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5 Star Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

Consciousness: Earth’s Evolution Spiritually Realized (Universal Consciousness) by Jason L. Mondragon is an eye-opening book that explores the nature and power of consciousness and will appeal to fans of New Age spirituality. The book opens with a beautiful definition of consciousness, understood as an evolved state, one that is united with the spirit. The author perceives it as the state that allows humanity to reconnect with the core creative energy of the universe, gaining a deeper understanding of life, honing creative abilities, and working with powerful spiritual forces to tune in and create as spirits do. This is a powerful spiritual book with strong hints of traditional religions, including theism, occultism, ancient scrolls, Buddhism, Christianity, quantum physics, and others. In this book, the author explores the idea that the universe is full of life and things we consider as objects have a life of their own that, when linked to human consciousness, can create new realities.

In Consciousness: Earth’s Evolution Spiritually Realized, Jason L. Mondragon discusses universal consciousness as a spiritual reality at the heart of evolution and very accessible to humanity. He writes beautifully about the Chakras, accessing higher awareness, developing the ability to create as spirits, meditations that lead to inner peace, and a lot more. The book is written in simple, yet elegant prose, accessible to the ordinary reader and filled with astounding revelations about life, humanity, and the universe. I discovered a lot in this book, including the different forms of beings and, most importantly, the nature of higher consciousness. One of the most well-researched, and comprehensive books I have read on universal consciousness and how anyone can tap into it. Reading this book made me feel like I have more power and energy than I ever imagined and it will help any reader understand the life of the universe even better.


5 Star Reviewed By Renee Guill for Readers’ Favorite

Mindfulness: Water’s Evolution Understanding Form by Jason L Mondragon is a New Age book on spirituality. This is book two of a trilogy. He talks about the Consciousness and the Star Beings. He talks about the history of Atlantis, and how evil corrupted the world. Jason L Mondragon uses charts to help explain what dimensions and realms are. He also uses the Emerald Tablets and the Egyptian Book of the Dead to explain the history. He also goes into details about the different Star Beings.

I think Mindfulness by Jason L Mondragon was extremely fascinating. I have not read the first book, but I liked that I did not feel lost because of it. Though I highly recommend that you do read them in order; it would make it even clearer. I liked that he said you do not have to believe, I found that refreshing. I loved how he used charts to explain things, it made it easier to understand. I really liked how Jason L Mondragon has a glossary at the end; it made it easier to find the definitions instead of Googling. He also shared his website and other social media at the end, which was nice to know we can contact him there. I loved having an ‘aha’ moment from this book, actually a couple of them. If you are a Being who is awake or is awakening, or just a person who likes to learn about spirituality, this is a definite must-read, preferably in order.


5 Star Reviewed By Foluso Falaye for Readers’ Favorite

Jason L Mondragon presents the conclusion of a trilogy about universal consciousness which is said to be free of the scattered, corrupted viewpoints we have been fed for so long. Omniscience: The Conscious Collective Reawakened charts the path of the source of consciousness from its entrance into this universe to its expression on this planet and includes the Sacred Doctrines, Perennial Teachings, and Ancient Wisdom. What are the belief structures that evolved from Animism in European, Indian, and Paleo-Indian cultures? How was the Plane of Dark created by The Universal Mind corrupted? What are the Higher Hierarchies, and what is their place in our spiritual evolutions? What is the Dragon Council, and how can we achieve universal consciousness? All these and more are treated in this book.

What a profound and mind-blowing book! I had a truly enlightening experience as I read about things like Fertility Worship, Unitarianism, the Deluge, and much more. I was made aware that as a human living in the 21st century, I am more concerned about the things happening on earth, and I was taken aback to find out how more conscious than us many of our ancestors were. Though stories from different religious beliefs are shared, Jason L Mondragon makes it clear that they do not seek to disprove the past and current stories but to raise our consciousness and receive the entirety of “this epic story of consciousness”. Omniscience calls to us to embrace a different way of thinking and consciousness, which leads to more awareness and less destruction. I recommend the book to all as I believe everyone needs to understand the concepts in this book for a better, safer, and more spiritual world.

