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Buddhism and Hermeticism 2

I would like to give more insight on The Plane of Psyche and
its influence on Water’s Evolution. To start, I would like to
give a closer look at The Plane of Mind and its direct
connection to The Plane of Psyche shown here. The Plane of Psyche resides

to the right, in between The Plane of Water and The Plane of Mind. The Plane of Water manifested first, then The Plane of Psyche, which became the building force to manifested The Plane of Mind and advance Water’s Evolution.


Though not considered a formalized religion, Hermetic
Philosophy touched the many truth seekers throughout the
ages of intellectual thought. Hellenistic, Gnostic, and yet
rooted in Christian Influence it brought forth fundamental
structure to evolving spiritual understanding. What’s not truly
known is that spirituality was never the goal. It was a time
when The Universal Mind incarnated upon the planet to guide
Sentient Minds, in the form we’ve come to know as
Poemander. It must be understood that when dealing with
Beings of such magnitude generations of time may be
influenced. I will attempt to help with this comprehension and
will need some time to form these thoughts.

Beings such as The Source of Consciousness and The
Universal Mind are direct manifestations of The Omni Consciousness, which is a reflective of The Absolute. I clarify this in Omniscience, the last in my trilogy.

perhaps better understood as a reflection of its
omniscient persona. Conditions are usually manifested for
these Beings to form within or influence the Physical Realm.
These conditions are rarely known to Collective
Consciousness, only felt in Conscious Impulses for those few
capably attuned. Understand this however, such
manifestations will almost never occur within a single
physical form. A manifestation of such Beings will transgress
possibly generations giving its knowledge slowly to the
collective evolutions, so that Greater Beings (plural at times)
that are deemed their voices may be so for a multitude of

This is what occurred in the Greater Being we knew as
Hermes Trismegistus, once servant of The Dark Magi he was
privy to knowledge many awakened beings never had access
to. The Emerald Tablets is thus historical documentation of his
passage and lifetimes as he was able to free his bondage from
The Dark Magi. It is not my place to speak on the specifics of
the Emerald Tablets, for it was written in a way that will only
harmonize with a consciousness that has evolved enough to
understand its secrets. I can tell you however that it was
amassed through many lifetimes of Hermes throughout the
region, as he took on many different identities.

He was of Greater Being status and knew well what
knowledge he needed to become a Perfected Being. Once
guided by The Universal Mind, his powers far surpassed that
of The Dark Magi, they no longer could wield powers against
him. The Universal Mind sought him out to become Prefect to
The Plane of Psyche, a title once bestowed to Our Revered
Logos long ago. With Trismegistus blending his experience
within the Akashic Halls, knew modern conceptual structures
would formulate. The Plane of Psyche would connect to the
Plane of Water and The Plane of Mind in new understandings.
In the end, The Hermetic Principles would form as a reflection
of The Plane of Psyche. I realize I perhaps make this sound
very simplistic, but this was in fact thousands of years in the
making ranging from 6-5000 BCE to 500 BCE. Hermes (Now
Blessed as a Voice to The Universal Mind) would be
reincarnated many times and renamed as a God by the people
of each era. This would coalesce with the writing of The
Kybalion and the Three Initiates.

The outline of the Hermetic Laws is in fact the initial
groundwork to gain access to the Higher Plane of Mind. It was
blended in a way to be understood, as The Universal Mind
softened its views and permitted The Barrier of Mentalism to
be loosened to reconnect with Water’s Evolution. I doubt
many are unaware of these laws, but I must give them briefly
to continue. For us, they are called Principles in this era. Note
that these laws correspond with The Universal Mind and
advances insight into The Source of Consciousness.
Hermetic Principles: Laws of The Universe

1. The Principle of Mentalism “The all is mind; the
universe is mental.”
2. The Principle of Correspondence “As above, so below,
as below, so above. As within, so without, as without, so
3. The Principle of Vibration “Nothing rests; Everything
moves; Everything vibrates.”
4. The Principle of Polarity “Everything is dual, everything
has poles and everything has its pair of opposites; Like
and unlike are the same; Opposites are identical in nature,
but different in degree; Extremes meet; All truths, are but
half-truths; All paradoxes may be reconciled.”
5. The Principle of Rhythm “Everything flows, out and in;
Everything has its tides; All things rise and fall.”
6. The Principle of Cause and Effect “Every cause has its
effect; Every effect has its cause.”
7. The Principle of Gender “Gender is in everything;
Everything has its masculine and feminine principles.”

