the forms of Lemuria. It would also be important to realize
in each plateau to our collective awakenings there has been
a great transformation on the planet, a continent ceased to
exist as we know it in the physical realm. Remnants which
remain are focal points to the greater among us to travel
and learn.

Lemurian culture was full of fantasy, many of our
past dreams were in fact once reality here. Since we were
still so connected with our etheric bodies, our mere
emotions transformed our world and personal forms. It
would be easy to see skin shades of blues and reds, humans
with more than four arms, or what we would call magic
performed without ceremonies. Yet the Lemurians had little
desire to control their world, they were connected to Source
and understood all was as it should be. In peace, they
watched life play out as it was meant to. The Elementals
thrived alongside the Lemurians during this time in what
would be looked at as harmony.
Solid eventually manifested into Earth. We as
Spirits helped bring this about with our fascinations, we
went from bending the matter to our will to becoming more
personal and touching matter hands on. Life for us began to
take on a more personal role as we grasped at being
entertained more by the world. There was as always within
our existence fractions that wanted to hold on to the old
ways, as others wished to progress with stone and metal.
Wars ensued for which the Hindu Texts of Ancient India
teachings speak thoroughly so I will not. I will say however
that it was perhaps the first time in our physical existence
that two Greater Beings stepped out of the shadows and
made themselves known. One Being influenced us to
become arrogant with the powers we wielded, this side
believed themselves to be Gods. The other Being
influenced our control over earth, it made us believe we
were to conquer and control it. It wouldn’t be for another
extended amount of time before we would recognize these
Beings for who they were.

Lemuria, being destroyed by war and chaotic
energies that we drenched the continent in eventually sank
away into history. As the fragments of this society
traversed and regrouped forming tighter understanding of
Nature in tribal communities, they went into personal battle
with The Being that whispered they should control nature,
as they developed their ability to enter the Astral world.
Many Shamans speak of the Blue Road and dangers to
travel it.

It is a fact that Earth’s energies are aggressive. Far
from the passive outlook that writers record it as having the
true nature of Earth is survival, which is an aggressive act
to all the species on this planet. Out with the old, in with
the new is the underlying energies here which is apparent in
the young lion cub eventually besting the leader of the
Pride. Earth is for the most part a builder, it is an upshot of
layer upon layer of earthquakes and reformations of land,
which has instilled in us an incredible adaptability to
survive. Many species have come and gone, it’s important
to note that this had been going on far before Humankind
stepped on the earth. We should however understand that
there are miniscule worlds that have formed and lived
beside us and within us, some that can be only viewed by a
microscope. By influence and necessity, we took on this
trait mentally to survive many harsh eras. In today’s world,
technology is simply the transformation/manipulation of
the matter that we had originally been able to mentally
create. We must ponder now if we are creating it, or if it is
creating us. We’ve come a long way, yet somewhere inside
we fear that, that which we are creating now doesn’t
eventually create itself like we do now. Or that we become
dependent more so on our creations, with Artificial
Intelligence over the horizon there is much to 19 | P a g e
contemplate. Already earth is feeling the devastation that
we are placing on it to fuel our destinies. Earth is the
original survivor, we would you kindly to remember that
with respect.

Earth’s secret is that we must learn to step away
from that which propelled us into the 21st century. The
species of humankind though superior does not survive
alone, we have made our place in existence, but our
aggressive tendencies have placed many of the other
species either in extinction or close to it. There’s a wealth
of wisdom to be gained from all the other inhabitants of
this planet. When we understand this, we further
understand ourselves. Remember that we were once them,
crawling, hunting, discovering, and surviving. I speak in
no way fearful towards this element, for its traits have
driven us to survive throughout years of adversity. We
should understand Earth more deeply before we continue
beyond this great changing millennium.

Solids Influence is for the most part awake. Earth’s
layers of crust are always active, though it takes its
directives from most higher beings. This in turn can get
conflicted when multiple orders are given at once. All other
voices are silenced when The Logos of this planet speaks
however, these are the times when we see the most
inactivity and the inhabitants on Earth can prosper.
Generally, we are meant to harmonize with earth during
this time, but nowadays we fail at this continually.
Solid has little interest in what Species hold reign
on earth, only that it is from Earth. This would mean should
we tinker with bioengineering as we do, should those
creations prove superior than they will in fact grasp Solid’s
attention. Should also Artificial Intelligence become
cultivated enough and prove to be more essential than we
are, Solid’s focus would inevitably sway towards it. It
would be due to our collective lack of connection to truth
which would make this so, we have become so fascinated
with our creations that we believe them to be more essential
then the air we breathe.

