Omniscience: The Conscious Collective Reawakened


475 pages

The Force of Life was a single spectacular stream from Source that poured into this universe. Creating Order from Chaos and structuring life in its wake as Cosmic Evolution continues to move forward. As our great Milky Way hangs like a dazzling flower in the sea of Cosmic Flowers, do we not see the life force as it seeds and blooms? Soupy cosmic particles organize into heavenly bodies and burst forth with new particles, ever-growing and reaching outward. Collecting all life force and gently releasing it into a transmigration of new forms as it expands.

This is likened to a magnificent Firework display in the night sky. The Firework is solid, hand crafted with care by its creator as they dream of the fascination it will instill in the watching eyes. But what these captivated eyes are truly laying witness to is cosmic existence in moments. First solid in form, these fireworks are sparked by fire and shot upward into the night sky. Silent and unseen for a time they then evolve into a brilliant display and scatter across the horizon reflecting off all eyes to witness them. The people entertained will keep this experience of joy and continue going about their duties.

Yet it isn’t over. Beyond this great presentation these fireworks from solid matter, become countless lights, and then transmigrate into particles that scatter into lighter and lighter expansion. Ending in a complete absorption of that which it was first hinder by in the material world. For from a collection of matter it was formed, through ignition freed, and then able to merge with a higher form of matter.

Life is a continuation of separating and reconnecting, breaking off and reforming, of which we have become aware of. Through this awareness we have become anxious and even afraid. Solar Systems explode into the outer regions of space and reform with new life, one that has the blueprints from the past and the added growth of new information. This Life Force continues to expand as it creates new developments on the outmost regions of its petals. From the cosmic view this is much like a slow-moving wave gathering all particles and pushing them forward. From the planetary concept, it’s an aggressive explosion. Thus, on the farthest areas of the Milky Way we have a new seed expressed in Human Life.

I bring forth The Sacred Doctrines, Perennial Teachings, and Ancient Wisdom within this book as I will follow the original line of consciousness and how it has spread throughout this known universe. I will give to us the Conscious Path throughout the three origins of this earth’s cycle. They are the belief structures that evolved from Animism in European, Indian, and Paleo-Indian. I will now explain how the Plane of Dark, created by The Universal Mind was corrupted and is attempting to be taken over by The Outer Universe within our own Galaxy. I will now give full details to the Higher Hierarchies and their place in our spiritual evolutions as I now enlighten us to The Plane of Holy. The Dragon Council will be now discussed, for universal consciousness cannot fully be achieved until they are brought into our collective understanding. Hermetics, Gnostic Doctrines, and Kabballah will now lay the groundwork for Quantum Physics evolved understandings of The Multiverse. I have methodically moved us slowly into these realizations throughout the last two books which will fully coalesce here.

I very much appreciate the consciousness brought forth from Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner, the Complete Book of Enoch, Aldous Huxley, Graham Hancock, Annie Besant, C.S. Lewis, and DK. For they must know that the fragments are made whole through their commitments to find truth in and ever evolving existence. I capture our expanse here but know that this too is but a temporary stop in a miniscule point within The Whole.