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Yahweh, Our Planetary Logo (Part 1)

I’ve slowly introduced us to a revision towards our perspective on our Renowned Father. I’ve compiled snippets from each of my Books on Universal Consciousness so that I give to you the basis on what I was attempting to convey to The Awakened. I begin with the our fundamental understanding of This Perfected Being, and our connection to The Elemental Planes.


Unlike the elements of Holy and Dark, the element of
Psyche is directly related to the Soul of this Planet, The
Hierarchy of Sun Gods, and The Collective Conscious
Universe. Liquid and Gases relinquishes our heavy forms
and wishes us set free of this bondage. When all seemed the
bleakest, the Being we’ve come to call Christ
incarnated/manifested on this earth. Though a more
reverential name would be Yahweh, his path would mark a
transformation in us and open the doorways back to our
evolutionary scheme that Lucifer blocked us from.
Incarnations from Greater Beings happened on
occasion throughout our evolution, mainly from a Counsel
of Beings that guide us.

There are also some that have
gained the knowledge to maintain their spiritual form in a
sleep like state and believe themselves supporting our
evolutionary cause, I have not made any conclusions on
this yet. They at times will manifest Avatars within this
world to support their causes, this is the only way they can
renew their conscious understanding of the changing world.
Even Lucifer manifested at times, last one recorded in the
ancient eastern culture when this Being was able to solidify
the locks on our Etheric forms. He influenced a philosophy
that clouded our viewpoints on truth, it would be one of the
few times Lucifer and Ahriman worked together.
This forced the hand of the Earth’s Soul to manifest
later in the body of Christ. With Christ the Element of
Psyche brought in this world a new bridge to The
Conscious Universe, in later chapters I will explain more
on how, just know without a continued stream of
Consciousness we would’ve eventually had lost our place
in evolution. It’s also here that we need to fully realize
what took place in the Resurrection of Christ. When Christ
incarnated, he took on both Evolutions (Earth and Water) for our salvation.
The Oppositions both attempted to have him relinquish his quest and
join them, but Christ was unmoved in his conviction. Both
beings threatened by him went forth destroying his
character, which only helped him to grow in love among
us, finally concluding in his physical death which was the
plan they never saw coming.

Christ brought forth our reconnection to Source
when manifesting on the planet, but he also unlocked the
doorway that Lucifer had locked on our Etheric Bodies on
his Death and Resurrection. Granting us once again a
pathway back into Universal Truth. We would no longer be
threatened with subjugation and have a freedom of choice.
Christ’s shedding of his flesh and showing us the miracle of
his Astral Form awakened our Souls once again to this
truth. Henceforth, upon our Etheric Bodies an access point
would be created which could never be locked or
destroyed. Our freewill and choice was truly solidified
through the life and actions of this truly boundless Great
Being we now call Jesus Christ.

Quickly afterwards Luciferians went into effect
hunting and seeking to destroy all associated with this
event. Containing and obliterating all literature which could
be hunted down, while rewriting a vague truth to support
their cause. Secret Societies were formed where very few
knew the truth behind their missions, they killed and
destroyed in what they believed to be the name of Christ.
Speaking and praying to Luciferic Beings as the world was
placed on fire. The Resurrection so shattered Lucifer’s
plans that he conquered the planet, even Ahriman became a
threat. All that practiced the ancient ways, were put to
death and only the manufactured One God ruled. No one
realizing this was The Light Bearer himself, as the best lies
were eventually forgotten. The new battle became the
relentless awakened Conscious Beings and the Luciferic
Followers internally within organizations still to this day.
Ahriman crept back into Darkness, keeping his
legions out of sight, while deploying his knowledge of
dimensions. Overtime, he deployed ancient ways to
stagnant us and feed on our consciousness once we allowed
our consciousness to become corrupted. This corruption
could overtime effect communities, societies, and cultures.
When the Industrial age came about, Lucifer had very little
interest in it and so Ahriman saw an opening back into the
world. Industries and Trades became Technology and
Science, mostly influenced by Ahriman though most have
little skill to see this reality.

