Angels & Aliens: The Connection

We must look beyond what we have decided was
the formation of our Solar System. For if we are to
look at it through Consciousness, we will see the
building and restructuring of particles urged by the
reincarnation of our Sun as it came into Being. This
was done by manifesting harmoniously into a design
befitting The Sun’s reflection for Conscious Growth.
Conscious expansion is the intention of our Solar Logo
and has been before conception. All Planetary Bodies
that reside within our Solar System, is a fragmented
seed from Our Logo. They are thus considered
extensions of Our Solar Logo, much like that of our
arms or hands. Sentience within our portion of The
Universe, if within our Solar System, is of our Solar
Logo. If Star Beings outside of our Solar System
(though originating from our Solar Logo), they are
from events that sought to disrupt our Solar Logo
during his formation (though some unintentionally).
Though originally of his creation. I explained this in
the segment on Star Beings within my second book.
We travel throughout our Solar System seeking
to find remnants of past life and civilizations. Ancient
Wisdom has already given to us the direction far
before our Rover and Satellite missions. Our
hypothesizing and theorizing are due to our deep
seeded knowledge seeking to manifest Absolute
Truth. We have diverged our minds and consciousness
relentlessly, for this, The Collective Consciousness
thanks you.

We exist in forms that supersede that of current
knowledge. Scientology has said that as Spirits, we
can either exist as the tiniest particle within the deep
reaches of the brain, or we can expand ourselves to
beyond planetary proportions. It is through this
concept, that the realization of our boundlessness can
come from. But much like many schools of thought, it
can either free you, or contain you in Relative
Realities that lack further conscious expansion. Yet it
hints to the capabilities of all Conscious Beings.
Our Planetary Logos can also be viewed as such.
For they have walked among us in early creation in
their smallest of forms, though for us, they were of
course still bigger than life as Gods. The only true
way to view these host of complexed personalities
from our past is to consciously view the lives the
current societies lived. Those of The Collective, sought
harmony and growth while those of The Outer
burdened us with wars and destruction.
We have overtime, placed personal qualities to
these Planets from what we perceived them to be. Of
course, these personality traits may be considered
true, for we possess these traits as well and consider
them human qualities. This does not mean that they
were forever present. Their conflicts that we have
made into great stories were of times when they were
misinterpreted. Greater Entities from The Outer
Universe also struggled to control us, a concept we
were not able to comprehend at the time. I do not
believe we should rewrite this literature, but we
should raise our consciousness to see through such

Holy Beings
As these Planetary Bodies densified (and before
the structuring of human life on earth), these others
became habitable for Conscious Life. I do not mean to
intend that they too were capable of our human life,
but of that which was conscious. For we have so far
learned that life may exist in ways far beyond the
means that we ourselves do. The Ones that our
ancient wisdoms teach us as “The Shining Ones” or
“The Lords of Fire” are one in the same. Yet we can
better comprehend them as The Holy Beings from the
Plane of Holy.

Due to the social enturbulations on The Plane of
Holy, it was decided to separate those that were in a
consistent struggle for what they considered equality.
They were given the opportunity to assist in the
manifesting of The Source of Consciousness that was
deemed to arise within our current Solar System.
They were not allowed to cohabitate on Earth, this
would be forbidden by our Solar Logo. Thus, their
place of refuge was that of Venus. There would be one
that would rise up in ranks as The Venusians
flourished and presented with a new title. Lucifer,
The Morning Star, a glorified extension to Holy
Beings and a savior to those building a new
civilization on a new planet. His actions and
leadership would be the means that many among the
Newly Awakened would survive. Many among the
Holy would come to adore him and he would catch the
attention of one among The Dragon Council, more
specifically, one from The Plane of Dark. They were
given their directives from The Plane of Holy and
Venus was used as a satellite. Whenever those of Holy
were directed through The Dragon Council to give
Conscious Impulses into earths forming
atmosphere, the Greater Holy Beings came through
Venus. Ancient Wisdom has come to call this “The
Venus Strain” but I take liberties to generalize it as
“Conscious Impulse”, for it is all of the same

These Conscious Impulses were of different
origins, the first of these were directly from our Solar
Logo before 260 million years. After 260 million years
to until just after The Lemurian Age, it was our
Reverend Planetary Logo (Yahweh) that gave us
Conscious Impulses (which this will be further
explained later). From Lemurian and into the first
have of The Atlantean Age, Holy Beings gave to us
Conscious Impulses. All centered to stimulate
Conscious Growth when we were lacking it through
courses later defined. But the Holy Beings weren’t the
only one seeking to assist in our conscious

Psyche Beings
Simultaneously as the Holy Beings built the
civilization on Venus, Psyche Beings did the same on
Mars. Of course, neither realized what this detailed to
their Original Plane Forms. Overtime, they started to
densify within the matter. Not so dense as we here on
earth, but just enough to be considered substantive.
Ever so gradually they could be considered “Things”
within the 2nd & 3rd Absolute Law, thus given
opposition and impermanence. The Outer Universe
was then allowed to influence their natures. This
occurred on both Venus and Mars and took on
different aspects.