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Chakras: Evolution Continues… (Part 2)

In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind those who don’t. Blaise Pascal


In understanding the true form of Fire, we need only to
recollect on the Source of our lives here on the planet, The
Sun. Intensify fire to the highest fathomable and Plasma
becomes known. Plasma is the primordial soup from which
planets are born, but it is also the composition of our bodies
that slowly disperse after we are formed physically. It is
how we tend to this flame that will determine our life.
When presumed to be cooling, consider the lifespan of a
human. Humans produce an ongoing heat source within the
body, this could average 60-80 years. This may depend
upon the elemental makeup and conditions we internally
manifest within our lives. Over the years this heat source depletes until death occurs and it can no longer produce
heat. Built materials and building stronger forms last longer
due to slower deterioration and manifesting stronger
materials. Yet all will succumb to heat depletion eventually
within the physical universe. Plasma interacts with all other
elements when in this state, it is seen as the light of all the
Universe expanding thousands of light years only to be
held by our minds eye as we ponder upwards.
There are many accounts of our creation here on
this planet. We must understand that once we place time
into a story of creation, it could render it obsolete when
maintaining that sole understanding. We are not capable of
comprehending our eternal life, how can we fully
appreciate how long we have existed here on this planet?
We place illogical time stamps on historical mega
structures such as the Pyramids and define the worlds
creation within a mere thousands of years. I have looked at
many stories of such, I see light only among
documentations that hold The Sun as parenting us here on
Earth. Ancient Knowledge has always given personas to
the celestial bodies, how can we even deny this? All is
Consciousness, therefore planetary bodies being by
definitions Organisms are conscious. The Father of
Consciousness and Life in this domain is The Sun. It
radiates pure Plasma and sustaining all for the time. It was
directed by the Consciousness of the planet as this will
come to be understood later. Stated simply; Where there is
Plasma, there is Light. Where there is Light, there is Life.
Where there is Life, Consciousness is expanded.
We came upon this planet within its early
development, we need not quarrel about the forms we
inhabited. Brought down by the plasmatic rays of the Sun
we were not of any solid substance, but freely intermingled
with the Elements. The Elements were in spiritual form and
the planet was very translucent. We were Tenders to the
will of Our Parent, made to prepare this planet for what was
to come. Then it came about that this planet went through a
phase where Plasma manifested into the physical world and
Fire started its cooking as the substances and compounds began to form. Here we too began our decent into the
material world.

Fire has always been sort of an observer on this
planet. Whenever certain conditions occur, then fire
becomes active. Fire is the pure reason why everything
over all hasn’t overpopulated. Fire looks after earth to
make sure it only grows as much as it’s able to. It’s known
to consume oxygen in the atmosphere which balances wind
with earth. It creates warm currents to clash with cold
currents which creates extreme wind conditions. The
essence of fire influences lava to explode out of
mountaintops and create land formations. Fire has always
been the dreaded figured in humankind’s growth. We
created a place that’s opposite the heavens and called it
hell, and then proclaimed that it’s a place full of lava and
brimstone where only the damned go. This is most likely
because where there is intense heat there’s also scattered
life, droughts, and starvation due to lack of natural
resources. Buddhist philosophy dictates that fire is the
essence of our physical forms, that we are products of the
original explosion within the universe. Intense heat
compounded elements together forming galaxies, planetary
bodies, and then life as we understand it. Eventually the
heat fades in these planetary giants and they take on new
forms. We are a replication of these events as the energy of
the electric heartbeat gives to us limitations on our
lives. We in turn pass on our legacy to a new generation of
structures and communities that continue to grow and fade
in a continuous cycle. Within the cycles we’re continuously
being balanced out, however without such a balance made,
the natural process of life would never be able to
prosper. Fire is responsible for plague and disease having
the natural ability to create those things humankind
considers threats. The average person isn’t aware of the
millions of deaths that occur inside their country aside from
the obvious covered ones. Fire is not responsible for war,
there are other influences later to come which can feed off
the destruction of life in this way.

Fire can also manifest into forms as Asteri or
Salamanders. There are many sizes and forms to note, but
for one that is Clairvoyant they are noticed in all types of
fire, even the controlled ones. Though they take on a
menacing appearance, it is only due to our concept of this
element. Our Consciousness being superior than that of an
Elementals, causes our observation of them to bend to our
conceptualization. We do not suffer this effect from
viewing a Consciousness equal to ours, we see what they
wish us to see conceptually. This viewpoint will give us
clarity as to why throughout history we have unaccountable
visions of heavenly and demonic forms in our literature and
testimonies. At times, all elementals can be granted form
from a source greater than ourselves, or even from a
collection of Conscious Beings. These forms can and will
take on a directive of which they were created, even
mimicking conscious intelligence. Do not feed these
creations by thinking they are deified, a mistake that was
made countlessly throughout our history which has caused
much suffering.