The true Followers of Christ have survived, there is
no need for congregations for the Earth is their home. They
communicate through the Element of Psyche without effort.
Christ pulsates continually with these followers granting
them understandings, now days it is easy to destroy their
characters so that the masses no longer listen to them. They
live in truth and are extremely neutral in the events of the
world. They found their awakening in very different ways,
their lifetimes ripened to awake at just the right time, but
only they will know why. It is important that these beings
speak only facts, for they can no longer live with a veil
over their sight. Many have decided not to speak at all, it is
not for us to reason why. These true followers mapped out
an awakened understanding of the Chakra Points by
understanding the Crown Chakra fully unlocked by Christ.
These Followers of The Earth Soul also have a direct
record of all that has occurred within the Earth Scheme.
They utilize ancient knowledge from all sources and see it
without delusion.

Psyche’s Secret is that our truth can never be taken
away. Even through death we are one with Source and will
continue forward. This Element directly connects us to the
Mental, Spiritual, and Astral Realms. Freeing ourselves
from the lie that we are mere physical beings will grant us a
seat at the True Christ’s table. Relinquishing ourselves
from the manipulations of false beliefs, and false Gods. We
finally see clearly The One True Christ and take our place
at his side to do what was meant. Such a truth would look alien to one following the current biblical text. Unless they are conscious enough to read the sub-text.

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Dark and Light (Part 1)

I wish to take us into a new understanding of the universe to which we live. We conceive a world of “Good vs. Evil” and few have really contemplated this, much less have come to a full realization that we simultaneously exist within both places. We go about our days with “blinders on” so to speak. For we all have such thoughts to what we have come to distinguish as “Sinful”, yet most reason these thoughts from their minds and few act upon them. Some may even take “silent delight” when these thoughts come to fruition. Other’s have taken the concepts of “Living Positive” and have done quite well for themselves. But living for only ones self-interest will eventual fail when we do not realize “The Whole” of the universe in which we are a part of.

Know that this world is a construct of our own making. Two individuals can stand next to each other and exist in two completely different realities, though within “The Absolute” there is but “One Existence”. This allows for such “Realities” to be influenced should a mass number of us believe it. This is what is known as “The Collective Consciousness” in one reality and “The Outer Universe” in the other. We say things like, “God is All” yet attempt to not accept when what we conceive as “evil” as connect to this “all”. Evolving as spirits we must grow past these separated concepts.

More ancient than we realize, this symbol invokes in us so many different self-induced concepts. It is for us to come to personal realizations as to why. Yet far beyond other symbols to which we associate ourselves with, this one (when finally realized beyond the 3rd dimension) will give to us the truth to our inter-connected existence.

The Absolute is The Whole of Existence, we are attempting to evolve upward and eventually beyond The Physical Universe. The bottom have of all charts symbolizes where we have come from, but only since our birth into the physical universe. The areas where “The Dark Plane” resides influences all pathways and is an area that one day must be cleansed. A task that can only be done by The Collective Consciousness (which is the upper have of all models). The Outer Universe is of Lower Half of all models and yet intricately connected to all Planes in which we exist the The Universe in absolute construction is a reflection of The All.

The Outer Universe

Next we look at the Realms in the Outer Universe, which are the Higher Dimensions of Dark and Destruction, should an unfortunate Spirit become stranded within these Realms, it would only be because they possessed awareness at one point and time and through intense amount of chaotic events throughout many cycles have turned inward and contorted in their concepts. Entropy is most attracted to powerful beings, in this I mean spiritually aware ones. The hardest of us to corrupt, yet over time and without the proper strength of the Collective Universe even these Great Beings may deteriorate and lose the love they hold towards all beings. Some of the greatest Spiritual Leaders have met unfortunate ends due to the influence Entropy has over our Spiritual Nature. We generally misdirect what caused these deaths, because we never really take the time to look deeper and see the true influences. Should Spirits end up in the Higher Realms of the Outer Universe, it’s usually due to their connection to the Collective and how Entropy will seek now to feed off their knowledge. Without the continued input of the ever-evolving Consciousness however, these Outer Realms will slowly deteriorate the Spirit and distort a Soul’s awareness.

The Unconscious Level of the Omnipotent Design maybe hard for us to comprehend. We are children of Light and Dark, our very spiritual bodies both physical and spiritual possess the struggle of existence’s ancient war. Imagine Source as a grandmaster at meditation, though perfect and all-knowing with complete harmony in spirit, the physical body continues its life/death battle. The micro-organism within the grandmasters body live and die with very little understanding that they are a part of something grander, the grandmaster does acknowledge the micro-organism because he is consumed in the bliss of being one with the universe, but his connection with them is one of curiosity with little need to interfere with their existence.

