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Dedicated to all who have been seeking a
reconnection and are reawakening to the
Conscious Collective



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Philosophy, also referred to as Perennialism and
Perennial Wisdom. This is a perspective in
philosophy and spirituality that views all of the
world’s religious traditions as sharing a single,
metaphysical truth or origin from which all esoteric
and exoteric knowledge and doctrine has grown.
Perennialism has its roots in the Renaissance interest
in Neo-Platonism and its idea of the One, from which

all existence emanates. The idea of a Perennial
Philosophy originated with a number of Renaissance
theologians who took inspiration from Neo-Platonism
and from the theory of Forms. Marsilio Ficino (1433–
1499) argued that there is an underlying unity to the
world, the soul or love, which has a counterpart in the
realm of ideas. According to the Traditionalist School,
the Perennial Philosophy is Absolute Truth and
Infinite Presence. Absolute Truth is the Perennial
Wisdom that stands as the transcendent source of all
the intrinsically orthodox religions of humankind.

Infinite Presence is the perennial religion that lives
within the heart of all intrinsically orthodox religions.
The Traditionalist School discerns a transcendent and
an immanent dimension, namely the discernment of
the Real or Absolute, which is permanent, and the
intentional mystical concentration on the Real. Our
beginning concepts of Perennialism now evolved to fit
our current Conscious Collective. If you are able to
note that our Philosophical Views eventually grew
into a more spiritual reflection over time.

Piecing it together

If we take into our Collective Consciousness the
purity of realizations from all these branches, we can begin to combine what we know as The Absolute
Truth of The Planes and how the densest physical
matter produces various degrees of Sentience. We can
also conceive how Consciousness is first
manifested from another Source of
Consciousness, strung by a continuity of
Consciousness. Since Consciousness is Primely
Responsible for the activity of Time, Space, and
Gravitational Movement. We can now conceive that
The Physical Universe is first reflective, then
manifested by Consciousness. Through this manifestation we automatically manifest the 2nd, 3rd,
and 6th Absolute Laws and become part of The
Physical Time Stream. This brings with us a
dependency of prior reincarnations and fragments of
The Original Forms.
We dislodge from this and become a self-manifested seed (though still part of a whole) when
we come to realization. Much like the seed of a tree
dislodging to manifest its own growth. Thus, our True
Forms are manifested from our very first
manifestation when we enter and bring forth the Reflected Concepts of “I Am”. Thus, bringing forth
into manifestation the 4th Absolute Law as
Consciousness knows of Consciousness.
Beings can exist for ages and not once produce
this “I am” realization. As we have seen when
learning of our deeply past historical ancestors. They
just continued to reprocess until those began to
awaken. The very moment to which they did, they
manifested a True Form Seed. Any further
reincarnations would thus become a Fragmented
Seed until they Realized this, fully amalgamating when they Fully Amassed these
Seeds. We tend to view the explosion of populations
here on earth as a sign of our physical productive
qualities. However, this population increase is due to
the many True Formed Seeds that have developed,
thus amassing more Fragmented Souls that now must
be reassembled. The only way to truly diminish
overpopulation is easily a conscious path of
unification. Yet instead we find secret societies that
wish to dramatically downsize our populations, of
which I leave for our individual realizations. We have been made to understand that we
always were, this is true in the sense of reprocessing
in The Physical Realm. It is not true as well, until we
manifested the conceivability of “I am”, which can
originate in either The Universal Mind (Water’s
Evolution) or The Source of Consciousness (Earth’s
Evolution). They are both Reflections of The Omni-Conscious and may determine which pathways
our initial True Seed may fragment in. These two
pathways will also determine what type of Mystic will
manifest from which Greater Being in considering their journey. Omni Mystics have thus fragmented in
both Earth’s and Water’s Evolutions.
Depending on the lengthiness these lifetimes
and the paths that we primarily have associated with,
we can thus realize how hard it is for those of Water’s
Evolution to have any relatability to those of Earth’s
Evolution. For either Evolution would have been
relentlessly The Prime Evolutionary Path of these
As Consciousness continued to fragment and be
reformed, we have thus continued these evolutions bringing forth variations of our understandings of it.
Those of Mind brought forth systems of numbers and
structure which would be mind boggling to those of
Consciousness. Though even these complex
understandings had Absolute Truth hidden within
their concepts. As those of Consciousness would bring
forth simplicity of unity and truth seen just through
retrospection of the universe. Which would be viewed
as too naïve to those of Mind, again not
understanding that this too possessed Absolute Truth.


Published by Shagri'el

There is more to us than Creation, there’s love and support, and a blending of ideas. All prospering towards a day when all spirits within a great cosmic awakening transforms us like never before seen in the Known and Unknown Universe. In the meantime, we perform the groundwork.

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