Initially, Psyche Beings welcomed the
opportunity to bring forth their structured
understandings to the universe. They are ones of
strict facts made stronger by their highly recorded
understandings to physical laws and its production.
The Martians developed quicker
than those of Venus. And, inevitably became denser as
they built up their planet. They would even expand to
a host of other planets and moons.

When we speak of “The Ancient Builders” in
our ancient texts, it is to them to which we speak. Far
before the time of The Anunnaki (explained in the
second book), these Beings created structures that are
meant to hasten our Conscious Growth here on Earth.
Deep in our history, they were tended to and upkeep
by the civilizations to which they were built. Being
replenished and maintained until our fall from this
consciousness. This is what we have come to know as
our Megalithic Structures. It would be easy to see how
Beings that were directly under these structures
progressed into Civilizations with deep insights and
Godlike status. This destabilized once the materials
used to enhance our conscious growth was destroyed
by us and used for other building materials. There
secrets only maintained by those of Power never
really known to the masses. It would be better to
consider reassembling these structures as opposed to
just enjoying them.

Psyche Beings began to lack being able to visit
us due to their evolving physical dense forms. In those
times, they had to gain acceptance from our Solar
Logo to physically travel to us. They were in fact Of
Consciousness, but overtime due to their evolving
natures travel would be rescinded by our Solar Logo.
Their physical presence would upset the progression
of our Conscious Paths. They developed into
civilizations hostile towards one another and began
many campaigns to dominate the Martian Territories.
Even at times their hostility would happen here on
earth. We fight to believe that it is through our
resilience alone that we are able to now gain access to
Mars for discovery. But it is in reality The Solar Logo
now deeming that we are ready to accept what we

We must come to understand that both Venus
and Mars began with conscious intentions. Even
things that are obscure to us will need to be Fully
Realized within the 1st Absolute Law set forth by our
Creator. The Omni-Conscious knew that we would go
through distinguishing what would be determined as
Dark. Thus, giving to us a safe haven to fully grasp
and accept it as The Absolute.

With the many Beings and Entities in play for
what was manifesting here on Earth, it made for even
more conflicting stories to the early forming
consciousness. We conceive of forms found in the
millions of years, though consciousness evolved much
earlier. It is not an easy thing to contemplate us
evolving with forms incapable of communication, yet
communication we did possess just incapable of
vocalization. Our stories will vary from the most
simplistic, to the most extensive.
Single Goals at First

Simultaneously as The Venusians and Martians
progressed. The earliest of humankind began its
evolutions on earth. Humankind was allowed to be
guided by them with our Solar Logos observance. The
aggressive societies of The Martians were a gaining
concern. But also, now the rebellion of The Venusians
wishing to disconnect themselves from The Holy
Alliance was becoming more tumultuous.

There were new threats of The Holy Beings led
by Lucifer on Venus to break away and become their
own Nation. Lucifer would spend most of his time in a
delicate political back and forth. On the one hand
desperately wanting to dislodge from The Holy
Alliance and on the other hand worried about the
might of taking them on. One among The Dark
Dragons that always resided in The Plane of Dark
beseeched upon him, yet he stayed unmoved for he
had little faith in Greater Beings. He was gaining
recognition far more than he ever had back in the

Plane of Holy, it was well known how this was
affecting his personality. Yet during this strife these
Higher Beings kept their selves as focused as they
could, for they still believed we on earth were for a
greater good.

There was a brief moment in our history, where
Psyche and Holy Beings assisted one another in
earth’s conscious growth. A time when few deciphered
what was “Angelic” or “Mechanized”, for they all
possessed common interest. It would be easy to see
them together when assisting our early growth. But
their individual eternal struggles would cease this
cooperative way of thinking. This is within most
ancient literature, but mostly amassed through the
visions of Conscious Mystics such as Enoch’s Lineage.
But there are many past Mystics who visioned a time
when technology blended with Angelic Hosts. It is
only now that we have become confused as to why
these Beings possessed technology. For we have thus
defined clearly what angels and aliens are. They are
now conceived as either one, or the other.