Of Man and Gods 5


I speak of this because when we look at the 5th Root Race
in the Aryan Age, we tend to pin down more particular
civilizations in each of the 7 cycles. This will be of course
where the bulk of the sacrificed Perfected Being evolved but
does not limit the same Conscious Impulse to have made itself
seeded in many other parts of the planet. Developing its
consciousness in many different ways yet holding the very
same unified truths, yet the end goal was always to reunify. I
will not at this time place dates on these cycles, to do so would
perhaps conflict with some of the spiritual world. But just
studying these cycles and knowing that a Perfected Being
must arise, and then sacrifice to hail the new cycle gives many
of us some direction should they wish to dwell into it.
The latter half of the 4th Root Races began to stimulate a
very unique Conscious Impulse, pulling away from the
Polythetic understandings a new Monothetic was beginning to
take root. This One God belief would peak and then be
usurped continuously for thousands of years and continue into
the 5th Root Races. This wasn’t just due to the
religious/spiritual warfare, it was due to Earth’s Evolution
awakening in a world that was imbalanced with self-created
belief systems that had nothing to do with truth. The
Conscious Collective had slumbered too long, and overtime
Intelligence had formulated many ways to organize and
industrialize the planet. Such fractions needed a single
defining realization, that was of our Oneness. A quickly
misperceived understanding of a One God, that would begin a
loss of truth for thousands of years. Though it might appear
many are finally dislodging from this, one only has to look at
the world’s three largest religions to know that we are far from
this. Each a derivative of the Judaic origination, Christianity
and Islamic would follow suit in amassing it’s following in
many branches.

But it is here, in these obstacles and complex beliefs that
we can learn of our true Spiritual Evolution. This is perhaps
the main reason why we become lost in the structured
understandings, for on very few occasions do we take on these
studies independently and free from direction. I hope to bring
much needed insight into this in later chapters. With the
arising of the One God religions, a battle for spirituality would
lay waste to the planet. The many Gods, Corrupted Beings,
Primitive Elementals would not be able to reinvent themselves
fast enough. They would be forgotten or find ways to merge in
this new evolving structure. The Gods of Old would become
Saints, and ancient ceremonies would have a place in the new
religions with new meanings. Magic Summoning Rituals
would become prayers, and magical tools such as candles and
herbs would be given different reasonings. More of this
understanding will come shortly.

Earth’s Revered Father would see this and decide to
incarnate on Earth as Jesus of Nazareth. The goal was to sway
us away from these false teachings and recommit us to truth in
Collective Consciousness, but the damage was more than
comprehended and our awareness so fragile at the time. All
that he said, would be reinterpreted after his death, but he was
able to do what was intended. Upon his death he created a
pathway back to the Collective Universe which I detail in the
first book. I am now capable to give to you the understandings
of the Plane of Mind through Water’s Evolution. I will give a
brief overview of the Outer Universe, Realms & Dimensions,
and The Kingdoms once more for those reading only this book
and not the other. This is needed so that no misconceptions are
formed. When done, I will pick up from the point following
Christ’s physical death and how the Collective Consciousness
began a struggle with a collection of Dark Forces and The
Outer Universe. All the while unaware of their enemies
because they were too entrenched in a heavy internal war of
denial, with their very selves. I will also further touch on The
Star Beings and the breakdown of the Conscious Collective as
The Outer Universe began to take root.

Of Man and Gods 4


The Root Races are thus

1. Polarians the first root race was primarily spiritual
(Astral/Etheric) and did not leave physical remains.

2. Hyperboreans the second, Hyperborean root-race (a
continuation of the first) was semi-astral but grew denser
and opaquer with each passing age. Towards its end, it
became more gelatinous and filamentous in structure, and
developed the rudimentary beginnings of bones and
organs, hair, and skin. Although still more or less oval

shaped in form, it began to show the first outlines of the
later human form. However, towards its end, its bodies
passed through many curious, part-animal forms.

3. Lemurians the third, Lemurians were the first with
physical bodies. They were described as a race of three
eyed giants and inhabited a “lost continent” of Lemuria
which is where the Indian and Pacific oceans now
are. Modern theosophists sometimes identify Lemuria
with the actual ancient supercontinent of Gondwana.
Others may refer to it as “Mu”.

