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Officially Now on Amazon

Mindfulness; Water’s Evolution, Understanding Form Continuing with my Series on Universal Consciousness, I now move us into realizing our dual natures in a universally comprehensive, yet very easy to absorb way. This book is soon to be completed and will set the stage for the last in the trilogy. Enjoy this preview! Soon I will … Continue reading Officially Now on Amazon

The Outer Universe 6

Realm of Entropy  The Realm of Entropy is where we start here. When we associate ourselves with the Outer Universe to such a degree that our Consciousness begins to fade will corruption begin. The Beings within the physical universe are cycled out fast and are ushered forwards to be reborn into the Lower Realms. The … Continue reading The Outer Universe 6

The Outer Universe 5

Unconsciousness begins to grow the same as Consciousness, when we move our Observations into areas that we perceive to be the workings of the Grand Design but are mistaken. We allow ourselves to be influenced by the groups we are attached to without taking an aware viewpoint for ourselves, and over time this becomes the … Continue reading The Outer Universe 5

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