If you are among the few who are new to these principles,
I invite you to further your study on this topic within the
Kybalion Text. I have contemplated after this series giving an
understanding to that which was before us and below our
evolution, but when that arises, I may decide. As for what
presses forward, it will be the connection with The Higher
Plane of Psyche and Lower Right Side of The Plane of Mind.

What incentivized The Universal Mind to manifest was The
Outer Universe taking on direct influence of the one known as
Ahriman. Taking up from the Indus Valley where Murugan
and the Pleiadians were assisting with conscious evolution.
Eventually through trade with the Persians and Egyptians the
Dark Beings would become aware of conscious influence in
the region. The remnants of The Anunnaki resided in Egypt,
no longer in their original post in what was now Persia. Now
unprotected, The Outer Universe revitalized ancient
Mesopotamian and the Iranian Polytheism beliefs with what
would be called Zoroastrianism (Mazdayasna Originally).
Zoroastrianism originally formed in Iran and was created by
The Dark Magi to subjugate the followers, through wars some
would relocate in the Persian areas. Zoroastrians would take
on their own struggle as later the Conscious Beings within
would internally struggle to cleanse their belief structure with
that of the influential corruption. This is a history only those
well versed on Zoroastrian History can account for,
consciousness is scattered at times. All that is clearly known is
the emergence of the personification of Ahriman, and the
period of detailed height of his worship around 1110 BC. The
Persians defeat was many years before this, but in essence it
was the defeat of The Dark Magi by The Plane of Dark. The
Dark Magi retreated to Egypt and took to a deep slumber,
while this New Patheon took over leading the followers.

Within Indus Valley, the Pleiadians would retreat back
to their homeland, as stated they are very non-aggressive and
shy away from any conflict. The Vedic Philosophy would then
be taken over by The Universal Mind and become structured,
for The Universal Mind had great interest in protecting this
understanding. Eastern belief would be propelled evolving
into two branches, Shenism which would parent the well known Confucianism and Taoism within China. And the next
branch Jainism which would lay the groundwork for
Buddhism to later form within India.

Jainism developed by the eastern intellect to detour the
beginning threat of Ahriman’s influence within the Indus
Valley territories. This was done in many tactical ways by the
corrupted forces. With their continued invasions disrupting the

villager’s peaceful existence they harmed any semblance of
conscious growth. This in turn would harm the climate
conditions needed for a deeply entrenched agricultural society.
Once corruption had taken root, the rivers dried up. The
leaders of the Indus Valley knew well what was to come of
their once great cities. They took it upon themselves to write
down their sacred knowledge of The Vedas in what we know
now as The Upanishads. Before this threat, there wasn’t a need

for written understandings to these laws, for they were etrenched

in each new conscious birth.

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Buddhism and Hermeticism 1

In this series I will explain Buddhist Path and how it Connected The Hermetic Path. The two created a path of liberation not just for us here on earth, but for all sentience within the universe. We are Beings unlike most within the cosmos, possessing two evolutions within a single form. When awakened we combine the two with extraordinary realizations that empowers The Collective Consciousness in ways we must understand. The Buddha, Christ, and Thoth were such Perfected Beings. All journeys lead to Oneness in The Absolute. Buddhism Formed in Water’s Evolution, Hermetism formed in Psyche’s Evolution, they advanced in Mind’s Evolution and opened a pathway of Liberation to a Spirit Plane still in manifestation. I will give new insight into the Sacred Path of The Buddha.