4. Atlanteans the fourth, Atlantean Root Race includes the
following sub-races:

1) Rohmahls
2) Tlavatlis
3) Toltecs
4) First Turanians
5) Original Semites
6) Akkadians
7) Mongolians

5. Aryans the fifth, constituent “sub-races” of the Aryan (5th
or present) Root Race include the following:

1) Hindus
2) Sumerians
3) Egyptians
4) Hellenes (Greeks & Romans)
5) Europeans
6) Nova men
7) Indigo Children & Star Children

6. 6th Root Race (in postulation)

7. 7th Root Race (in postulation)

Among the 4th Root Race in the Atlantean Age, we will
find many interpretations of the culture. We must understand
that the Atlantean Age spanned hundreds of thousands of
years. It had gone through 7 cycles of Perfected Beings and
new conscious development, each very different than the last.
Those who speak of this time, can generally be relating from
their experience and lifetime of a particular cycle, and not of
the entire age. It would have been easier to locate the
descendants of the 4th Root Race, due to the specific region
they inhabited throughout Atlantean Territories. However, it
would not have meant that New Consciousness during these 7
cycles would have been lost to the rest of Earth. The New
Root Race would always collectively impart its Conscious
Impulse to the whole of the planet. I realize that this is at odds
with the current understandings, but I must make this known.
Only specific situations where little to no births due to
environments, or societies with extreme unconscious
corruption such as cannibalism, deadly warfare, or the like
would inhibit this Impulse.

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Of Man and Gods 3



religion does not center upon the
existence of any deities, but it does not deny their
existence either. As such, members can easily be a
collection of atheists, agnostics, and theists. Theist
believers often integrate their beliefs in a deity or deities
with the non-theistic religion, rather than dealing with
the two beliefs as separate entities. For example,
Unitarian Universalism stresses many humanistic
beliefs. A theistic Unitarian Universalist can easily
understand these values as being the wish of God or
being part of God’s design.

Personal Development Movement

encompass a very
wide range of beliefs and practices. Many are not
distinctly religious, although some are. Personal
Development Movements primarily focus on techniques
for believers to better themselves in some way. When
these techniques have a spiritual or supernatural
component to their understanding, they are frequently
categorized as religious. Some people look to Personal
Development Movements to fix things specifically
within themselves such as health, ability, or
intelligence. They may also be looking to improve their
connection with the world, to attract more positive
influences and to drive out negative ones. They may be
looking for very tangible results, such as wealth and
success. At the same time, they understand that some
sort of change needs to occur within themselves in order
for these desires to manifest.

Such belief structures can completely coincide with the
evolution of the Root Races, for as Earth’s Evolution was
growing out of Water’s evolution, a clear uprising of
Monotheistic beliefs began to take root. I touched on the Root
Races in my first book but will give a further detail here.
Specifically, with the 4th & 5th Root Races. When the
generations of life on this planet produce what is known as a
Perfected Being, which is a being of the Collective
Consciousness that is fully awakened. That Being gains the
burden of deciding the fate of the future inhabitants here. They
had been guided by the Conscious Collective for many
lifetimes already as they consciously decided the lessons that
must be learned to achieve such a state.

They will be given
specific obstacles to be judged solely by the Earth’s Revered
Logos, this is where are concepts of Jesus’s Judgement comes
from. Upon passing as a Perfected Being they have the
decision to sacrifice themselves in essence for the prospering
of all. When doing so, seeding the next generation, and
bringing forth a new Root Race that will collectively share the
essence of that Perfected Being. This doesn’t happen with ease
and on many occasions a Perfected Being still can doubt and
fear on levels many cannot comprehend. Many have dated
when these events should occur, yet remember what I said,
placing dates on conscious events bare little truth. The way of
spiritual existence is above and beyond the concepts of time.
In the event that such a Perfected Being has committed to this
sacrifice, they will touch the Source of Consciousness, and
thus send a Conscious Impulse to the Omni-Conscious. Giving
to the Omni-Conscious all that we have experienced and
grown throughout the many generations since last it was
touched. The Omni-Conscious will in turn give of itself a
new pathway of understanding and release this Perfected
Being back to Earth to blend itself with the new generation.
The New Root Race will be born of this Perfected Being and
new consciousness, even if thousands or even millions were
born during this time they will be born with this new
consciousness. This is of Earth’s Evolution alone and thus key
points within both evolutions when Consciousness awakened,
and Omni-Conscious was touched.