Fire’s Secret is that this element will balance the
future existence for the evolving world. To know this
Element is to simply learn the signs it gives to us. Lands
which are barren we should never overpopulate. Islands
that are still in a formational stage that are populated with
civilizations risk prolonged destruction. Cities which are
over weighted or being drilled constantly for natural
resources will suffer earthquakes. We as humankind have
become too proud and our ability to so call “survive” in any
environment that we claim ownership of. The world is in
constant change, we should find a way to respect that. We
take land and make ownership even when the land has not
welcomed us. By not listening we have become responsible
for many more deaths than was perhaps originally planned
in the greater design.

Plasma’s Influence on occasions, the awakened
state of Fire will act. It’s directly connected to the force
which pumps our hearts therefore can easily affect our
blood flow in unique ways. Though generally it’s never
concerned with individuals, these events could be looked at
as calamitous as in great loss directly influencing a direct
species on the planet. Due to a stagnation of truth, which
later corrupts our lifestyle, culture, or beliefs.
Plasma just as easily connects to all life and
strengthens it with life energy. More flow throughout the
body enhances our Physical, Astral, and Etheric forms.
This in turn can bring us back to the path of Source and
Truth. We see this prevalent within Eastern Cultures, in the
many body-controlled practices. They branch on to any of
the three forms and excel only within one branch becoming
astoundingly proficient. A path that encompasses all three
is now needed to reach our next evolution.

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Chakras: Evolution Continues… (Part 1)

“Truth is so obscured nowadays and Lies so established that unless we Love the Truth, we shall never recognize it” -Blaise Pascal


What truly is forming within our collective understanding
is an awakening of The Elements. As I have stated, we
must learn to see existence as both physical and spiritual
simultaneously. Our bodies have come into the material
universe by first existing within the Ethereal and Astral.
We do this to add conscious experience that will further not
only our growth, but possibly every other human condition
by association. But to truly comprehend this we must
understand that we are not the only beings that exist as
such. The Elements manifest into the solidity of which we
are most intimate with. Once we let go of our basic 
knowledge and necessity of them, we can come to see them
as the Beings they are. Once fully comprehended, we will
be able to not just see a material object before our eye, but
the spiritual activity of the elements manifesting before us.
Even deeper development will give to us the insight and
clairvoyance of viewing their blending with all that is
perceived, or better stated all that is matter.
It’s crucial to understand that for centuries we have
been taught about the circular balancing chart of the
Elements. Within this chart we will see a circle with Fire
opposite Water, and Earth opposite Air. This becomes true
only to the physically indoctrinated mind. The spiritual
bodies of these Elements are thus.


Now we can view the Elements in their un-manifested
forms. Here we view their interaction with one another
much more fluid with less resistance. I’ve placed them in a
specific order to explain their prominence at a point in our
physical manifestation here on this planet. In addition, there
are three even Higher Elements which are rarely spoken of
but have always been known to us. These Higher Elements
primarily interact between two Elements when the energies
are ripe but can be found by Conscious Beings. They are in
Order as thus.

Plasma -HOLY- Solids
Solids -DARK- Liquids
Liquids -PSYCHE- Gases

It’s also important to know that Consciousness resides in
all, how well we manifest it is solely dependent on our
mental creation of ourselves. We can literally view how
light or heavy a person is, this is what is projected to us 
from their side and their experience of life. However, even
the physically heavy can produce a light and airiness
spiritually of which we can sense when in their presence. It
has been long known by The Ancients that balancing all the
elements within the body purely by intake will produce a
superior body. Just the opposite, extreme lack of balance
produces quicker deterioration. I suspect when we look
once more at spontaneous combustion in this way, we will
understand this in new light, for our bodies are merely a
chemist’s project that we have lost interests in.
Let us turn to evolution, understanding humankind
isn’t an easy task. We’ve tried over centuries and seem to
fall back dumbfounded by our original findings. The more
we know about the world, the less we understand about our
spiritual natures. This is because we’re learning while we
are evolving on two separated paths. The more we learn the
faster we evolve on one, but possibly devolve on the
other. We have such a superior evolution that once we
define ourselves it ends up becoming “old news”. What’s
good for one time period will quickly become unimportant 
with the current period. Moreover, any interaction from the
past might cause an intertwining with the present. The trick
is taking the knowledge of the past, learn from it, while
acknowledging our existence here in the present. I give
great amount of honor to Historical and Anthropological
insights which conceptualize the earth and the cosmos, for
the past and present are in all of us. We are intricate beings,
possessing both a physical manifestation and a spiritual
truth. To understand existence, we must first understand
ourselves. When we misperceive the nature of the elements
as we have for so long in our busy industrialized world, we
fight against the grains of our true purpose. These are but
some of the primary reasons why we have lost our desire to
connect, although it’s not entirely the industrialized world’s
fault as will later see.