This will not be for just Earth (Spiritual Evolution), but also for Water (Mind’s Evolution)
to comprehend what has been, and what may come. Water’s
Evolution is all of our now genetic makeup, it is part of all
Beings that originated here, as well as the Star Beings that
have forgotten their deeply rooted pasts. Those of us in this
Universal Family that have just started developing
consciousness after developing millions of years on far away
galaxies, are now influential of this Collective Consciousness.
What is known or learned, will be part of all of us and so we
can hinder or help this growth process. It must be our goal to
assist in conscious creation to make a whole, fully developed

In the days when Jesus walked the earth, the Collective
accepted what we think of as magic. Before this, it was
abundant as we creatively manifested our world to monolithic
beauty and societies that did not have any of the materialistic
desires we now possess. It would’ve been easy to perform the
miracles that Jesus performed, for the Collective accepted
these powers without blocks. Jesus spoke to us and said that
we too, possessed such powers, we must know this. When
organizations (influenced by other than consciousness) took
over and deemed that they alone possessed such powers of
creation, we fell into this false belief, hence infecting the

Water’s Evolution then believed they reclaimed
their powers of creation through hard sweat and knowledge as
they tinkered and manufactured our societies. Now in modern
eras through industrializations and technological
breakthroughs we believe powers of creation to be performed
by the hand and not consciousness. We cannot grasp that it
must first be consciousness that manifests these creations,
because we believe it can only be done through physical
means. We do not accept when we wish for something and it
manifests, that it was simply our wishes made real. Now the
Collective Consciousness operates as possibilities as many of
us only believe in what we can see, and what we see we need
to explain. The Plane of Possibilities is deeply explained in the
first book, Consciousness: Earth’s Evolution, Spiritually

This is the predicament, we know the truth from
reincarnation to the way in which life manifests, from ghosts
to extraterrestrial life, and yet we do not believe these truths
before our eyes. We accept what we see in the world of
entertainment as false, so that when truth stands right before
us it is incapable for the minds to grasp it. We play along with
what we are told in our religions because it gives us a sense of
being a part of something. On rare occasions some touch
Source and lay witness to truth and are either shunned or
steered back into adherence to the organizations. Now fathom
that this has occurred in many of our reincarnations and you
will truly understand why we have become this way.

Humans are unique in that most of us must be retaught
with each new birth as well as given new consciousness, this
alone shows that we are not only of Universal Mind like the
Insect Kingdoms and some of the Animal Kingdoms.
Corruption uses this re-teaching is a molding to glue us to
what is accepted reality. For the traditionalist, this may be
most problematic, especially now that as we awaken, we have
parents that raise their children as non-gender identifying
(which is a great way to open us to truth). I can only say to
these societies that expand gender consciousness, please grow.
To become stuck and conditioned is the easiest way to see
only the physical realm and forget all that we are. Our Mental
Constructs are what hold us down from freedom.

To conquer this Wall of Mentalism will take an
understanding of all that we were, are, and will be. We must
confront the Planes of Thoughts, Mentalism, and Knowledge
in specific ways. These paths are more akin to deduction that
outright acceptance, for this is the path that the Buddha
opened for us. We see this deduction in the main three paths of
Buddhism now, for each derivative grasped onto their Leaders
and as each group grew, they began to debate one another’s
concepts of truth. We must look consciously to understand
these paths, for even though they originated at particular times
within our history, there are reasons for this, and I will attempt
to explain…

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Lower Realms in Water’s Evolution 3

This may be advanced for some but I feel it is ready to be perceived.

This will bare great insights into Scientific Fields of
Study, especially when considering the Natural Selection
Theory and how activity equals higher lifespans and healthier
bodies. I leave this for the Scientific Community to further
research, the last I can add is that the highest evolution so far
of the Plane of Stimulus is directly manifested and in
connection to what we call Dopamine, and its well-known
effects on the body. Daniel Lieberman, a well-known
Paleoanthropologist has an incredible array of literature that
points to any seeking further understanding.
The Plane of Emotions is where pleasure begins to be
sought out and pain avoided. It is said this is what we all seek
really, and many of Eastern Philosophy attempts to bring this
to light. We exhaust great amounts of force to grasp onto
people, items, and things, throughout the day, this is how we
secrete ourselves into the physical world. These emotions on
the Collective side of the plane, seek to overindulge in these
feelings of bliss as we identify with it. What we do, how it’s
done, and with whom has deep meaning to us. All that we
connect with, our organizations, our jobs, and our families
possess the utmost meaning, we fabricate an illusion of

