Bridgeway to Higher Chakras

I’ve always believed that each of us possessed the ability to access our higher natures, but this awareness has always been so tough to achieve because accessibility is corrupted and influenced. Most Spiritual Leaders I do believe have their hearts in the right place, yet the tools they have been given for generations have not pointed them towards truth.

Corruption breeds more corruption, which has become apparent with the ongoing lawsuits associated with such religions. The continued deaths in the name of Religion has been an obvious deterrent for the ones that truly wish peace. We are born into a world with just two options; Spirituality? Or Progression? Isn’t now the influence understood? We must get to the point when enough is enough. Active participation and no longer sleepwalking our way through lifetimes must be achieved. If all you do is read what I have written, then still the seeds will be planted for further development. We have made truth feel so unattainable which is in fact the strongest lie. A fragment of The Universal Conscious God is within each force of life on this entire planet, living As Us, not Through Us. No matter what our titles are, Mother, Carpenter, or Teacher we are gaining Consciousness as one. When we assist in hindering and destroying one another we in fact destroy ourselves in this way, much like cutting off one’s hand.

To those that have decided to follow an Unconscious path to destruction, we must outgrow them. The Luciferic and Ahrimanic influence has whispered sweet nothings in their ears for generations, taking on the masks of Good willed and Ill willed Institutions alike. We must use spiritual awareness and view these institutions from the fruit they bare, not the voice they dazzle us with. Politicians which talk a good game and then hide behind the excuse of the law process, Institutions that claim humanity and yet have grave human hardships in their progress, Spiritual Leaders which fail to act when violations have occurred to even one soul. Corruption will spread when we take our Awareness off it, Negative Influence will grow without Consciousness.

This Bridgeway signifies a passage, you can either stay on your side and never acknowledge the suffering we have endured and will continue to be if unchecked. Or, you move your Consciousness into the Collective with the many concerned souls who wish to end our current condition and prosper in True Conscious Light from Source. There can be a world free of suffering, we say this, but we have yet to believe it. We spend our time believing if we donate, or attend church, or volunteer once or twice a year that we are making a difference. But if you become aware of who or what you are in service to, then you would realize that you are assisting in the sleep that has fallen upon us all. Judge all by their fruits they bare, even the most rude and crazed monk can produce an excellent pupil.

This Bridgeway will start with the last three Chakra Points, which will introduce us to our Etheric makeup. Then once the composition of the Etheric Body is understood, I will speak of Collective forms of Consciousness in known existence. Lastly, I will take us further and speak of The Omni Chakras, our Ascension, and our Astral Bodies. This is a path to self-awakening and discovery. We have become shaded into believing that others had such power long enough. Everything here is designed for you to be able to do the work on your own, for I already know it will lead you to the rest of us should you be new to initiation. To others on the different stages of awakening, I hope you find some interest in knowing I seek to strengthen our Collective Consciousness, in doing so I step out of a place of merely watching as I have done for some time now.

Throat Chakra/Space                  

The Throat Chakra is the very essence of manifested Truth. Vibrations and gravitational force push and pull the entire universe together and apart continuously. We exist physically in such a small frame of these events, that we’re barely aware of these miracles. Anyone who has understood the resemblance between the universe and the electrical portrait of a human brain cannot continue to deny our connection. We have matured from the conscious universe with purpose, though it would be easy to say why outright it would do no good unless it was experienced through your awakened consciousness.

            This Chakra keeps life continuously in motion, the plant life which are born with silent knowledge to survive, the insect colonies working in unison, and our bodies heartbeat without our attention. This Chakra, rightly called The Universal Mind guides all matter in Space. The Throat Chakra, Mind Chakra, and Crown Chakra are the Etheric manifestations of The One Universal Consciousness. Astral forms manifest into Etheric forms, Etheric forms manifest into Physical forms. Beyond the Astral, and below the Physical is outside of my conceptualizations and capabilities.

            Strange events occur as we awaken, we first place our attention on something which feels beyond comprehension. We suffer issues as we maintain contemplation on the topic of our wishes, drowsiness will occur as your spirit seeks to pull in the needed energies to formulate the understandings. Different levels of headaches/migraines whenever we seek knowledge beyond our individual ranges of understanding. Should you be Conscious, you will be aware of the electric spasm that will go off in the brains activity as they make new connections to areas never used within this body. To master this, you must learn to let go and rest sometimes to let the feelings subside as the connections are made, intensity could cause harm in the beginning. You must attempt to become proficient in self-contemplation through Truth and the Throat Chakra to stimulate The Mind Chakras advancement.