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Of Man and Gods 2



recognizes the existence of exactly two
deities, which represent opposing forces. Believers only
honor one as deserving of worship, generally
associating them with goodness, order, sanctity, and
spirituality. The other is rejected as a being of evil,
corruption, and/or materiality. Religions such as
Christianity and Zoroastrianism recognize a single god,
but they also acknowledge a being of corruption, which
should be rejected. However, in neither case is the
corrupted being a god, but rather something of lesser
status. As such, these faiths are not considered dualistic
but are instead monotheisms. The theological
differences can be significant between the two views.


is any religion that honors more than one
god, but not in a dualistic relationship. Most polytheistic
religions acknowledge dozens, hundreds, thousands, or
even millions of deities. Hinduism is a perfect example,
as are a number of lesser-known religions that have
stemmed from its beliefs. Believing in multiple gods
does not mean that a polytheist regularly worships all
such deities. Rather, they approach the gods as needed,
and may have one or several whom they feel
particularly close to. Polytheistic gods are generally not
omnipotent, unlike monotheistic gods who are often
thought to have unlimited power. Rather, each god has
his or her own spheres of influence or interest.


Is religions that acknowledge the
existence of only one god. Monotheists may or may not
also acknowledge the existence of lesser spiritual
beings, such as angels, demons, and spirits. However,
these are always subordinate to a single “supreme
being” and are not deserving of the worship reserved for
that god. When people think of monotheistic religions,
they generally think of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam:
the three major Judeo-Christian religions. There are,
however, a number of additional monotheistic religions.
Some of these are also Judeo-Christian religions or at
least influenced by them, such as Vodou, the Rastafari
Movement, and the Baha’i Faith. Others exist
independently, such as Zoroastrianism and Eckankar. A
religion that demands the honoring of a single specific
god but acknowledges the existence of others is known
as henotheism. Atheistic religion is one that expressly states that there
are no divine beings. The lack of supernatural beings, in
general, is also commonly accepted but not specifically
inherent in the term. The Raelian Movement is an
actively atheistic movement. Formal acceptance into the
religion involves a renouncing of previous religions and
the embracing of the fact that there are no gods. Instead,
the creation of the human race is credited to advanced
life forms living beyond the planet Earth. It is their
wishes, not the wishes of a supernatural being, which
we should endeavor to embrace for the betterment of
humanity. LaVeyan Satanism is commonly described as
atheistic Satanism, although there’s no formal
declaration of such. Some of these Satanists may
describe themselves as agnostic.

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Of Man and Gods 1


It is time for us to shed the taught belief that we derived from
a single continent and moved throughout the planet. When
looking at the many ways throughout planetary history we
have evolved, we must understand that we equally derived
from multiple areas on this planet. It is only due to the
structurally formed “Water” schools of thought that stubbornly
wish to not be undermined that causes this loss. Many a
Historian and other great scientific fields wish to evolve pass
these notions but are threatened with being destroyed by their
Peers. Genetics and Ancient DNA alone will tell a very
different story of our derived heritages should we give to them
our honest ear. Our story is more akin to multiple ancient
races interbreeding with one another. More so with those races
able to travel globally, hence appearing to be a dominant gene
and falsely seen as an original DNA strain. I leave this only
for others to take up this insight at later times.
Being left to evolve freely we would originate and
collectively create early societies in Six Motherlands on the
planet. This would be as follows.

1. Mesoamerica, in North America
2. Andres, in South America
3. Egypt
4. Mideast
5. Indus
6. China

These would form the belief systems of Animalism that would
take root from roughly 100,000-10,000 BCE. It is through
these understandings that we reawakened our ability to create
once again as we found solace in our potential to form the
world, we lived in. Yet as always, when we reach for these
wisdoms, we call forth other forces. Animalism called forth
the Primitive Ancient Elementals and humanity began a
campaign of subjugation to these forces as they were
religiously followed, never realizing our place above them. As
the many Gods flourished, we would develop in various ways
considering what dynamics were entrenched within the
cultures. I will give a brief list before going more in-depth on
particular ones now.

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Star Beings in The Known Universe 6


We will now look at Beings that possess space travel abilities
but aren’t considered Star Beings from the Collective
Universe. It should be noted that many Elementals are able to
travel into the Physical Realm and then back to their home
plane at will. They exist in a world full of duties and
responsibilities to tend to the Physical Realm not just on this
planet but all within the universe that is prospering and
engaging with their Galactic Consciousness. I am hesitant to
speak of these Beings but need to shed the light of
Consciousness on them.