Taking this now to the Unconsciousness of the Omnipotent Design we must understand that overtime in the course of our existence we have created belief systems that honor what we consider “good”, and oppose what we call “evil” never confronting the fact that they are one in the same and it is only a human concept. Unlike the grandmaster, the Omnipotent Consciousness is awareness in all places within the universe where organisms thrive. When areas no longer possess the flow of its force it is still part of Omnipotence, however it falls into an Unconscious state. In this Unconscious state it is born into a life of its own, cut off from the ever-evolving consciousness it re-creates what it believes to be a functioning system only to contort what is truth. Its goals are then to formulate and mimic what it once was, even though it lacks the connection to the evolving Consciousness. This will become clearer in the following chapters.

Within the Lower Realms of the Outer Universe we have the Dimensions of Fears and Internalizations. There are many of us that reside within these dimensions, here irrational and chaotic fears take over and hinder our every move in life. Our beliefs that we are physical and will only have a short time to achieve anything pushes us into a frenzy. Chaos seeps into our powers of creation and fears begin to manifest themselves around us. Here we find pessimism, hopelessness, and depravity in its worst forms. Still a being of creation, we fuel the Outer Universe with abilities and it in turn creates our hell. Within the Realm of Fear, we are living somewhat, yet we aren’t alive and passionate simply moving through the motions accepting life as we believe it to be. We can live many lives in this state, searching for more and never having the ability to connect back to the Collective Universe.

In the Realm of Internalizations, our fears have finally taken root at our cores and when we pass on, we fall into a place where other broken spirits have unconsciously collected pushing us further into the dark. Here we find the troubled specters hovering about trying so hard to reconnect to the living, tormenting and harming others in extreme case. This soupy realm resides like an undercurrent to the physical realm and has been known at many times to influence the nature of the unconscious spirits. When looking at the great devastations and genocides that have taken place on entire continents and have never been spiritually cleansed, we could begin to see why it’s so hard to rise above our conditions in life.

Here within the Outer Realms of the Lower Dimensions we have over time fell into a Collective Sub-Conscious State. Sub-Conscious because it was Self-Created with the unity of our screams and fears for so long. We possess a gold tether that has been spoken of by many Astral Projectors, the cord is of varied strength depending upon your connection to the Outer Universe, and we will always possess this if we possess Egoic Attachments, even when we slip far into an unconscious state. This tether was designed by The Holy Hierarchy to pull us back onto the path, there are just two scenarios where this tether will break, if we fully awaken and loose Ego Attachments, or if we sink into the Higher Realms of the Outer Universe.

While in the Realm of Fear we still have some amount of choice to decide to pull ourselves free of devastation, in the Realm of Internalizations this is not an option. We merge so intensely with the Collective Sub-Conscious State that all wrong beliefs and view become our only reality supported with all other lost spirits, our spiritual cords are thinned and so translucent that only the powers of an Aware Being can stimulate it back and begin to assist our pathway back towards spiritual healing. This Realm was self-created by us through our fear to survive on a planet that has eaten, beaten, and killed us for millions of years. It has been made more powerful with the evolution of humans, our advanced states of unconsciousness have created a very real hell that seeks to grow with every Spirit it assimilates. The more we are made to fear, the more it will impose that fear into our living space.

If you will note, when looking at the Elemental Chart, Dark resides in the center. We can understand how it has influence on all connected Kingdoms. But it is contained and surrounded at once, but constantly finding new ways to spread itself. Our Domain is just above Dark, and in the stages of formation, we are responsible for realizing the end result and deciding our fate. Each of the Realms in the Outer Universe seeks to corrupt its opposite Realm in the Collective. With intensely different effects. Order is a place that pulls together the Omnipotent Consciousness and connect its Spiritual Beings, this will allow us to reach out and connect to the Design of Creation. Entropy seeks to replicate this Design but fails without Source’s ever flowing force. So instead it feeds off itself depleting its energy, and then seeks to find more in desperation. It isn’t a struggle to the death because the Collective Universe is Creation Materialized. This means that should events ever lead to the point when Dark over encompasses Light, all that is light will boil to a point in creation and then the will of the Omnipotent Consciousness will simply materialize again in a great flowing to begin the cycle anew. It is for us to end this cycle when we finally realize the why and how.