We tend to segregate ourselves however, when in true
reality we don’t need to grasp onto anything or anyone, the
human form is a part of all things already in the physical
realm. Sex, hobbies, and many activities will take on an
Identification that gives to us a feeling of being right with our
environment. The difference between the Plane of Emotion
and that of the prior Plane is that Stimulus is deep within and
only extends to the shell of the body. The Plane of Emotions
seeks to amass more things around it and give to it a feeling of
wholeness with its collections. Physical items that the form
has claimed gives to it a further sense of pleasure, with it the
pain of losing these items. Things that humans have come to
love throughout their lifetimes will inevitably give a false
sense of desperation to be maintained and well care for, due to
worry of losing a piece of themselves. This is of course the
highest level of this development.

Emotional control is what most Sages and Mystics
sought to achieve, for many realized that emotions had direct
impact on the environment in which they existed. We are
attuned to these energies to different degrees, this is the prime
reason for the saying, “like attracts like.” For even if we lie to
our internal self and give off the outward glow of happiness
yet are deeply depressed, we will attract the same types of
people into our lives. Those who are truthfully happy will be
felt by all other sentient beings and will pull in positivity from
many dynamics of which they exist in. The true purpose of
meditation is to consciously improve the positivity of the
world around you. It was truly stated that one Buddha can
save millions.

The Plane of Emotions was created around 580 million
years ago with the evolution of The Multicellular Organism,
these were Animals, Land Plants, and most Fungi. Moving
higher from the Mitochondria’s Central Mind is the now
Cellular Central Mind, this mind encompasses the many
types of Cells within the form and is very capable of
awareness to the world around it. This Cellular Central Mind
is the reason why many types of species tend to associate
among themselves, for there is a communication on cellular
levels many aren’t aware of. Just being among those that
appear as similar gives to the Cellular Central Mind a sense of
calmness and belonging. This was developed long before
Consciousness came into the scene due to the harsh
environments and the need to survive among their societies.
With these societies came a collective understanding of
what was good, and what was bad for them to evolve. All that

was learned was directly linked through DNA and recorded by
the Universal Mind. When environments were shown to be
unworthy for growth and DNA had recorded similar
experiences, those advancements would be made. However,
should Universal Mind deem the organism unworthy and other
forms had more possibilities, then they would go extinct.
These experiments have been shown in what we call The
Morphic Fields Experiments. It is fundamentally the Cellular
Central Mind communicating to the cells currently, and soon
to be created.

The Emotions Plane is one of action, it is directly
associated with the Reactive Mind (Reptile Brain). It takes on
a quick response to things in their environments that could
affect them. Whenever consciousness is sleeping, un-awakened, or direly ill it takes over the bodies function in
various ways during these times. It will take control of the
body during what we call “the fight or flight” response when
the consciousness becomes disconnected for any reason.
What’s needed from us is to understand its functions and
monitor its activity. There are natural tensions that form when
it is under duress, and natural elevations of temperatures when
fighting illness. We must give allowance when it is doing
good for bettering the body and pay attention to any signals it
is giving throughout the form. Laughter is the best medicine
for the Cellular Central Mind, through humor it views all of its
idiosyncrasies as relatable to all and not just itself. The Mystic
Allen Watts has a perfected ability to queue in and directly
shed light on the Plane of Emotion, making it laugh

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Lower Realms in Water’s Evolution 2