The Reptilians or Reptoids race of
Beings are human looking lizard creatures that can
shape shift. They are also known as dinosauroids,
lizardfolk, lizardmen Saurians alpha draconians, and
Sauroids. Reptilians are tall, around 7 to 9 feet, have
green scaly skin, three long fingers and an opposable
thumb with talons on the ends, holes for ears,
muscular legs and arms, and large eyes. There have
been reports of Reptilians with and without tails,
with and without wings, and hidden genitalia. They
have been sighted wearing very little clothes except
for armor but are always seen with some sort of
utility belt said to be used to help them become
invisible. Reptilians are a very dangerous alien
species that are bent on the domination of Earth.
They are very intelligent, known as evil, have
telekinetic powers and have a warlike mentality that
has driven them to secretly incorporate subterfuge
when taking on their activities. There are different
theories as to where the Reptilians actually come
from, and this has led to the concept that they have a
place in the Collective. They originated in The Plane
of Chaos far before the Known Universe began to
manifest. I cannot at this time speak of their creation
but will at a later time. They have made settlements
in the Alpha Draconis star system of the Orion


Synthetics are biomechanical
individuals who allegedly carry out the tasks of the
Reptilians but have developed a functioning order to
their existence. Similar to what’s known as an EBE,
or Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, the synthetics
are considered part animal often and part machine,
or robot. The synthetics are made to look like
humans or sometimes even Gray aliens when it suits
the Reptilians’ purposes and agendas. Perhaps most
bizarre of all, consciousness knows that the
Reptilians inhabit or possess the synthetics with evil
spirits, such as poltergeists, dark spirits, and fallen
spirits. In addition to this, this race is now known to
use artificial intelligence devices or organisms,
similar to drones, that don’t have any biological
organs. They exist now in conflict with the artificial
intelligence as a growing member of their societies.
This is what is known to Consciousness, all other Beings may
be derivatives or pockets of dimensional evolutions. They may
be spurts of Created Life by Higher Beings, or even a
collection of Elementals rebelling against Order.

These are
Beings that exist within The Known Universe and have the
capacity to affect its structure, for they are free sentient
beings. The Reptilians are not as massive as believed to be,
they developed far before Consciousness and have developed
technology to hide from even the most Conscious Awareness.
Their numbers have dwindled as The Outer Universe feeds off
their hiding places and they can no longer move among the
Holy Alliance.

All I presented to you I realize may be hard to absorb, it
is not your time should you find this topic unfeasible. It is
Intelligence which blocks this for many reasons already
explained, without physical proof there can be no
comprehension without conscious effort. When the time
comes when all is made apparent, then we as a civilization
will have to confront this truth and go through the phases of
fear. I only wish to bring this forth into the Collective so that
this will be absorbed easier.
There was a time just recently when we accepted
understanding planetary visitations, there has been massive
events of Star Beings seeking to connect that have suddenly
been silenced to the world. We now joke about the fake
replications all over the media that clearly disillusions the
world. Perhaps soon these reasons will be made known.

Star Beings in The Known Universe 5



the Sirians are part of the alien-cultures who
assist Earth and all its inhabitants (Humans,
Animals and Nature). Sirians are spiritual warriors,
and strongly connected to life-forms of dolphins and
whales. There is a growing movement to inhabit
these forms when we reincarnate through the
Collective, as what are called Star Seed Races. This
is only made possible by advanced technologies,
generally when an awakened soul understands the
importance to Earth’s Evolution they decide to come
back to Source. Sirians are hardworking but
subservient in mentality, extremely kind natured but
not well at originating creative thoughts. They
originate from the Sirian Cluster. They are dog-like
humanoids with scaly dark-skinned, have dark
pronounced eyes, yet produce a feeling of
peacefulness when seen. The Elder among them can

take on the appearance of a collection of earth’s lost species.