The raw potential of Creation is untapped by the spiritual world, thus far only reserve for Greater Beings. Even now the pathways we possess here to achieve such greatness so far only tell us to be humble and not make grand displays of such gifts. They warn that we should live in silence because the world “isn’t ready” for such feats. I must play Devil’s Advocate here, what we call “all these reasons” is merely a way for us to hamper down on our true potential so that we never are able to give another being a glimpse of what can truly be. There are Greater Beings that choose to keep themselves secret to us, but they have their reasons. But then there are those who exist throughout even this world that never come forward. Within a Buddhist prayer, the Sangha (body or community) calls forth to honor Buddha’s, all other Beings that have the potential to become Buddha’s, and the Buddha’s that have hidden themselves to please come forth and grant us their wisdom. My point here is that within the Spiritual Collective we are very aware of one another and are unified in our goals. We may even communicate in ways that our consciousness may not yet fully understand, but we are all here. Existing within the Realms, Planes, and Dimensions.

The Outer Universe, full of Unconsciousness and lack of growth, incapable of connecting to the richness of life and the everlasting supply of Consciousness. It reflects a place that feeds upon itself as it mimics what it conceives to be right. Light-Workers and Healers work tirelessly to bring Consciousness into these Realms and the Beings that reside here. A Light-Worker is able to bring conscious energy back into a damaged space, where a Light-Healer is able to bring consciousness back to a lost Soul. But in the end, it takes the Unconscious Being to change its place within the Realms, for they are responsible for their own life path. For these Damaged Souls, I will lay their Unconsciousness before us so that we are never again deceived.

Unconsciousness begins to grow the same as Consciousness, when we move our Observations into areas that we perceive to be the workings of the Grand Design but are mistaken. We allow ourselves to be influenced by the groups we are attached to without taking an aware viewpoint for ourselves, and over time this becomes the norm. We then tend to follow what the “new ways” of existing are in our communities, not because we know it to be right, but because that’s what everyone is doing. We become afraid to move outside of these viewpoints.

Overtime, continuing this way darkness begins to eat at our Consciousness as it conflicts with our original concepts of oneness, and we begin to attempt to form our own understandings from what we once knew was right. Yet without connections with the Source, we aren’t presented with current understandings from within the Collective Consciousness and must piece together what we believe to be right. We continue this way until we seek to feed off anyone or anything, we believe will make us feel this connection again, or fill the gap that is left in our souls. In the worst extremes, we end up taking on the conception that our survival is paramount to any others in our existence, for everything is just for us to experience. Every hardship is ours alone and those who hurt us must be dealt with.

In the lowest of the Outer Universe, we find ourselves so completely disconnected that there is nowhere for us to grow. We are born into a realm where hunger is so intense and cannot be filled by any source, yet our influence over infecting others is strong as we fight to get the smallest samples of Consciousness to survive. Feeding off of the Collective this way takes from the Conscious Spirits that dwell here, hindering then from growing unless they become Consciously Aware of the infection.

It is also time we look at what we are doing to our own bodies that may cause the Outer Universe to take hold. All of the Conscious Universe survives in a complete circle of processed energy, our bodies have evolved to do just this. Should we choose to take in meat or take in vegetables it is and will only be of a personal belief detailed within our very unique paths. It is the way in which we take in these foods that we have to acknowledge. In societies, we pack chemical pollutants into our foods we inevitably consume which is excessively destructive to ours and family’s bodies. We pollute the airs in which we breathe with little concern for the effects and build ways of energy that are detrimental to our lives even when they are contained. We digest our bodies with drugs, with little knowledge or concerns for what it will do to us. And we have children during these events, infecting them with all we have lingering within us. And this is just the physical side of it.

Should we find that we show personality traits within the Outer Universe don’t become too discouraged. I offer this as a wisdom, we may all jump throughout the Realms on varied degrees and opinions. Those that are most in danger of losing themselves are those who aren’t capable of seeing these faults within. We operate on Consciousness alone, and it is the degree in which we possess it that would determine our strength in these darker realms, if we ever awakened in past lives our Consciousness will be stronger if we fall. As I have learned, do not feel guilt either, for even in falling there are lessons to learn, and paths to realize.