The fear of Fire has been built up from Biblical hell
to falling comets all around us, played into by the movie
screens. We think of earth as an intuitive very gentle soft
nature, but in fact we are the prime example of earth’s
aggressive nature to survive, evident in our very nature as a
prominent species currently on the planet. Water and Air
may be closer to what we perceive them as, for they
possess stronger impressing abilities to our spiritual
natures. I invite you to understand the truth to the elements,
for they’ve been misperceived for too long.

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Our Solar Logo: The 9th Absolute Law

The underlining hinting to our continued concepts of
“The Tree of Life” are remnants of Absolute Truth. It
speaks to our universal connection to one another and
our notions of finding the roots of this origination. It
is hence, one of our understandings that will persist
until fully realized within our Collective
Consciousness. This root stemming from The Omni-Conscious must be realized as the Originator to our
current consciousness. But we also must come to the realization that we are participants in this act of
creation. The pure awareness that The Omni-Conscious is continuing its expansion gives to us
the realization that it’s still progressing in
Conscious Growth. We are thus, the manifestations
of the 3rd and 4th Absolute Law. We must come to the
collective realizations that we are gaining these
new experiences to further the growth of The
Omni-Conscious. Accordingly, adding our
consciousness to what we come to realize as The

Know that there is still more to amass and experience even in the blink of a lifetime far beyond
what we can conceive. We are beauty, love, and
conscious as a whole.
We burden ourselves with meanings to this
existence, few acquiescent when they realize a
fraction of this truth. But it is in the fractions that we
piece together the whole. Seeking to know one fraction
is more than many can conceive of in lifetimes. And
so, when such realizations are imparted, understand
the conscious lives and it’s travels to convey to us
these realizations. I have known many who have

decidedly not wished to impart to others such cumulative
experiences. Some fearing how it would be received,
while others keeping it to their selves for self-progression. I myself fully realize that I challenge our
scientific structures and belief systems by putting
forth these writings. I have had many friends that
grew annoyed with my secrecy, for I had my own
internal struggles and did not wish to impart partially
realized views. However, as The Aquarian Age comes
into manifestation it will bring with it secrets that
have been hidden and must be now realized by us.
Greater Beings have so far sub-existed in a world few
can consider real, yet it is more real than our current
understandings of one. We have seeds of corruption
that are deeper than even the Greater Beings seek to
realize. And so, these unawaken seeds hold the
possibilities to even ripen in them.

Our Solar System

Plasma Physicists are now coming to understand this
undercurrent spoke of by many Ancient Teachers
which connect all of existence. Science has come to
call this Electro-Magnetic Currents, as The
Ancients called it The Conscious Life Energy
Stream. Both directing us to understand the origins
of The Known Universe. This origination can be of
simplistic or complex depending on which path we
view it. With such a multitude of fragmented concepts
pointing us towards Absolute Truth, it allows us to
perceive that The Collective Consciousness is
strengthening and reassembling. Dense matter now
giving to us a recognition and resemblance to our
lightest understood forms. The Brain’s resemblance to
The Universe, the replication of the Fibonacci
Sequence, and The God Particle are examples. The
latest is how Life’s Energy (now defined as Plasma
within our bloodstream) resembles the branches on a
growing tree stemmed from cosmic origins. It is okay
that we continue to reason with our newfound
understandings. Eventually we must come to
accepting them or we do not gain new insights into
Absolute Truth.

I’ve thoroughly covered the timelines of Physical
Creation in our Solar System in my second book. I
now will pair it through the Conscious Life Stream.
Through this Conscious Life Stream which I speak of,
Time and Space surged active currents by means of
The Omni-Conscious. Life manifested and formed into
existence. Through Gravitational Movements, these
first-born Galaxies collided and meshed their
Collective Consciousness in an ever-evolutionary

Our own Milky Way would not be an originally
manifested seed, but a continuation of this conscious
path. Our Consciousness imparted by The Milky Way,
imparted through the many Solar Systems, imparted
to our now Solar system. Within Solar Systems, much
like us we do not always stimulate Conscious Growth.
Solar Systems must gain Consciousness to gain such
connections. Their reincarnations are of what we
know as Suns in this time period, though many past
cultures gave to them more personified names. I will
come back to this in the 5th Root Race.