Next, we will look at Beings that we have come to believe are
Star Beings, they come to us in the beauty and light displays
we have come to expect. Never once being able to consciously
perceive truth, these Beings do not necessarily cause harm.
Some have developed into strong helping societies through
our believing in them and giving them our creative powers.
Others are self-sustained and strong societies, we just misplace
their true home territories.


mostly blond in hair color, they give off
the look of a traditional exceptionally tall Nordic.
They have loose contact with the Pleiadians and
other groups via ancient ancestral ties, since the
Telosians bare elemental ties like the Pleiadians.
The key difference is that The Telosians, are of Air’s
Evolution. We have yet to discuss Air’s and Fire’s
Evolution because they are cousins to Earth’s and
Water’s Evolution. Their Evolution was fully encompassed in
their plane of existence and already possessed high
forms of Society. For many different reasons, they
are bound to the Physical Realm and placed here for
either punishment or betterment. During this time,
they attempt to aggrandize themselves to Humans
for protection by fabricating Star Being myths.

Nordic Lyrians:

Starting once again from the
Atlantean Age, The White Magi existed with a two class system. One class was considered the
Spiritualist and the other was the Warrior Class. The
Atlanteans were an advanced society which is well
known, when fleeing earth during the Atlantean
Wars they travelled via a crystalized machine that
created pocketed dimensional portals. These portals
opened gateways to habitable worlds, they would
jump these portals many times until they settled
within the Pleiadian Cluster. Once settled, The
Spiritualist Class was free to advance their
Consciousness and become what they are today. The
Warrior Class became the Lyrians and settled while
developing a very warrior class society due to the
onslaught of Corruption from the Outer Universe for
hundreds of thousands of years. Lyrians are a race of
sentient, lupine, bipedal beings, our stories of
Werewolves come to mind. They possess Nordic
Like features as well, a semblance of their earthlike
heritage and can appear fully human though
extremely well built. As they age however, they take
on aggressive lupine like qualities that are very
uniquely individualized. Technologically advanced
they are a society that embraces armor and
cybernetic weaponry. They have attempted
Conscious Advancement on many occasions, but
believe they have a mission to physically defend that
particular portion of the universe.

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Omniscience: Free for 5 days! E-book Edition.


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The Force of Life was a single spectacular stream from Source that poured into this universe. Creating Order from Chaos and structuring life in its wake as Cosmic Evolution continues to move forward. As our great Milky Way hangs like a dazzling flower in the sea of Cosmic Flowers, do we not see the life force as it seeds and blooms? Soupy cosmic particles organize into heavenly bodies and burst forth with new particles, ever-growing and reaching outward. Collecting all life force and gently releasing it into a transmigration of new forms as it expands.

This is likened to a magnificent Firework display in the night sky. The Firework is solid, hand crafted with care by its creator as they dream of the fascination it will instill in the watching eyes. But what these captivated eyes are truly laying witness to is cosmic existence in moments. First solid in form, these fireworks are sparked by fire and shot upward into the night sky. Silent and unseen for a time they then evolve into a brilliant display and scatter across the horizon reflecting off all eyes to witness them. The people entertained will keep this experience of joy and continue going about their duties.

Yet it isn’t over. Beyond this great presentation these fireworks from solid matter, become countless lights, and then transmigrate into particles that scatter into lighter and lighter expansion. Ending in a complete absorption of that which it was first hinder by in the material world. For from a collection of matter it was formed, through ignition freed, and then able to merge with a higher form of matter.

Life is a continuation of separating and reconnecting, breaking off and reforming, of which we have become aware of. Through this awareness we have become anxious and even afraid. Solar Systems explode into the outer regions of space and reform with new life, one that has the blueprints from the past and the added growth of new information. This Life Force continues to expand as it creates new developments on the outmost regions of its petals. From the cosmic view this is much like a slow-moving wave gathering all particles and pushing them forward. From the planetary concept, it’s an aggressive explosion. Thus, on the farthest areas of the Milky Way we have a new seed expressed in Human Life.

A Human Body is directly descended/ascended simultaneously from this Life Force. We believe ourselves individual and unique from all others, yet we are always in fear of losing our forms. In the process of procreation, we conceive that growth is abundant and good, we dream of blending ourselves with another to bring forth a life that reflects that bond, or even love. The Body however, being happy and satisfied with its shelter and security must faction off itself of its abundance and resources. The sperm must start as a unit and realize imminent death as it fights to be the lone survivor. The egg must dislodge from its safety to solely become the one among many to leave its body which it has called home for years. The forming fetus must aggressively fight the mother’s body for what could be called a hostile takeover as it needs to consume nutrients and resources. Then in the end if all goes well, we are left in great joy and amazement as we kiss the cheek of this new life we have created.