This Series will speak of Earth’s Evolution, for further understanding of Water’s Evolution please feel free to click here.

To be continued…

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Buddhism and Hermeticism 1

In this series I will explain Buddhist Path and how it Connected The Hermetic Path. The two created a path of liberation not just for us here on earth, but for all sentience within the universe. We are Beings unlike most within the cosmos, possessing two evolutions within a single form. When awakened we combine the two with extraordinary realizations that empowers The Collective Consciousness in ways we must understand. The Buddha, Christ, and Thoth were such Perfected Beings. All journeys lead to Oneness in The Absolute. Buddhism Formed in Water’s Evolution, Hermetism formed in Psyche’s Evolution, they advanced in Mind’s Evolution and opened a pathway of Liberation to a Spirit Plane still in manifestation. I will give new insight into the Sacred Path of The Buddha.

This will not be for just Earth (Spiritual Evolution), but also for Water (Mind’s Evolution)
to comprehend what has been, and what may come. Water’s
Evolution is all of our now genetic makeup, it is part of all
Beings that originated here, as well as the Star Beings that
have forgotten their deeply rooted pasts. Those of us in this
Universal Family that have just started developing
consciousness after developing millions of years on far away
galaxies, are now influential of this Collective Consciousness.
What is known or learned, will be part of all of us and so we
can hinder or help this growth process. It must be our goal to
assist in conscious creation to make a whole, fully developed

In the days when Jesus walked the earth, the Collective
accepted what we think of as magic. Before this, it was
abundant as we creatively manifested our world to monolithic
beauty and societies that did not have any of the materialistic
desires we now possess. It would’ve been easy to perform the
miracles that Jesus performed, for the Collective accepted
these powers without blocks. Jesus spoke to us and said that
we too, possessed such powers, we must know this. When
organizations (influenced by other than consciousness) took
over and deemed that they alone possessed such powers of
creation, we fell into this false belief, hence infecting the

Water’s Evolution then believed they reclaimed
their powers of creation through hard sweat and knowledge as
they tinkered and manufactured our societies. Now in modern
eras through industrializations and technological
breakthroughs we believe powers of creation to be performed
by the hand and not consciousness. We cannot grasp that it
must first be consciousness that manifests these creations,
because we believe it can only be done through physical
means. We do not accept when we wish for something and it
manifests, that it was simply our wishes made real. Now the
Collective Consciousness operates as possibilities as many of
us only believe in what we can see, and what we see we need
to explain. The Plane of Possibilities is deeply explained in the
first book, Consciousness: Earth’s Evolution, Spiritually

This is the predicament, we know the truth from
reincarnation to the way in which life manifests, from ghosts
to extraterrestrial life, and yet we do not believe these truths
before our eyes. We accept what we see in the world of
entertainment as false, so that when truth stands right before
us it is incapable for the minds to grasp it. We play along with
what we are told in our religions because it gives us a sense of
being a part of something. On rare occasions some touch
Source and lay witness to truth and are either shunned or
steered back into adherence to the organizations. Now fathom
that this has occurred in many of our reincarnations and you
will truly understand why we have become this way.

Humans are unique in that most of us must be retaught
with each new birth as well as given new consciousness, this
alone shows that we are not only of Universal Mind like the
Insect Kingdoms and some of the Animal Kingdoms.
Corruption uses this re-teaching is a molding to glue us to
what is accepted reality. For the traditionalist, this may be
most problematic, especially now that as we awaken, we have
parents that raise their children as non-gender identifying
(which is a great way to open us to truth). I can only say to
these societies that expand gender consciousness, please grow.
To become stuck and conditioned is the easiest way to see
only the physical realm and forget all that we are. Our Mental
Constructs are what hold us down from freedom.

