Star Beings in The Known Universe 1

Advertisements When the Buddha opened up the pathways to liberation, know that this wasn’t just done here on Earth. All of Water’s Evolution that shared the same genetic makeup across the Known Universe now had the ability to become Conscious. Whereas before blocked at Mentalism and not able to proceed. This influenced Star Beings acrossContinue reading “Star Beings in The Known Universe 1”

Star Beings in The Known Universe 6

Advertisements We will now look at Beings that possess space travel abilities but aren’t considered Star Beings from the Collective Universe. It should be noted that many Elementals are able to travel into the Physical Realm and then back to their home plane at will. They exist in a world full of duties and responsibilitiesContinue reading “Star Beings in The Known Universe 6”

Star Beings in The Known Universe 5

Advertisements Sirians: the Sirians are part of the alien-cultures who assist Earth and all its inhabitants (Humans, Animals and Nature). Sirians are spiritual warriors, and strongly connected to life-forms of dolphins and whales. There is a growing movement to inhabit these forms when we reincarnate through the Collective, as what are called Star Seed Races.Continue reading “Star Beings in The Known Universe 5”

Star Beings in the Known Universe 4

Advertisements Arcturians: Among the species known to inhabit the Milky Way, the Arcturians are the most ancient and intelligent. They do have strong Mental Bonds here on Earth, but not for control over our societies. play with mastering their Mental Powers as youths by dominating Minds here and controlling them for timespans. They initially haveContinue reading “Star Beings in the Known Universe 4”

Star Beings in The Known Universe 3

Advertisements The Anunnaki: I may harm some concepts of this Star Race, for it is believed that they come from a Planet that resides within our Solar System. Nibiru Is their home planet, but resides on a Solar System close to us, it is a very organic planet that is developed by harvesting 100% naturalContinue reading “Star Beings in The Known Universe 3”

Star Beings in The Known Universe 2

Advertisements I can give you what is known to The Collective Consciousness, this is not to say that anything more or less is wrong, it just doesn’t reside within The Collective. They may reside within Dimensions and other Realms shadowed within The Known Universe, or even within the reality of a Greater Being imparting theirContinue reading “Star Beings in The Known Universe 2”

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