Intelligence/Consciousness 5

Advertisements It is the act of not accepting “what is” that causes Water Beings to dwell in areas that Conscious Beings would never tread. Where Earth Beings were primarily of Lemuria, Water Beings were in power in Atlantis. Their interest in technology and the most ancient dark arts kept them in a continued spiral ofContinue reading “Intelligence/Consciousness 5”

2nd 5 Star Review from Readers Favorite!

Advertisements Reviewed by Renee Guill for Readers’ Favorite Mindfulness: Water’s Evolution Understanding Form by Jason LMondragon is a New Age book on spirituality. This is book two of atrilogy. He talks about the Consciousness and the Star Beings. Hetalks about the history of Atlantis, and how evil corrupted the world.Jason L Mondragon uses charts toContinue reading “2nd 5 Star Review from Readers Favorite!”


Advertisements Part4 What are these differences of Consciousness within both evolutions? There isn’t any, consciousness is one and cannot be divided. Our individual movement on this cycling is dependent upon our realization of Forms, Mind, and Spirit alone. Water’s evolution was very complexed being associated with the Mind and Psyche Plane, in addition being corruptedContinue reading “Intelligence/Consciousness4”


Advertisements Part3   Consciousness in Water’s Evolution is directly related to the seven prime Chakra Points. It is here that they were able to find their way to spiritual freedom millenniums back. Consciousness in the end being possessed and not inherited, so that those unwilling to do the work would not be given this sacredContinue reading “Intelligence/Consciousness3”


Advertisements Part2 True consciousness is undiscovered by most of the world, they are thus far content to use titles such as Self-Consciousness or Awareness. The field that seems to be most intrigued about it at this time is Quantum Physics, for they have branched off onto a field of discovery that has given them systematicContinue reading “Intelligence/Consciousness2”


Advertisements Part1 Consciousness is given very distinct traits within the overall scheme of the Known Universe. The Logical Mind will for the most part seek to deny this, for to do so would be to acknowledge its false sense of superiority it has fought so hard to maintain. Consciousness is active in manifesting its physicalContinue reading “Intelligence/Consciousness1”

Universal Mind

Advertisements   With renewed strength we now see Conscious Leaders taking on more roles as the forces of Religion became the new warfront. With logic falling into disarray the Plane of Psyche (already formed earlier) would start to influence Water’s Evolution as the awakening of Mind began to form. Understanding the Universal Mind is toContinue reading “Universal Mind”


Advertisements The Conscious Collective Reawakened Now in Pre-Order Dedicated to all who have been seeking a reconnection and reawakening to the Conscious Collective   Universal Consciousness Series Consciousness: Earth’s Evolution, Spiritually Realized Mindfulness: Water’s Evolution, Understanding Form Omniscience: The Conscious Collective Reawakened The Force of Life was a single spectacular stream from Source that pouredContinue reading “Omniscience”

Bridgeway to Higher Chakras

Advertisements I’ve always believed that each of us possessed the ability to access our higher natures, but this awareness has always been so tough to achieve because accessibility is corrupted and influenced. Most Spiritual Leaders I do believe have their hearts in the right place, yet the tools they have been given for generations haveContinue reading “Bridgeway to Higher Chakras”

Omni Chakras/Astral Forms

Advertisements When your able to move from the Physical Form into the Etheric Form, and Consciousness becomes fully realized, life will take on a very different meaning for you. In addition, obstacles will no longer possess the pull of unnecessary emotions as before. Life becomes an experience of a new sense, we now begin toContinue reading “Omni Chakras/Astral Forms”

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