Lower Planes in The Collective Universe

The Planes of Stimulus, Emotions, and Thoughts is
where self-stimulation would give to them a sense of
belonging to their environments of which they existed.
Stimulation on these levels would be procreation, that would
mean growth and survival. The Plane of Stimulus is a plane
that is the raw nature of physical creation. One may think that
society urges us into procreation, but it is something much
larger. Many Sages and Spiritualist seek to control this urge,
for some have come to learn it beacons even the most evolved
minds. To conquer this urge, would take on the power of
trillions of voices within the physical form, but also a genetic
collective that has existed for millions of years.
It is obvious without this stimulation that we would
rarely populate, even now we have species of animals that
have very low stimulation to breed and are always placed on
endangered lists. Here we will find that the Plane of Stimulus
has given little energy to these forms to procreate, through the
Universal Mind they are no longer considered important
within the greater scheme of life. We tend to look at these
events and consider our responsibility of causing extinctions,
but if they are needed, they would find a way to evolve to
meet the demands of evolution. The only part in this we have
responsibility from is when we outright hunt a species to
extinction for unnecessary needs as in the whale population,
there are many others. In considering how we outcry about an
endangered species we tend to not place any need for them
other than our overwhelming concern, this bares little interest
to the Plane of Stimulus and anything without “purpose” will
likely fade into existence.

This urge is without fault, both sexes will have an
intimate internal calling at many points within their lifetime.
There is perfective evolved circuitry that gives an intense
pleasurable sensation to this act, but in truth, it is the Plane of
Stimulus that gains ownership of the form. In the event that
more than one physical form adjoins to perform acts of
procreation, the Plane of Stimulus will send out a signal to the
Universal Mind through DNA pulses. It will acknowledge the
forms and decide what genetically these forms can give to the
process of Sentient Life on the planet.
Our truest fault would be when we force a stimulation
of growth within a species for our personal needs. We take
control of this species and take it away from the Universal
Mind and it’s control. This will evolve a species into an
overpopulation and many diseases will continuously sprout up
in attempt to control this growth. The species will become fast
tracked in their mental awareness as well, even cows are
known to cry for weeks when their babies are taken from
them, there is a distinct knowledge of what suffering their
lineage will have. We need not look further than Man’s Best
Friend, the majority now have a very clear understanding of
their responsibility to us and view us as the center of their

Each Plane possesses Sub-Planes but will not be looked
at in these writings. The Plane of Stimulus manifested with the
birth of Mitochondria 2.4 billion years ago. The threat of
extinction through this era is what consciously causes
Stimulus to always be at the ready, assuring that should global
destruction occur, there will always be enough life to rebuild.
Trying to conceive the number of Mitochondria we
possess within each individual body is mind boggling.

Mitochondria are responsible for converting food into energy
for our Cells, so they can be considered Farmers and Tenders
to the Cell’s nurturing and growth. Now consider that each
Cell can possess anywhere from 500 to 1000 Mitochondria
depending on the type of Cell. Lastly, now consider that there
is roughly 30 Trillion Cells in each Body. Within each of our
physical forms, there lies a universe of Mitochondria that will
combine as a collective. We refer to this as a Mitochondria
Central Mind or many voices, only coming into complete
unity when stimulated by complete pleasure through deep
ecstasy of various kinds. This could include deep mental states
of ecstasy while performing many different activities.
Otherwise, it tends only to its individual parts as it is capable.
Should a particular portion of our bodies cellular structure fail,
and the Mitochondrion Central Mind isn’t aware, then that
portion of body will fail no matter if it sets off a chain reaction
and harms other cells.

Positive nourishment of this Mitochondrion Mind will
be primarily to acknowledge its existence. Corruption will
attack the Plane of Stimulus foremost, for it will be easier to
fragment the other structure to the form (body). I will go over
these events in the Outer Universe part of the Lower Realms
further on. We love to seek pleasure of our experiences here in
bodies, and generally the most fit are indeed the most active.
Finding pleasure in simplicity and calm is a great way to
counterbalance Mitochondria, they have evolved to believe
activity equates to progression of the species. Find pleasure
even if at first it is something that must be learned, trillions of
voices will cry out but will easily adhere to your wishes when
not corrupted.