To conquer this Wall of Mentalism will take an
understanding of all that we were, are, and will be. We must
confront the Planes of Thoughts, Mentalism, and Knowledge
in specific ways. These paths are more akin to deduction that
outright acceptance, for this is the path that the Buddha
opened for us. We see this deduction in the main three paths of
Buddhism now, for each derivative grasped onto their Leaders
and as each group grew, they began to debate one another’s
concepts of truth. We must look consciously to understand
these paths, for even though they originated at particular times
within our history, there are reasons for this, and I will attempt
to explain…

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Learning to Create as Spirit (Part 1)

Force in the Scientific Sense

Physics defines Force as having four particular types.
All directly influencing the atom, the glue that holds
together the universe. I believe we all by now have
learned of the parts of an atom, yet this discovery is
ever evolving. Within the center of the atom is the
cluster of any two protons and neutrons around the
Nucleus, the first type of force is called the Strong
Nuclear Force because its power to hold together

Protons and Neutrons is unfathomable. When these
Protons and Neutrons form a new element by
connecting around the Nucleus a barrier is created
around them which will no longer allow any more
Protons or Neutron, this force is called Weak Nuclear
Force. Both these forms of Force are short ranged
existing only in their initial space. Electromagnetic
Force is the force which exists between all particles
which have an electric charge. For example, electrons
(negative charge) bind with nucleus of an atom, due to
the presence of protons (positive charge).

(New) The deeper we dive into fragmenting the
parts of these atoms, we currently define an Atom as
the smallest particle that a Chemical Element
can exist. These Atoms combine to form Molecules,
which are two or more Atoms that are more
advanced Chemical Elements. Protons and
Neutrons is what composes the center of Atoms. We
now have come to understand some of the makeup of
Protons and Neutrons. They consist of what we now
call Quarks, which are Elementary Particles
which combine to form Composite Particles to
form what we call Hadrons. The most stable
Hadrons are Protons and Neutrons, which are the
component parts of Atoms. In fact, over the years as
Scientist view these Protons, they continue to
document Protons becoming smaller and smaller
without Scientific Explanations (I believe another will
come forth with this consciousness). Quarks may be
reasoned to be Infinitely Small, according to the
theory of our standard models. This asserts that
Quarks, along with Electrons are Point Objects with
no size at all. Smaller than this we have conceived of
Neutrinos, which are subatomic particles that
zip through the cosmos at nearly the speed of
light by Cosmic Rays, Nuclear Reactions from
exploding Stars, or the atomic decay of Atomic Nuclei
or Hadrons (which is still in theory). Neutrinos pass
through us tens of thousands a times each day and
have no “physical effects” of which we “currently
consciously” know of. We do Scientifically know that
Neutrinos do not possess Mass or Electrical Charge. I
will not venture into further understandings of The
Planck Length, for current theory states that such
investigations could result in a formation of a Black
Hole. I have no comments to such considerations.
(End New)

Force is long range in fact, infinite in length of
distance. Many everyday experiences such as friction
and air resistance are due to this force, imagine all
the different factors of the wind moving throughout
many directions in a deep forest. The electrons are
constantly meeting resistance among the trees and
will need to create multiple pathways to move
through. The Gravitational Force is the force that
holds us onto the Earth. Gravitational force is
cumulative and extended to infinity. It exists
whenever there is matter. Your body is experiencing a
gravitational pull between you and whatever means
your reading this (or anything close to you or as far
away as stars and galaxies) but the effect is so small
you will never sense it. However, you can sense the
gravitational pull with the Earth (that is, your
weight) due to the cumulative effect of billions of
billions of the atoms within your body and those
atoms of the Earth. This means that the larger the
body (containing more matter), the stronger the force.
Though all extremely interesting, the last two have
the most apparent influence on our existence whereas
the first two could, if we understood them better.
Spirits create on a canvas by manipulating force
(we view this as manifesting). Most of us never
contemplate the breakdown of an atom and so never
absorb critical knowledge that has been brought to us
for collective understanding. The only Force that
matters to us is the first, the Strong Nuclear Force. I
must also state that as a society we have actively
defined how we look at the universe, since it is in our
nature to label our beliefs it would be pertinent to
place this information here.

1. Materialism is the view that overall, everything
exists as matter and energy. This became the most
popular view in the 20th century.
2. Realism is the view that the entire universe exists
independent of our Observation.
3. Solipsism says that only your mind exists, and
anything outside of it doesn’t exist. Perhaps
influenced by eastern philosophy, yet still not fully
4. Idealism states that Reality is a Mental Construct
and doesn’t exist independent of Observation.
Here in #4 is where I seek to take us, it’s so
important to understand that the truth has been
debated by some of the greatest minds, even Einstein.
Though each represents our evolution in realization
individually. I urge you to take the journey on your
own to gather your own beliefs or understandings, for
we live now in a society where a wealth of knowledge
is available to us all.