Our Sun, being one that gained Consciousness
and amassed its fragments is a Being Fully Realized.
We can thus say, is a Perfected Being. We must not
determine its youth as its strength, for form does not
determine true age. Our Solar Logo is first to gain
Perfected Being status by the seeds planted from
origination. By doing this through physical
transmigration alone, manifested our 9th Absolute

The 9th Absolute Law states that Perfected
Beings can Create Conscious Forms with seeds of
Current Full Realizations. Those below that of
Perfection in Consciousness, are thus allowed to
create Conscious Forms with seeds of
Manifestation. Those that are neither “Conscious” nor “Of Consciousness” cannot create.

It is to be known that Our Father within this
Solar System wishes this recognition.

Each Planetary Logos within our system are of his creation and
through him. They were the First Born Conscious, not just
Of Consciousness (Aside from Earth which was left
asleep for future development). All other Beings of
Consciousness beforehand, needed to awaken
Consciously. It is through his journey to Perfection,
that we bare the seeds of furthering Absolute
Realizations beyond what is known to current Beings.
We were also given the powers of manifestation, a
prize that many other Beings and Entities do not
possess. They are forced to manipulate us or find
ways to infect these powers to give them what they

When creating Conscious forms, we possessed
gifts beyond that of prior Beings. When
conceptualizing birth, we can either flourish a
New Conscious Form or Be graced with a
Fragmented Soul seeking to reassemble. This is
dependent upon the consciousness of all parties
involved with the conceptualizations. We avertedly
make statements such as “Old Souls” to our children
that are born awakened, but never have the means to
assist them in their progression towards their own
personal growth. They fall through the seams and end
up living lives that places them further on their paths
if they are not strong enough to persist their own
progress. We also can give birth to “New Conscious
Forms” that have a fresh perspective and admirable
fascination to the beauty of life. This purity creates an
incredible and indescribable protective quality that
overrules our ability to allow the New Being to
experience life, so then we can unfortunately hinder
their growth as well. This is a very tricky
responsibility for parents, but if we can just realize
that all experience is meant to guide a conscious
being, we can pull back and consider allowances for
these experiences. I also in no way will ever propose a
segregated development of these two types, within the
Omnipotent Design we were all meant to be connected
with one another for reasons only we can realize.

This caused some Beings and Entities concern
and even animosity to us. For we would be gifted
seeds of direct realizations that they felt underserving
to us. To the surviving Chaotic Beings this signaled a
lost to their existence (they believed). The Higher
Elementals saw it as the signs to which each of their
Planes were waiting for. They both then prepared to
welcome and even assist in this forming occurrence.

It’s important to know that such Grand Beings do not exist with definitive masculine or feminine qualities. They easily morph into either role throughout existence and are completely dependent upon their individual paths and how they are most effective to impart their wisdom.

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How This Universe Manifested (The Absolute) Part 5

The Realm of Order did not give birth to
Sentience, though Conscious, it is an ever-flowing
stream that is directed by Time and Space. Time and
Space are what we would consider to be interlocked in
a single Consciousness. They manifest in separation
when Consciousness comprehends them in the
physical realm, yet their communication is of oneness
with two voices. In manifesting within the physical
realm, they are guided by The Reflections of The
Omni-Conscious to maintain the directives of their
Spiritual Forms.

Likewise, Time and Space did not
directly create Sentient Beings. They are influential
in the growth of all that exist, in this way many
Conscious Beings see themselves as this being their
originations. Time and Space are directed through the
Omni-Conscious and The Conscious Life Energy is
only imparted by The Omni-Conscious. Thus, without
The Omni-Conscious, Time and Space would not
produce Sentience.

The next stage of Sentient Creation was brought
forth in the Elemental Planes. These were Fire, Air,
Water, and Earth. Though of Consciousness, they
were formed closest to The Primordial Plane and
fought an insurmountable evolution. They derived out
of the struggle between The Plane of Chaos and The
Plane of Order. As the Plane of Order created a
barrier that barred Chaos from the densest parts of
The Physical Realm, it could not bar it from the Sub-planes.

These were the first to be born into The
Universe without Consciousness. They were “of
Consciousness” but were not “Conscious”. They
possessed the seeds to become conscious but evolved
from the extreme nature of this time period.
Eventually moving into The Universal Mind’s
structuring, they became one of services and
caretakers of The Omnipotent Design. Overtime, they
would not know any other existence and tending
strictly to what The Universal Mind directed of them.