             Throat’s Evolution this chakra is awakened at birth when the baby takes its first breath. From birth, the child’s understanding is needed to perform all tasks that lay ahead of them. From disciplining to potty training these stages become the premise to how the child advances pass their childhood and other chakras. ​The throat chakra is located on the center back of the neck. This is where it is capable of projecting itself properly outward through the vocal cords. It stimulates our social skills and the ability to learn. This chakra is a great enhancement because it allowed us to start to dwell deeper inside to see our aptitudes in our experiences with one another. ​

Block’s within this chakra can almost instantly occur from Lies we have been told from birth. Adults tend to tell children what they feel should be said and not what is. I know Parents feel this is the best thing to do, and we cannot place any blame on them for this, they do this with love in their hearts. The American Apple Pie brought with it the delusions of living in constant proper communication with your neighbor. We kept our skeletons in the closet and participated in meaningless sociable functions or else lived your life being shunned by your entire community. Real issues became less spoken about causing generations of many hidden political agendas, the list can go on. 

Then the concept of freedom of speech was learned and everyone until today here in America voiced their opinions on all types of subjects, specifically subjects they had little knowledge of. Why then are we still suffering? Because we’ve created a world where to survive, lies must be made. Others ask you questions, and you know they don’t want the truth. We use the excuse that we’re just doing what we must. Then we school our children in what we feel the fundamentals are to live in this world and the procedure continues through generations. Thus far we were only doing what we knew, it’s time we learn something else. Balancing this chakra takes a determination to become better at understanding the lies we have accepted. However good you feel you are at understanding yourself you must decide to become better. On a piece of paper write this question to yourself, “what type of people do I have a problem speaking to and why?” As different types of people start to appear on the list confront the thoughts you have about them, do not fool yourself into thinking that it’s their entire fault why you feel this way. Because you have made a conscious effort to not be able to communicate to them, it is important that you dwell deeply into the reasons why. Next contemplate how each human chakra may have any relation to this block, if you do not see any relation, move forward to the next step. For example: I can’t communicate to people who are rich because they feel that they are better than I am.

Throat Chakra because I have nothing to talk to them about, I feel like they’re looking down at me.

Head Chakra because my Cousins were snobs as I grew up and they received anything they wanted, where I didn’t. This made me jealous of them.

Sex Chakra because I had a sexual relationship but was dropped by this person for someone who was rich.

Stomach Chakra because I want to be so rich and can’t seem to that I’m envious of anyone who has riches. ​

In most cases, the same human chakra points will show up. Now it’s time to do some soul searching, to make a conscious effort to confront the deeper meanings to situations in our life. It’s time for us to look at those chakra points, learning for ourselves what in our lifetime could have caused it to block up and attract so much negative karma. Eventually you will learn to understand what or who in your upbringing brought about the first situations in which you made your opinions and felt the way you do now about these individuals. It doesn’t stop there for knowledge is power. You can either decide to stop feeling this way by releasing the built-up negative energy or continue to live with your problems. To release it means you are beginning to make an aware effort to take internal control over your life. To no longer live your life with those opinions, yet you will acknowledge them as a lesson you’ve learned to become stronger in your convictions and free thinking. The throat chakra will become balanced and give to you the power to have an empathy in your communication skills. The more you use this power, the more enhanced it will become. I suggest taking the time to find good qualities in in the type of people you wrote down to further balance the past. When this chakra a strong you will become centered in a freeway of communication, others will be attracted to you because they like talking to you. ​Of course, we should never shake someone’s hand and pour all our secret quarks on their laps! We need to get to the point where we could look at someone in the eyes without hiding and be able to express ourselves freely. The eyes are the windows to the soul, so we shouldn’t want to hide our potential to be everything we’re capable of being. We should also open our minds to learn everything there is to know about another spirit, never limit your ability to learn wisdom wherever you go.

This technique could be used in conjunction with any event in your life that feels clouded with lies. We can easily uncover the truth to situations as we advance this skill, eventually no longer requiring the paper just a peaceful sit-down taking time for yourself. Overtime and through recognizing when your contemplations were true you will grow in mental strength. But I would caution you not to place energy on actively searching if you were right, this is an easy way for negative forces to grant you misinformation. If you are patient, the answers will come to you through sources you will not expect.