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Lower Realms in Water’s Evolution 1

If you were able to understand the role of The Pleiadians, then
you have realized one of the many players that have moved
our societies through generations. This was not the first time
they have presented themselves, coming from Earth they can
connect with us better than Beings from Holy and The
Anunnaki. The Pleiadians have a rich history of leading and
awakening Beings here on Earth, they prefer to never be
around conflict and so tend to disappear when Corruption
infects anyone around them. We know clearly that their most
current connections would be with the forming of The
Kabbalah and Theosophy belief systems. They were in fact
the direct influence of the Enochian lineage. They teach
always of a path to self-evolution and communicate through
an enlightened form of universal pulse. Their intentions are
always good, yet the humans they attempt to connect to are
generally incapable of fully comprehending them. Depending
upon the consciousness of the individual, they can become lost
in a deeply emotional hymn of self-created visions. They
always come in their truthful forms and do not hide their true
appearance like many other Beings.

The Pleiadians led a portion of Collective Beings into
the Indus Valley after the Deluge. This was a prosperous and
quiet life for a time, eventually trade would develop between
The Persian and Egyptian territories. They were led by
Murugan, which was openly known as King of The Pleiadians
from the Pleiades Star Cluster. The early Hindu People
possessed special attunements that was developed over time to
be able to understand the Pleiadian form of communication.
What manifested was The Vedic Understanding, this belief
structure would propel consciousness for the first time
unaffected and unknown by The Outer Universe. With the
Vedic understandings and the Yugas forming, this laid the
groundwork for repairing a now damaged Plane of Mind. I
dare not give an in-depth guide to the Yugas but will refer any
truly wanting to know more to learn this from The Great
Indian Sage known as Sadhguru.

The new knowledge brought forth the awareness of
Consciousness beyond the earthly life. The Yugas taught us of
our Spiritual Evolution, of which superseded and was of times
far before the Earth had physical form. It has always been
these Forms of the Original Root Races that The Holy
Alliance has wished to guide into The Collective
Consciousness. Whereas it has always been the Beings from
The Outer Universe to divide these newly formed
consciousness and subjugate them to corruption. The
Pleiadians taught only from what their developed
consciousness could, they are disconnected from the whole of
the Universe. An Effect that occurred when they sacrificed
Form and have never again taken bodies, a continued flow of
consciousness without experiences. They are among the few
Beings that are of pure light and gave up much of their past by
choice, they are now the Guardians of The Infinity Stream.
The beginning stages of Water’s evolution was when
life was still developing here on Earth, Universal Mind
already had the knowledge of how to form Sentient Beings,
for it had done quite well with The Star Beings millions of
years beforehand. Please see the earlier graph of The Plane of
Mind, all that is below the center point is of Physical
Development. The Ones of Water’s Evolution moved about
throughout the Lower Realms many lifetimes attempting to
develop, I will speak of the right side first.

I will take some time to give us more insight into the emergence of the Hindu Beliefs and the Masters which manifested The Buddha. Then return to these beginning subjects…

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Of Man and Gods 4

The Root Races are thus

1. Polarians the first root race was primarily spiritual
(Astral/Etheric) and did not leave physical remains.

2. Hyperboreans the second, Hyperborean root-race (a
continuation of the first) was semi-astral but grew denser
and opaquer with each passing age. Towards its end, it
became more gelatinous and filamentous in structure, and
developed the rudimentary beginnings of bones and
organs, hair, and skin. Although still more or less oval

shaped in form, it began to show the first outlines of the
later human form. However, towards its end, its bodies
passed through many curious, part-animal forms.

3. Lemurians the third, Lemurians were the first with
physical bodies. They were described as a race of three
eyed giants and inhabited a “lost continent” of Lemuria
which is where the Indian and Pacific oceans now
are. Modern theosophists sometimes identify Lemuria
with the actual ancient supercontinent of Gondwana.
Others may refer to it as “Mu”.