Those that would become conscious (over some
break in their directives), would become resentful.
They fell into the grasp of The Outer Universe
amassing growth associated with The Plane of Chaos.
We have come to know these Entities as The Titans of
our literatures. Others would seek understanding to
what caused this and even at times be graced into The
Source of Consciousness as Greater Elementals. It
was a precursor to the emerging 7th Absolute Law and
a balancing of the 2nd Absolute Law when The Titans
were formed. Being Greater Elementals and
Conscious Beings allowed them growth in their
Consciousness. Thus, The Higher Elementals came
into existence.

The Higher Elemental Planes of Holy
manifested from Fire and Earth, and its opposite The
Plane of Psyche manifested from Air and Water.
These Planes manifested without oppositional
qualities within the Physical Realm but did possess
oppositional viewpoints on the nature of Universal
Law. This brought into manifestation the next
Absolute Law.

The 7th Absolute Law states Consciousness may
transverse innumerable paths, they may search
throughout existence and freely come to any
conclusion. Yet all paths will inevitably come to
the Singular Truth of The Absolute.

This Law gave acceptance to all Conscious
Beings seeking to know truth. Though different paths
possessed different results which detailed longer or
shorter transmigration. They would all eventually end
in the same conclusions inevitably if they were in fact
still on a “Conscious Path”.

“Like a Cross The Plane of Light and The Primordial Plane touched, then The Elemental Planes Formed across. All The Later Planes have been hence in manifestation.”

The Dragon Council tended to these Higher
Elemental Civilizations and greatly advanced them to
heights. The Dark Dragons tended to The Plane of
Psyche as the Light Dragons tended to those of Holy.
In the Plane of Holy, they were call by the titles of
The Seraphim. They lived among them and gave to
them knowledge of The Plane of Light and Dark.

Among the Holy Beings leaders would arise and be
given different names from the caste of the others.
Their names determined their positioning within their
civilizations. Names ending in “iel” were of a more
revered caste that governed the civilization in a
balanced theology of Spiritual Protectors. Names
ending in “ael” were born from a lineage of Royalty
and were those that held communion with The
Seraphim. They could be the Highest Priest or The
Ruler of Nations. Then there were Holy Beings given
special names, they were seen as Wanderers and
Guides by the civilizations. This special caste of Holy
Beings ventured forth within the universe on missions
designated by The Seraphim and relayed to them
through those who had their communion. These three
Caste presented what was termed Nobility among The
Holy Beings. This Civilization would develop a deep
understanding of The Source of Consciousness and
hold deep love and protection towards Earth’s
Evolution once it manifested. The Seraphim spoke of
a time when Greater Beings would awaken that
would be graced directly from The Source of
Consciousness from manifestation, many praised and
prepared for the coming event.

The Laborers among these Holy Beings
generally possessed a “Z” anywhere within their
names, any combinations of other letters would
determine any social mixtures. This would make up
the mass of their civilizations and the farthest from
knowing beyond their existence. Many were Of
Consciousness like that of The Elementals of Lower
Planes and were not thus Conscious. Since their Life
Spans are considerably longer than we can fathom,
this manifested another Absolute Law.

The 8th Absolute Law states that with the
attentive acceptance of experience, Beings of
Consciousness may be graced into
comprehending Absolute Truth, though must be
Conscious to be graced with knowing The

This Law enhance that of the 7th, for the 7th
prioritized Beings that were Conscious. While this
embraced Beings that were Of Consciousness but not
Conscious. This was not an easy path but gave to all
long-lived Beings of Consciousness a way that
overtime, as they perfected their position in life, they
would inevitably unlock new pathways that placed
them on the Path of Truth. The Civilizations that
were now well-established, would now have to accept
that Awakened Consciousness was forming among
their once considered Lower Caste. This will be
continued further into the writings.

I will not give much detail to The Plane of
Psyche, for it was covered extensively in Mindfulness: Water’s Evolution.

But their evolution was one of solitude and
quiet observation. They recorded all that was within
The Known Universe and its happenings. They came
to realize The Universal Mind as their Godhead and
rarely sought any outside council from other Beings
within The Known Universe. Thus, disconnecting to
the Dragons of Dark in the process. They gained the
knowledge to move throughout The Known Universe
unnoticed throughout the many levels of Dimensions
they created that paired to the Physical Realm.
Inventing a Civilization that amassed much
knowledge and keeping it, they became The
Guardians of the well-known Akashic Records. They
would associate themselves with Water’s Evolution
for they are attracted to deep forming Minds and
Intellectual Contemplation.