Mind Chakra/Time   

Named the Third Eye, the Mind Chakra is our powers of Intuition. Intuition being what we see beyond sight, feel beyond touch, and sense beyond knowledge. As the Throat, Mind, and Crown Chakras develop we move beyond our physical forms and into our Etheric. We of course still exist through all currents which control the physical body, but you will start to notice more of an aware effort when the body needs to take actions. This is also exhibited in yogic mastery of the body. Souls with an awakened Mind Chakra tend to not be reactive in most situations, this becomes very noticeable around unawaken beings so they either learned to play a role or become disinterested in what others think.

            Mind Chakra is connected to Time, we will later learn time is considered a record keeper of all knowledge. All streams of events within the totality of existence are interwoven and read by an awakened Mind Chakra. When seeking Truth from the Throat Chakra, you will discover much more than originally expected. Details of these lifetimes may flood your thoughts, people and past lives will be viewed, events from any of your loved ones could surface. Here we begin to blend into spiritual forms. First Physically we manifested as a reflection of the genetic makeup of the universe, next Ethereally we connect our universal mind to our physical form, and they become one. We will now begin to express ourselves with a greater awakened consciousness.

            This Chakra is our shield to Luciferic and Ahrimanic Influence, for with insight we see well the corruption that indwells in the world. We will notice a life unlike what we knew before, the world will manifest as Light and Dark. Energy will flow and connect in trillions of lines connecting to each other and beyond your sight. People will unknowingly come into your space and you will be able to judge their intentions not by what they say but what you see in their auras. The most beautiful thing that occurs is being able to view another awakened soul, they can be felt when they wish to but when you witness one in presence something indescribable occurs.

            Greater Beings will generally keep themselves unknown. Just as we impart our conceptions onto Elementals and their forms transform to what we create, Greater Beings impose their forms to their likings upon us. They are controllers of illusions so it would still take growth on our part to see further into the Astral Realms. Within my experience, it’s better to focus on the task of our spiritual growth. For Greater Beings have no need to be curious having a stronger connection to truth, if one chooses to connect with you it would be for direct reasons.   

             Mind’s Evolution the head chakra awakens at the age of seven. We develop our personalities in these vital times. When we’re young, the environment around us determined how we lived. However, this is optional when we view it as adults. We might become disillusioned by our role in society, but the truth is our role is where we make it if it’s ethically right, no one gets hurt, and we’re happy. The location of this chakra is between the eyes and around the centimeter up and centered on the forehead.  It may change in accordance to our physical view of life. To understand this, you must stand in your most comfortable posture. Now become aware of how you confront another person. Is your head held high or perhaps low? Do you look through the corner of your eyes, or hardly look at other people at all? The head chakra will move throughout the forehead and only in correspondence to how you confront others. ​

Block’s with this Chakra is formed by Illusions. Follow this path to awaken this Chakra.

1. On a piece of paper write down the names of everyone has influenced you this lifetime.  This may take some settling of your mind because you’ll be confronting your entire life specifically your childhood.

2. After each name, right down how these individuals have influenced your life for the positive or negative.  There aren’t any bad experiences that make you stronger for going through them. If bad experiences come forward, know that some scars are left on us spiritually. These scars inhibit us from achieving inner serenity and a totality of freedoms in our lives. To look closely for the false statements in your life that no longer apply to your happiness.

3. When you are through with this, truly consider everything that you have learned. Really take time to reflect, even taking a break if you feel fatigued in any way. 

Look at every reason why you are the way you are. Decide which influences are no longer important in your life and make an aware decision to stop being influenced by them. Become equally aware of the positive influences and decide to live by an example to their wisdom. Seek to be whoever you wish to be, but never harm others. ​If you’ve ever truly wish to know, then look inside yourself for answers. Your entire existence is now within your understanding, you just need to believe and accept what you find.

Crown Chakra/Source

All that has been done so far will come into full understanding when awakening the Crown Chakra, known as our connection to Cosmic Energy. Before opening this chakra, we were limited with our understandings. Our Consciousness can become aware on a planetary scale, and even this is rare amongst us due to the heavy blocks over our lifetimes. Truly unblocking a Crown Chakra can be felt by every aware being within the Cosmos, as I’ve said before Greater Beings won’t initially appear concerned. With this Chakra there is a direct link to Source, if Consciousness persist, there is never a loss of life-giving energy. Therefore, an Awakened Crown is sought after.   