Of course, the act of creation is beautiful, and many don’t choose to view the struggle it details. It is our conscious acceptance that supersedes and causes the body to adhere to this beauty. But if we looked at life with the overview of its processes, we would know that it is only our visualizing that manifests these effects. Many a parent has disrupted this effect when fears influence the pregnancy, this can happen with both parents.

Life is a continuum of expansion, this is expressed in the Human Form as consciousness. Though fundamental, we each possess a never-ending urge to reconnect. We falsely see separation in all, and we seek to gather a world around us that directly gives to us a sense of security. We are finally awakening from this slumber as a collective. Every microscopic particle on the outline of our shedding skin is constantly renewing our connection to the universe. Every interaction with all forms throughout our day influences us in many different ways. This can transform our viewpoints, realities, and consciousness even without conversation. Life Force continues its expansion forward. Buddhist philosophy states that we are reborn each moment, though a moment isn’t defined, it still bares the truth that we are always being reborn and dying away in an ever-evolving existence. The people we have known for years, months, and even days are not the people we met yesterday. Their bodies are reborn, their minds are reborn, and their consciousness too is reborn as they take on new experiences.

I too will continue this expansion, as we all do if were but to realize this fact. I bring us now to the conclusion of this trilogy on Universal Consciousness. Though any of these books can be read individually, they do at times reference one another as I seek to rebuild a Conscious Collective. One free of the scattered corrupted viewpoints we have been fed for so long. The first book dealt with healing spiritually and universally, the second book was to awaken to form and The Universal Mind, this book will chart the path of The Source of Consciousness from its entrance into this universe to its expression on this planet.

Consciousness has always overcome the hurdles thrown at it. It has evolved through the misdirection of The Many Gods we have followed, to the outright destruction we have wrought upon this planet through war. There have been cataclysmic events that have endangered our species relentlessly. There have been many civilizations that were apathetic to death to the point where it became entertainment, yet still this did nothing to detour Consciousness. Consciousness still expands and rises from the ruins. This alone is the one truth that keeps us realizing that we are moving forward. I in no way mean to intend that consciousness was inevitable. Many Awakened Spirits fought on so many occasions to awaken us during times of injustice. Even if they were silenced, they added their consciousness to the Collective which in turn gave an impulse to all new spirits born instilling them with that will to evolve.

As Consciousness prospers, so does the civilizations in which we live. We still can be delighted by pockets of societies that live in harmony, but these events are becoming rare in a world that is growing into oneness. This meshing within the world is for a purpose, the purpose is to realize the Collective in which we exist. Much like the creation of a newborn, it will bring with it the raw reality of the struggle. The pain of dropping our disillusions of individuality and accepting our connections to one another will be even agonizing to some. There will be groups that will join together in fear that will become hostile. Regions will find titles such as Nationalism, Racism, Sexism, and other differences to excuse their fears. Acceptance comes when we are able to collectively realize our universal place within this cosmic design.

I continue my goal of universal consciousness by bringing forth our various paths and attaching them to the singular stream of this Conscious Life Energy (as it is known to the Ancient Sages). This Life Force carries two streams of force reflected from The Omni-Conscious, both from Source and from the Universal Mind. Pathways have been cut off and fragmented due to influences and our own fast paced evolutions. Ancient knowledge that was once possible to comprehend has been left because it was thought of as too sacred to evolve. But this was always what it was meant to do, much like us.

I bring forth The Sacred Doctrines, Perennial Teachings, and Ancient Wisdom within this book as I will follow the original line of consciousness and how it has spread throughout this known universe. I will give to us the Conscious Path throughout the three origins of this earth’s cycle. They are the belief structures that evolved from Animism in European, Indian, and Paleo-Indian. I will now explain how the Plane of Dark, created by The Universal Mind was corrupted and is attempting to be taken over by The Outer Universe within our own Galaxy. I will now give full details to the Higher Hierarchies and their place in our spiritual evolutions as I now enlighten us to The Plane of Holy. The Dragon Council will be now discussed, for universal consciousness cannot fully be achieved until they are brought into our collective understanding. Hermetics, Gnostic Doctrines, and Kabballah will now lay the groundwork for Quantum Physics evolved understandings of The Multiverse. I have methodically moved us slowly into these realizations throughout the last two books which will fully coalesce here.