More to come…

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How This Universe Manifested (The Absolute) Part 4

The breaking and restructuring of The Universe
brought forth a multitude of Planes that would give
birth to Elements. What we come to know as Sentient
Beings began to manifest. Whenever manifesting, the
2nd Absolute Law would simultaneously manifest
within The Known Universe, though not necessarily
conceivable to a Conscious Being. The Plane of Light
gave birth to The Most Ancient of us in The Dragons,
which concurrently gave birth in The Plane of Dark.
Eight in all they developed The Dragon Council, they
prized themselves on the strategizing and
implementation of The Will of Consciousness. Being
born closest to the Conscious Life Energy’s Stream
they received insights that was directed by The
Source of Consciousness and The Universal Mind,
though not simultaneously. Each Dragon developing
individual aspects of these Conscious Directives,
making them strongest when in communion and more
fully capable of uncovering truth. They Fully Realized
the 3rd Absolute Law and found paths to continue to
impart Consciousness to those in hopes to stimulate
Conscious Growth.

Those Dragons that were of The Plane of Light
chose to become Perfected Beings and live in
dedicated fulfillment to The Collective Conscious
progress. This also meant that they would not gain
Conscious Growth anymore and now live in continued
communion with The Collective Consciousness to
decipher communication from Source. While those
Dragons of The Plane of Dark built a design of “hands
on” reincarnating through the Time Stream in the
hopes of granting universal experience back to the
Omni-Conscious. Believing they could work around
the 3rd Absolute Law they kept their True Forms
hidden within the Time Stream beyond the physical
realm. Deciding not to become Perfected Beings, this
disallowed them the powers associated with
Reincarnation, Incarnation, and Avatar use. Yet
Those fragments entering into the physical realm
were brought into the third Absolute Law. Their
Consciousness was scattered. They would over time
within the cycling of their Sentient Life amass most of
their Consciousness and be graced with their True
Forms once again. This altered their reassembled
True Forms with New Insights from their
counterparts in The Plane of Light. Though still at
their strongest when unified, they also found conflicts
in interpreting the will of The Omni-Conscious
through its Reflections. Through this experience of
unaccountable time they reassembled The Dragon
Council and the next Absolute Law was manifested
through their experience.

The 6th Absolute Law states Should
Consciousness move into Form, Form will
fragment Consciousness. Each fragment will
thus gain New Consciousness to reassemble
anew. Only Beings that have Fully Realized 
Consciousness will maintain what they have

This Fully Realized Consciousness is one that
shakes the core of Conscious Beings. It is the ever prolonged experience of The Conscious Continuity
when brought forth into existence. One can know of it,
one can project an experience of it, even one can
theorize it. Yet until it is bathed in Absolute Truth
full realization will not be grasped. This means we
will amass and loose fragments of our past
experiences throughout transmigration. And as
Absolute Law states, we will also “reassemble”. We
will meet “like minded” Spirits and through our
shared connections find ourselves made anew with
the experience. At most times not realizing that they
are in fact a fragment of our True Self. Should we
realize this, we will transmigrate anew in a single
form with these amassed experiences. Those of us who
understand this, have amassed much of themselves
throughout lifetimes.

These Fragmented forms of Consciousness will
also have a deep seeded fear of losing themselves and
develop ways to stay unassembled which would
account for much of our counter progressive thoughts.
Once any of these Fragments have realized Absolute
Truth, they become highly receptive to reassemble,
even seeking one another out. The Core Self spoke of
in Eastern Philosophy is the protected “I Am”, but all
amassed experience may be lost if not Consciously
Realized by this Seed. These Seeds are only
fragmented through form, each form possessing The
True Souls Reflection.

“We have thus only gained the realizations that we are Conscious, but have yet to fully realize that we are “Fragmented Consciousness” seeking to merge once again to reassemble all experience to which we’ve collected.” 

The realization of Dragons are in our core, we seem to block out such truths.

More to come…

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Learning to Create as Spirit (Part 2)

Within the Known Universe force operates in many different forms depending on where on the chart you reside. As we have seen, the laws of operations vary dramatically on opposite’s sides mainly because Chaos is attempting to replicate Order and failing. Because of this, a Spirit that is pushed into the Outer Universe must apply different techniques to stimulate creation even closely, even then the odds are stacked against them until they are able to reconnect to Source. When these Spirits are aware enough to pull themselves out of this unconsciousness, they can do so on their own through the techniques of the first book or seek out a child of light to assist them.

