Perennialism Reawakened

Within each book in this trilogy I have reintroduced us to Ancient Wisdom and Perennial Philosophy. I have done so to bring it into a fully complete singular source of conscious expression. No matter the path that we are currently on from parents to leaders, we all are of this one consciousness. Our experiences when fully understood is exactly as they should be. Our hardships are never fully intended by us, but they are strings of events that if a Conscious Being viewed would’ve determined as an outcome. This is also when viewing deaths, wars, incarcerations, and even sexual violence. We have been too pressed to place blame on other beings but never in our own actions, even if those actions were the decision to be born into these conditions. The Awakened Being will look at these experiences and may grapple with them at first but will come to a wisdom that will greatly enhance their growth. I say this with a sincerity of my own experiences of these events. For full realization and acceptance will empower us beyond any false interpretations we manifest. The totality of our experiences are strings within a greater scheme of our evolutions. They can be far past events that ripen to these forms, or a collection of events that we individually experience to strengthen our whole True Self.

Morality and Ethics have always left its imprints on our evolving civilizations. Here in America we are still evolving past our aggressive tendencies to dominate the whole of our environment. But many other societies from our past had developed to such a degree that their civilizations for brief periods in history were able to contemplate more. These Ancient Philosophers spent years in deep thinking and great debates of our existence. These newfound understandings would commence within the Collective Consciousness and a Being would be born reflective of these wisdoms. They would be fully capable of expressing them to the current civilizations, the only conflict would be the receptivity of the masses. These Awakened Beings will occur simultaneously throughout the Physical (Mind) and Conscious (Spirit) evolutions.

Consciousness does not deal in future events, it views only what is. Consciousness can observe what was, in determining what is in the now. It can look at “possibilities” of what may come when determining these factors but knows that these factors are ever changing. Thus, a Conscious Being will never give a predetermined event for the pure reasoning that these events are truly un-determined. Anyone who has been to a Psychic and changed the outcome of the reading will understand this. Conscious Mystics (in general) from this viewpoint will speak of self-development, past conscious evolution, and possible future dangers in current conscious evolution. They do not view anything as “inevitable” and seek to educate and evolve consciousness beyond the constraints of the physical realm.

Mind deals in “probabilities”, it will amass all that was and what is collectively. It calculates the outcomes to the highest probability and predicts the inevitable. Mind Mystics (in general) will express a definitive prediction of future events. They may be connected to Universal Mind and its collective understandings and reflect this from what actions determined which outcomes. Their predictions become accurate as we collectively keep them alive through continually reviewing them throughout civilizations. They will gain insights into the factual workings of the universe and impart them to The Collective Consciousness for further realizations. On many occasions their future predictions are not one hundred percent accurate, but a generalized percentage enough for us to believe in their factuality. Those predictions that are one hundred percent accurate, are due to events not changing and thus the outcome was inevitable.

There are some Mystics that begin as either Conscious or Mind but once gaining such great degrees of input overtime they become overlapped in their understandings. They mean well at first, but once they gain an inpouring of support the belief in them can influence them and they can begin to move into convoluted theories that are pressed to properly be received by us. We see them dislodging from their original communication and moving into new forms of communication that maybe an opposition to their origins. We are meant to evolve, yet those who have gained original information from them are less likely to accept this evolution and thus impresses upon the Mystics growth. The amount of information that pours into them is not being fully comprehended in Absolute Truth and can go haywire to many that attempt to understand their wisdom. This can also be because the corruption of The Outer Universe.

Lastly there is the Omni Mystic, one that speaks from a place of both Consciousness and Mind’s Evolution. These Mystics sporadically arise, for all that they bring forth is for the advancement of our Mind and Consciousness in unity. They generally bring forth new ways of comprehending existence as understood to the Collective. They are Greater Beings that have chosen to express themselves in the Physical Realm for reasons only they know. They can educate from all realities or a single one depending on their mission here. Their teachings can be quite advanced and factual but understood directly by those it is intended for. They speak to a majority and many that are more advanced in either path may or may not comprehend their work. These writings are often guided and sustained through the efforts of Awakened Beings. Even when these sacred documents are destroyed, they will be rewritten into the Collective by other Conscious Beings until fully comprehended.

These Mystics lay the groundwork for our evolutions. They researched and reasoned the world which we survive in. They have branched off into different identifications/titles that now reflect the way we are taught in our civilization. Even when we consider that we have brought forth some “new form” of understanding we must know that it was only made possible by what was realized by conscious efforts that may be deeply rooted in past realizations. These philosophical points of view, like us are ever evolving.