I speak of realities and the multiverse because it is something that will arise much throughout this book. Secrets that we have long forgotten will be made whole when we realize these facts from the remnants that reside throughout our planet. Their sacred truths must be laid to bare. Lastly, I very much appreciate the consciousness brought forth from Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner, the Complete Book of Enoch, Aldous Huxley, Graham Hancock, Annie Besant, C.S. Lewis, and DK. For they must know that the fragments are made whole through their commitments to find truth in and ever evolving existence. I capture our expanse here but know that this too is but a temporary stop in a miniscule point within The Whole.

As such there is just one Reality known as The Absolute Reality, all else is Relative Reality. All that we perceive, sense, define, and identify with is of the Mind, and thus Relative or Relatable. The Absolute Reality is all that is, I see to convey this in more detail within this book. For those who have read my second book, Mindfulness: Water’s Evolution, Understanding Form, know that this book Omniscience will chart the path of Spirit not the Mind. Timeframes will look very different due to our dual evolutions, in addition to our continued revival of conscious understandings.

As stated often in my work, I know this has only been able to be brought forth because the Conscious Collective is able to express it. For far too long ancient understandings have been cut off from us because it was far too complex to comprehend or apply to our evolutions. What is known to consciousness, and how it can be communicated is always the goal. It will continue in future works, but here is where we need to be. Here is where we make a stand against the hardships we have endured. Here is where we can become fully conscious and assist others to achieve this sole realization. I look forward to all that we each individually give to strengthen the universe in which we exist.

Star Beings in the Known Universe 4



Among the species known to inhabit the
Milky Way, the Arcturians are the most ancient and
intelligent. They do have strong Mental Bonds here
on Earth, but not for control over our societies.
play with mastering their Mental Powers as youths
by dominating Minds here and controlling them for
timespans. They initially have technology that acts
as channels for their Minds to reach here, then as
they advance can move their Minds here without
assistance. They have developed a tier list to
determine their Mental Capabilities, and very strict
Laws when performing dominating techniques here
on Earth. Mental strength is what fuels their society
from fundamental living to highly evolved
technology. They believe themselves to be the first
system to be given the gift of life in our galaxy,
because they equate Intelligence with Evolution.
They’ve mutated and evolved over their time and
now exist in many forms. The main race of
Arcturians stands to about 5 feet with green skin and
large eyes. Traveling here to Earth is more of a field
trip for them to observe, or perhaps directly link up
mentally with those they have dominated. Many
stories can develop from earthlings meeting another
that has been dominated by an Arcturian, we get
stories of Time Travelers or people from other
Dimensions, or humans having complete memory
loss when The Arcturian is still new to their abilities.
The Yahyel is a portion of this race that have
decided to have closer interactions with Earth and
now live here in dimensional pockets, we so far
don’t equate the two species as one.

Alpha Centaurian:

The Alpha Centaurians are a
humanoid race possessing aquatic qualities about
them such as gills and webbed limbs to allow
surviving in their oceanic environments. They have a
luminous, bluish-gray skin tone and appear to vary
significantly in height. They are said to possess vast
scientific and technical prowess that is amongst the
highest quality in the universe, but also possess such
advanced weapons systems that other species are
afraid to war with them. Even so, they are very
theoretical: part of their mission statement on Earth
is to help raise its local populace’s scientific,
technical, and theoretical knowledge. There are also
claims they are here to enlighten mankind’s
consciousness, however this will never be done
through these technical means they have proposed.
This “mental enlightenment” is to allow Earthlings
to actually comprehend their knowledge, due to its
vast superiority to that on Earth. Telepathic in
nature, they attempt to make their knowledge known
to others by telepathically linking up with some of
mankind’s most advanced scientists, although since
they are so incredibly intelligent by comparison and
have such a high vibration, it is occasionally difficult
for them to ground their ideas to the Earthly plane.
Because of this they have allied with the Sirians,
who are quite good at bridging this gap due to being
very good at the practical application of ideas, as
well as making these theories usable for a third
dimensional society such as that of Earth. As such,
the Sirians operate as the workers and doers of the
Earth for the Alpha Centaurians.

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