Force within the Realm of Order is much more manageable. As Spirits capable of growth, we are able to utilize all our resources to make visualization manifest in countless ways. Sometimes with just simple thought patterns or heart felt needs become reality. As this is done however, we rarely acknowledge our part in the creation. The Native Americans have a ceremony called “Counting Coop”, within this ceremony they pass a pipe around and speak aloud their blessings. No need to smoke for this each night but let’s take it a step farther, accept your part in the creation of these blessings. They would not have come to you if you never desired them. We must step away from the way of thinking that the Source of Consciousness simply gave us what we “needed”, but to look at the depths of our souls and realize we asked, and the universe provided.

While within the Outer Universe we still create, but through different levels of fear. “I will never get that job, I’m worthless, and nobody loves me” … and so, it becomes true. The recordings within our head are relentless, even when we think we no longer hear them, they have laid roots and created a wall to block us from the truth. I’m reminded of the strong Pessimist who will constantly fear the worst in every situation, and as the worst occurs it simply strengthens their belief that the world works in these self-conceived dark ways. Never once aware that they created these conditions. This is just one of the many ways we push ourselves into hopelessness and despair, consider it universal law. Know that we create our Heaven and Hell.

I’m sure it would be nice to lay our entire existence on a God Head, we then get the added benefits of also placing the blame. Then there’s the next extreme, not believing in anything. All of Life by random occurrence? This speaks only to me that they have given up on even attempting probing deeper contemplation of existence. It became much easier for them to simply live their lives in what they feel is “non-distraction”. The Atheist is not lost as some may think however, they have just stepped back to look at the full picture for a lifetime, even if they aren’t aware of this. They have accepted their role to create their own desires, and this is an admirable accomplishment when we are hard pressed these days to pick a side. Taking self-control of our existence is key in becoming an Awakened Being, because we must accept our power to bend force to our will and create all that we experience.

Force moves in three different forms that we can access: Forms, Streamers, and Waves. This is true for the entire Universe, but remember they function differently at times within the Outer Universe because we lack full control. We connect to this force by connecting the very nature of the atom. A quantum mechanics theory called the “Observer Effect” tells most of what we need to know on this, in these facts they explain how an atom manifests when we search for it. How an atom exists in a wave scattered across the universe yet simply by us directing our consciousness to search for it, it appears. This is mind blowing to the Scientific and Spiritual world! For the very first time since these two paths divided, they came to a real comprehension that they were on the same path! This strengthened the Collective Consciousness, acknowledging that even Science is collecting answers that will lead us towards our destinies. The pure contemplation of this theory speaks to what Buddhist Masters have said for over three thousand years, that to know the Mind is to become a Buddha. Within the Collective Consciousness we have “decided” that the chair is a chair, or a house a house. These materials exist by our will alone and enforced immensely by millions of years of corruption. Great Explorers set out to find something new, and low and behold! They do! We’ve added matter to our universe as easily as we’ve sought it out, then spoke of it to millions and they too added to their Consciousness enforcing it and stabilizing it for the future generations to see. Not in the slightest realizing that we are manifesting our own environment and have been for millions of years. Can it truly be all that easy? Is it so hard to believe that all these centuries we dreamt of flying and walking on the moon and it was made manifested through technology? Would it really matter how we created the means as long as our visualizations occurred? Controlling the movement of force and creating is what we do as Spirits, physically building matter only because we exist in the physical realms and are reflecting our true potentials but never realizing the truth. Even stuck in awe of the megaliths because we have forgotten our true natures.

The Creators becoming one with their creations however, we did not expect. There has already been ample supply of speeches from all sources that speak to us about the dangers of becoming attached to material, we have been screaming this now for over four thousand centuries. And yet here we are, smothered in our creations making them the only way that we move, eat, and work. This is where the two sides of the Known Universe meet, spiritually we scream on one side, “No! We are losing ourselves to materialism!” While the other half says, “This material is our only way to survive, we need it.” Hasn’t this come to pass? Can any of us imagine life without a microwave, or a car? Some think it will take a cataclysm to make us once again live a simpler way, but it’s not needed. Understand this only, everything that we have created is for a purpose, it is for us to see these creations for what they are truly manifesting.

We should become aware of our power to restructure and recreate our lifestyles as well. The trouble of living years unhealthy, and then to find that place deep inside when all appears bleak only to transform ourselves in miraculous ways. Understanding that spiritual journey that was just taken, how corruption was eating away at our very soul, yet we possessed the greatness somewhere inside to pull ourselves out and into the Realm of Order. There are countless stories of us reaching the very end of our ropes and realizing we were so much more than what was being repeated inside our heads. We denied accepting that this was all that there was and somewhere deep inside voyaged into new ways of conceiving the world. It was Force that we wielded to make these changes.

In the last part I will explain how we as Conscious Beings manifest this force and Create within it.