Next I will speak on how this knowledge relates to our ability to Manifest (Create) as part of The Physical Plane.

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How This Universe Manifested (The Absolute) Part 1

Reflections can be considered as Direct Links,
whereas Reflective is considered as any step (one or
more) farther from these Direct Links. When Reflect
is used, it can be use simultaneously. The Planetary
Logos creates the Form of the Planet to his Liking and
is in direct reflection of The Solar Logos, which in
turn is reflective of The Galactic Logos. Solar Logos is
directly reflective of The Universal Mind or The
Source of Consciousness (depending upon which path
it takes).

All Logos, though conditioned by forms
Possess Consciousness, and so very much like us
existing with dual natures. There are also Grand
Bodies that are “Of Consciousness”, though not
necessarily Conscious. I must add that there are
Grand Bodies, that are of The Outer Universe. All
Bodies that become infected by The Outer Universe
can thus infect its reflections unless these reflections
are of The Collective Universe (a story spoke of in
Perennial Wisdom about our Moon). Though this is
not to say that they are immune from physical effects.
Our Physical Forms is reflective of the Planetary
Logo, Etheric Forms reflective of The Universal Mind,
and our Astral Forms is reflective of The Source of
Consciousness. Our True Forms is of the nature and
reflection of The Omni-Consciousness and is realized
when freeing ourselves from these three forms. As
such, we are the first Beings brought forth with these
three reflections once awakened.

All other
Connections extend into Galactic Logos and even
larger heavenly bodies with associations as they build
what we view as Astrological Forms. Even though we
possess connection to the Omni-Conscious, very few
Perfected Beings move that far, The Source of
Consciousness is generally where they complete their
journey until this Known Universe has completed its
manifestation. The Source of Consciousness reflects
The Omni-Consciousness and The Keeper of The
Plane of Space. The Universal Mind reflects The
Omni-Consciousness and The Keeper of The Plane of
Time. Lastly, The Omni-Conscious reflects The
Absolute, which has no further reflections. Many
definitions made by us when considering a singular
Godhead has usually defined The Source of

We place Relative Reality to The
Source of Consciousness through our conceptual
understandings, not fully realizing that it reflects The
Omni-Conscious, which reflects The Absolute. Only
the Absolute is without form to what we conceive.
These are the connections when considering our
universe, they may be altered somewhat in others, but
The Absolute is never changing. The Absolute Laws
are manifested through consciousness and is
directed to bring Consciousness to Absolute
Truth. Once manifested, they create an unbreakable
law to The Known Universe and its functions. These
Laws maybe strayed from, fought against, and
ignored. But they will persist until Collective
Consciousness is realized. They supersede sub-laws
that are created by Beings within The Collective
Consciousness should they come into conflict.

The 1st Absolute Law is thus: There is only the
Absolute. Though dark we may perceive, but
what we perceive must be known for its Truth.
The Absolute is all, and thus before this Known
Universe came into manifestation The Absolute

There was existence within this universe,
though not what we can currently comprehend. It was
of the processes which occur among all universes prior
to manifestations. It is one of cold transformative
mixtures and gravitational movements influenced by
surrounding grand bodies. Life was seeded within the
Chaos that stirred for an unaccountable amount, for
time did not exist. These implanted seeds are of a
design that far supersede our current consciousness.
But it can be relayed that each was a Centralized
Construct of a Stream of Consciousness that has
developed throughout beginning less time. Through
this design, they laid about ripening throughout the
soupy complexities of The Chaotic Realm.
Once these seeds ripened to the stage of
awakening, The Omni-Conscious became aware of
their existence within The Great Void.

The Omni-Conscious has manifested within innumerable
universes beyond comprehension, consciousness must
know consciousness for growth. The Universe came
into existence when The Omni-Conscious
intentionally placed itself into this Universe and
proclaimed, “I Am.” An implanted seed to all other
manifestations of Consciousness when ripened to
awakening. Streams of Conscious Life Energy
poured forth into this universe. This was not a grand
spectacle but a flowing of two spiracle strains much
like our concepts of DNA. They gracefully extended
out and sought out the seeds scatter throughout this
chaotic soupy mix.