4. Atlanteans the fourth, Atlantean Root Race includes the
following sub-races:

1) Rohmahls
2) Tlavatlis
3) Toltecs
4) First Turanians
5) Original Semites
6) Akkadians
7) Mongolians

5. Aryans the fifth, constituent “sub-races” of the Aryan (5th
or present) Root Race include the following:

1) Hindus
2) Sumerians
3) Egyptians
4) Hellenes (Greeks & Romans)
5) Europeans
6) Nova men
7) Indigo Children & Star Children

6. 6th Root Race (in postulation)

7. 7th Root Race (in postulation)

Among the 4th Root Race in the Atlantean Age, we will
find many interpretations of the culture. We must understand
that the Atlantean Age spanned hundreds of thousands of
years. It had gone through 7 cycles of Perfected Beings and
new conscious development, each very different than the last.
Those who speak of this time, can generally be relating from
their experience and lifetime of a particular cycle, and not of
the entire age. It would have been easier to locate the
descendants of the 4th Root Race, due to the specific region
they inhabited throughout Atlantean Territories. However, it
would not have meant that New Consciousness during these 7
cycles would have been lost to the rest of Earth. The New
Root Race would always collectively impart its Conscious
Impulse to the whole of the planet. I realize that this is at odds
with the current understandings, but I must make this known.
Only specific situations where little to no births due to
environments, or societies with extreme unconscious
corruption such as cannibalism, deadly warfare, or the like
would inhibit this Impulse.

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Of Man and Gods 3


religion does not center upon the
existence of any deities, but it does not deny their
existence either. As such, members can easily be a
collection of atheists, agnostics, and theists. Theist
believers often integrate their beliefs in a deity or deities
with the non-theistic religion, rather than dealing with
the two beliefs as separate entities. For example,
Unitarian Universalism stresses many humanistic
beliefs. A theistic Unitarian Universalist can easily
understand these values as being the wish of God or
being part of God’s design.

Personal Development Movement

encompass a very
wide range of beliefs and practices. Many are not
distinctly religious, although some are. Personal
Development Movements primarily focus on techniques
for believers to better themselves in some way. When
these techniques have a spiritual or supernatural
component to their understanding, they are frequently
categorized as religious. Some people look to Personal
Development Movements to fix things specifically
within themselves such as health, ability, or
intelligence. They may also be looking to improve their
connection with the world, to attract more positive
influences and to drive out negative ones. They may be
looking for very tangible results, such as wealth and
success. At the same time, they understand that some
sort of change needs to occur within themselves in order
for these desires to manifest.

Such belief structures can completely coincide with the
evolution of the Root Races, for as Earth’s Evolution was
growing out of Water’s evolution, a clear uprising of
Monotheistic beliefs began to take root. I touched on the Root
Races in my first book but will give a further detail here.
Specifically, with the 4th & 5th Root Races. When the
generations of life on this planet produce what is known as a
Perfected Being, which is a being of the Collective
Consciousness that is fully awakened. That Being gains the
burden of deciding the fate of the future inhabitants here. They
had been guided by the Conscious Collective for many
lifetimes already as they consciously decided the lessons that
must be learned to achieve such a state.

They will be given
specific obstacles to be judged solely by the Earth’s Revered
Logos, this is where are concepts of Jesus’s Judgement comes
from. Upon passing as a Perfected Being they have the
decision to sacrifice themselves in essence for the prospering
of all. When doing so, seeding the next generation, and
bringing forth a new Root Race that will collectively share the
essence of that Perfected Being. This doesn’t happen with ease
and on many occasions a Perfected Being still can doubt and
fear on levels many cannot comprehend. Many have dated
when these events should occur, yet remember what I said,
placing dates on conscious events bare little truth. The way of
spiritual existence is above and beyond the concepts of time.
In the event that such a Perfected Being has committed to this
sacrifice, they will touch the Source of Consciousness, and
thus send a Conscious Impulse to the Omni-Conscious. Giving
to the Omni-Conscious all that we have experienced and
grown throughout the many generations since last it was
touched. The Omni-Conscious will in turn give of itself a
new pathway of understanding and release this Perfected
Being back to Earth to blend itself with the new generation.
The New Root Race will be born of this Perfected Being and
new consciousness, even if thousands or even millions were
born during this time they will be born with this new
consciousness. This is of Earth’s Evolution alone and thus key
points within both evolutions when Consciousness awakened,
and Omni-Conscious was touched.