The Elements/Physical Forms

Advertisements From Consciousness: Earth’s Evolution, Spiritually Realized What truly is forming within our collective understanding is an awakening of The Elements. As I have stated, we must learn to see existence as both physical and spiritual simultaneously. Our bodies have come into the material universe by first existing within the Ethereal and Astral. We doContinue reading “The Elements/Physical Forms”

Source Chakra: Creator of All Spiritual Life forms

Advertisements The Infinity Stream, an everlasting supply of energy for the known universe and beyond.  This is also a place of peace for the eternal soul.  Spirits have glimpsed these soft white lights during near death experiences.  In most encounters, spirits have learned of their destinies there and they’ve found it hard to leave.  ‘TheContinue reading “Source Chakra: Creator of All Spiritual Life forms”

Space Chakra: Guardian Over Movement & Order

Advertisements F = G x M1 x M2/d 2.  Some of us might have looked at that and said, ‘What the heck?” There is a reason behind my madness so stay calm.  This is Isaac Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation.  When Newton published his theory of gravity in 1687 he show that every object inContinue reading “Space Chakra: Guardian Over Movement & Order”

Time Chakra: Recorder of All Existence

Advertisements Time is perception because perception is thought.  The billions of lights out in the universe are the same size as the atoms in front of our face.  With mere perception we can either be larger than the universe or but a tiny particle in it.  The millions of light years scientists have estimated itContinue reading “Time Chakra: Recorder of All Existence”

Readers Favorite 5 Star Review!

Advertisements Happy to announce reviews are coming in For immediate release: Author’s new book receives a warm literary welcome. Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Non-Fiction – New Age book “Consciousness” by Jason L. Mondragon, currently available at Readers’ Favorite is one of the largest book review and award contest sites on the Internet.Continue reading “Readers Favorite 5 Star Review!”

The Outer Universe

Advertisements Lets look at the Realms in the Outer Universe, which are the Higher Dimensions of Dark and Destruction, should an unfortunate Spirit become stranded within these Realms, it would only be because they possessed awareness at one point and time and through intense amount of chaotic events throughout many cycles have turned inward andContinue reading “The Outer Universe”


Advertisements Water’s Evolution Understanding Form Volume 2 in the Universal Consciousness Series in production We have a complete history of being told that we cannot know The Mind of God. Yet Souls have unaccountably risen up throughout our societies and have been made immortalized because they did just this. We end up fabricating enriched storiesContinue reading “Mindfulness”

Realm, Planes, Dimensions

Advertisements (Revised) I mean to throw away some concepts we may have of the universe that we live in. It’s not that these concepts are incorrect, it’s just that we are seeking to evolve in our spirituality and for that we need to redesign our viewpoints of the physical world. I’ve discussed how we formedContinue reading “Realm, Planes, Dimensions”

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