            The three Beings within our evolutionary timeline will now take exceptional interest, however. Lucifer and Ahriman’s corruptions and influences will no longer have any effect on you. They will be forced to see you on equal terms and will seek to gain control once again through appearance. We see this in many stories, the two prominent ones are The Buddha after his awakening at the tree and Christ walking in the dessert. Coming forward and promising wealth to come back into their fold. This is our final test in our decision to follow a pathway into Light or Darkness.

            I have no knowledge of our individual journeys, I do wish each Spirit a safe passage beyond this point. Some can become incredibly advance in any pathway they wish, Spiritual Leaders will now be able to speak intimately with the True Christ, these possibilities are unlimited. Some can completely map out their own path and no longer need to wait until death to balance out any Karmic Debt.

I believe that a good number of us have been to this point, even more than once when understanding the lifespan of this planet. When we come to realize this, we come to understand the power we wielded and then how we so easily sank back. You see, being awakened takes a commitment beyond our current understanding until we see through greater awareness. What beats us every time is our original sin, Ego Attachment. To be given the keys to heaven, we become dazzled as many great souls in our histories have. The simple act of wishful grasping in the slightest is so incredibly powerful that it can set us back lifetimes. But this is just the beginning of this writing. My intention is to give us the tools to understand our actions and fight against that which will harm us in a way never brought forth so far.

Crown’s Evolution I see chakras awaken as human beings progress into awareness. By that I mean if chakras become more needed in the earlier development of our existence, they are more easily accessible. Awareness is something that is only learn by experience. The Crown Chakras awakening usually occurs last among the others and closest to death. The spirit prepares to reconnect and begins to go over the recordings of its life, it remembers its achievements and failures. The statement is true; there’s a lot you can learn from your Elders. They have been through it and now seek to pass on that information to the younger bodies in the hopes of giving back that wisdom. ​At approximately 55 years of age the spirit will also seek to make amends for the wrong they have caused, hoping to make their passing a more peaceful event. If they believe in a god, they become more religious. They also strongly want to do those events they’ve always dreamed about doing like travel, living closer to family, etc. ​Since we know that the Crown Chakra will eventually be awakened, its however more beneficial as spirits to awakening this chakra earlier on our life cycle. When we perform this feat, we find perfect harmony, something we as spirits can take with us for the rest of our existence when done right. 

Block’s this Chakra is blocked by Ego Attachment, unfortunately this situation occurs mainly after death most times. Prior to death in most cases we would find a spirit feeling overwhelmingly helpless towards the natural ending of its physical life. There might be either some extreme promise made that couldn’t be kept, or a quick death that occurred from a peaceful life. Whatever the case may be, the point is that the spirit wasn’t able to prepare itself peacefully at the ending moments. They linger in a dimension full of reprocessing energy. Being a force existing with self-awareness it may take them an unaccountable time to find their way back to the infinity stream. Although they take on a new life the block will be maintained for multiple lifetimes or even compounded with new blocks. ​There’s only one step to opening a Crown Chakra, you must balance the prior chakras. These are the stages of the chakras; asleep, blocked, awakened, and fully awake. Chakras are asleep and are said to open naturally at given stages of your life. Should a chakra be blocked then there are specific reasons why which I go over and detail. ​The Crown Chakra is unique in that it will begin to awaken around 55 years of age, and the only other way to awaken it early is to fully awaken all the other Chakras. This noble act once done can have the ability to transfer awareness through lifetimes afterwards.

These writings are of a Universal Understanding. You will find The Perennial Teachings, The Secret Doctrines, and The Ancient Wisdoms modernized within my work. I pull truth from many teachings from Theism to Occultism, and much from the ever-evolving Judaism/Christian roots including The Dead Sea Scrolls for specific reasons. I balance Buddhism with Quantum Physics, Anthroposophy helped bind this through and through. The Urantian Philosophy and Literature of The Great Thoth I found a special bond with. This work has been thirty years in the making, but from birth I’ve always known I was meant to write it. The Beings mentioned within I submit as to not being their original names, some things our lost beyond our understandings, but they are their current names which invokes the personae they wish to portray. Good & Evil, Angels & Devils, and Earth's Sacred Evolution in the middle.