Evolution of Ancient Wisdom

The Stars in the Universe were always a spectacle of conscious examinations to us as Earth’s Evolution. We as Conscious Observers always influenced the intrigue in them through our counterparts within the physical world. Eventually, this influenced developing great societies into building knowledge of the Known Universe. This was known to us for ages throughout the Root Races of Lemurian and Atlantean. We did not conceive anything other than The Absolute and Consciousness as a whole within the Universe. Our Material Forms (Water’s Evolution) came to understand that they were made exceptional through their growing interest, but never realized it was because we awakened from our slumber on these common comforts.

As our material forms went about their existence in their structuring and organizing, we observed with slight interests. We resided as Observers not partaking in the events of Water’s Evolution. On occasion, some of us would awaken through interest and influence the bodies in which we cohabitated in. This would send a stir within the civilizations as we would be seen as Pacesetters, Visionaries, or even Rebellious.

This “Awakening to Form” is still done today as we intermittently lose sight of our conscious lineage throughout lifetimes of rebirth. Some of us have such hardships in a lifetime that we decide to give up and just “go with the flow” of societies. Others begin to stir in a continued blinking on/off throughout lifetimes as they begin to amass truth that resonates within their core consciousness. Then there are those of us that amassed enough truth that we can piece together what consciousness is seeking to manifest to move forward.

We as Conscious Beings, decided to collectively awaken in the last stages of the Atlantean Age, an already well-formed civilization. This would be our second awakening, we fell into slumber at the end of the Lemurian Age and took a back seat as modest observers to the passage of evolution. Those deemed worthy, only Fully Awakening to move us forward into the next Root Races when in conjunction with The Planetary Logo’s callings. At the time, we knew that the physical realm held dangers to us and weren’t matured enough to step out as a whole.

Corruption is primarily derived from our Physical Forms. Every form of Ancient Wisdom has sought to convey this within their particular means of communication, though some far more obscure than others. Like the shell of a seed that protects its core, our bodies (physical, etheric, and astral) protect our true natures until that seed is ripened to bloom. We can justifiably say that we have been in an incubation period for millions of years learning, experiencing, and preparing for this next stage. Much like the seeds in nature, the environment to which it blooms into will determine its ability to prosper and survive. Thus, the Collective Consciousness seeks to create the prosperous conditions for when we fully awaken, we do so in a universe that is known of truth.