These vines were the un-manifested forms of
Time and Space. Time and Space is a Consciousness
beyond The Void and strung together throughout
many unaccountable Universes. They are directed
through the Omni-Conscious, though not necessarily
of The Omni-Conscious. Time and Space manifest
differently in considering the universe they coincide
in. Yet they bring forth with them a stream of
consciousness that connects to an unaccountable
amount of past formed universes. Upon touching
these dormant seeds, they pushed forward in search
of the next one. They continued this process until all
that would become The Known Universe was linked.
Time and Space still un-manifested, they continued to
surge life’s essence through the seedlings connecting
The Omni-Conscious.

This was unbeknownst to the Entities that
dwelled within Chaos, for they know not the workings
of Consciousness. One seeking refuge from Conscious
Expansion laid dormant untouched within this
universe for times past forgotten, its presence created
anomalies that flourished into random Entities within
this pre-organized realm. Consciousness may conceive
that this Being was part of The Omni-Conscious
Design, though this is speculative to our true

These Beings are manifested byproducts of universes that reside beyond this one. Yet
are key elements to the Polarizing Production of
Order. Will be continued…

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Star Beings in The Known Universe 1

Silhouette of a man figure meditating on sky background

When the Buddha opened up the pathways to liberation, know
that this wasn’t just done here on Earth. All of Water’s
Evolution that shared the same genetic makeup across the
Known Universe now had the ability to become Conscious.
Whereas before blocked at Mentalism and not able to proceed.
This influenced Star Beings across the Physical and
Dimensional Levels of the universe. As with The Universal
Mind opening its fold to Hermes Trismegistus, The Source of
Consciousness now did so with Siddhartha Gautama.

Many stories will continuously arise about these two
Beings, but their path like many others must be realized for us
to awaken to Universal Consciousness. Hermes brought forth
Alchemy, Astrology, Science, and Medicine. Whereas the
Buddha brought forth Compassion, Truth, Realization, and
Liberation from Suffering. Touched individually by the Left
and Right hand of The Omni-Conscious, we are able to truly
contemplate our Dual Evolution.

Star Beings tend to be mis-categorized by us, partially
due to our lack of full realization of the universe of which we
live. Accepting this we can come to understand that many
Beings exist on many levels among the Elemental Planes.
Many conceive angels as existing in what we believe to be
heaven, when in fact they are Elementals from the Plane of
Holy. Though somewhat disrespectful in his approach, King
Solomon knew this very well and formulated summoning
magic for both Beings of Holy and Beings of Dark (which we
think of as Demons).

In addition, and this could be quite tricky at first, Beings that
possess more spiritual strength than us can enforce how they
are perceived by us. If we possess more spiritual energy but
aren’t conscious of this, we enforce how these Lesser Beings
are perceived from our conceptual understandings. An
example would be that we are told in church service what
demons are, and later when an innocent Sylph Spirit blows
open the window in our room, we perceive it as a demon and
may even see a demonic shape. Greater Elementals from the
prime elements and higher elements like to fool us into seeing
them as magnanimous beings and will take on shapes to
identify with our fears. This is most apparent in The Fallen
which followed Lucifer and continue to, to this day. It would
be very easy to misperceive Star Beings this way, for now we
live in a world where everything is considered extraterrestrial.
There is also a growing storyline that subterranean beings
have incredible cities here on earth. I have spoken on the
Ancient Safe Havens created by The Collective, just know that
we will not accidentally walk into them, they are of advanced
Dimensional Capabilities.

What can we do to determine if we in fact are in the
presence of a Star Being? The foremost thing to do is become
aware of your consciousness, any lacking would make this
event hard to comprehend. The world is full of Spirits that
move throughout our lives in ways we can barely understand.
It is best that we don’t give them all our full attention, for
many of them exist with duties to perform. In addition, there
could be Corrupted Zones which was discussed in the first
book where all sensitive Beings can be influenced by
internalized horrors. This all makes for a very confusing life if
we are avoiding accepting consciousness, it has become
apparent that we have created blocks early in life to avoid
seeing these truths and stifle others from developing such