Dark and Light (Part 2)

In an easier to follow format this is how The Known Universe operates. The Collective Universe pulling all energies together as The Outer Universe pushes all energies apart. Yet in reality these forces are doing this is many directions and on multiple dimensions beyond basic comprehension. These 2D Formats are easiest at first.

This closely looks at Earth’s Evolution as we attempt to manifest collectively The Plane of Spirit to further evolve.

Realm of Order

Life’s force pulls us towards Order when we are Initiated, we have gained the awareness needed to take on the responsibilities once again. We can Consciously create an existence full of Light and Love for all that is touched by the design. This interpretation is given to each of us in different ways, for we have all experienced existence for different reasons. We must acknowledge that the Omnipotent Consciousness was not living life through us, but as us. What we have experienced, has specific qualities capable of enhancing the Collective Universe, and this is done on many layers. There is the Earth’s Consciousness of which we are a part of which we comprehend as The Christ’s Evolutionary Cycle. There is the Suns Consciousness of which we were granted Life’s Force within the Physical Realm. Sentient Beings from Venus and Saturn assisted in Earth’s development and so portions of us possess Consciousness from their Evolutionary Cycle. Then we come to the Root Races that we have developed through on this planet. As for The Root Races, since there is an abundance of information online, I will only give a basic chart for reference until later.

We are said to be moving past the 5th Root Race and into the 6th Root Race currently. The easiest way to describe the effects of a Root Race is a Human Being will be reincarnated on the planet with awakened Chakra Points. The Chakras weren’t originally needed but now they are a necessity to bridge our path back to Source.

In addition, the different individual Races here on earth have a Collective Soul. The few that still have kept an area specific genetic line will develop this, they consciously think as a unit and feel specific pains which was inflicted to the race. They will also feel threatened if another Race begins to genetically blend with them. This is in fact inevitable and part of our evolution to become a formalized single race, outgrowing Race Souls.

Being born into life with awakened Chakras is something we may not see immediately, but by being the Souls that do the work and awaken them in this era, we will assist in the future awakening of the next Root Races. Though my primary concern is our own spiritual development, I must Consciously commit myself to all the Universal Evolutions and know that we in the Known Universe grow stronger when unified with one another. I know that by strengthening our place in this forming Universe is paramount, that the very specifics of our creation into the Earth Element bares great meaning. I will perhaps speak of other evolutionary cycles at a later date. This in its entirety is pushing toward Order within the Collective Universe, moving forward in love with all of life in mind. I will now discuss how the higher and lower realms assist one another in this Collective Awakening.

Higher Planes of Creation & Light

There are Planes of Light and Creation in every Kingdom within The Universe, Light possessing various degrees even in the Unconscious Universe. With Light, springs forth Creation of a multitude of forms. The Higher Realms of Light were Realms that worked as a whole towards these Goals and have formed special societies that assist Conscious Beings throughout the Known Universe. As we have noted, the Angelic Plane of Holy is a Patron Society to the Light Realm but is forged from Plasma/Fire and Solid/Earth Elements. They were loving and kind to accept guardianship over our Creation here on Earth knowing we will supersede them in a Realm above them. They do this for the greater good of the Universe, for we will become the advancement which is needed. As Beings granted Consciousness, they are given freewill and choice, we know well what occurred during this time with Lucifer. They are a warrior-built society, as they have spent most of their existence throughout all the Kingdoms and Planes in warfare beyond our comprehensions with the chaotic forces that seek to corrupt us. Elevated and ingenious, the Leaders among them have purpose and a direct communication to the Source of Consciousness.

They became hindered here on Earth because of our influenced disbelief in them. Doing what they could behind the scenes and assisting those of us who believed in them. The Luciferic and Ahrimanic forces merged into our very existence, which made it impossible to exorcise them without harming us, which was forbidden. They were made to wait out to a time when we broke free of the corruption. Some were assigned to Earth to look for the signs, while others continued the fight throughout the Universe.

The Planes of Earth and Holy exist influential of one another’s space, Beings there develop similar ways through consciousness. They are graced with light and love, never seeking to harm, but very willing to protect for the greater good. They direct and command the Elementals with something beyond thought, for elementals will formulate their wishes without their Conscious desiring. On occasion, the greater ones among them will be gifted with True Creation. Being able to subjugate the elements and form matter is common among these Beings, being able to breathe Life Force and Consciousness into a form is True Creation. We see this done on very few occasions throughout our historical teachings, now understand that this has been gifted to us through our manifestation from Source. Know better why there are Beings that despise our creation, and why there are so many willing to fight for us as we learn to stand on our own.

There are Souls among us on many occasions that have moved into the Higher Collective Consciousness of the Omnipotent Design. Some we were graced enough to document, they have become an inspiration for generations of Souls. Many never known, they continue to reincarnate and can masquerade among us with directives I could not fathom.

Now reread Revelations, why would these Beings harm us and set forth so much destruction? Are they really graced with Light and Love for all of Creation? Or a tale fabricated to make us fear these Beings in so many dark ways. Has it been noticed that very little is said about Angelic Beings, generally they are within the Bible as servants with little consciousness of the world they come to or the Souls they speak with? The Archangel’s are spoken of on so few occasions, yet they have been incredible champions and Guardians to the Light. There are massive secrets to be unlocked within the pages of The Bible, but this is our fight when we are Collectively ready.

 Lower Planes of Realities & Possibilities

This is the Planes where most good natures souls incarnate. When I speak of reincarnating you must understand that here we are burdened with physical forms, but our Consciousness and Minds reside within these Planes at the same time. We meet another Soul here on earth and wonder why their viewpoints and opinions differ from ours, it is because they reside in a place different in mind and consciousness. It is this key fact that psychologist and many self-help therapies have not understood. Hopefully this sheds new light on developing new techniques. Have we not been dumbfounded by how each child born to the same family is actually different, especially on how they form their views of the world?

For the many of us that reincarnate here, we mean well and do the best we can. We fluctuate on dreaming of a better life, and actively working hard to achieve one. Most of us accept the way life functions and do what we are told because we are promised happiness in return. We build our circles of loved ones and fight through any hardships, for we feel this is the way life was meant to be. Our energy keeps life hopeful for a better world, but mainly assist the people immediately in our lives, for they are the only ones which we believe effect our normalcy.

If ushered and inspired, we will step out of our shells and even do great things for others. Organizations, Religions, and Politicians can really be inspired to do good things for societies. In the end, there a pulse of self-preservation in these actions. It cannot be helped, we are ingrained to care about our mortality. Groups after Groups have started off meaning well, but later we see becoming things of our nightmares. Even the purely positive intentions are slandered upon on the media as news breaks. We’ve become deaf to the negativity and nowadays simply accept it and view people scrutinizing what they do, and if they will harm our happiness.

These two Planes though exhausting at times, are also where we find so much beauty in actions of others. Dreams are kept alive, possibilities form into realities but rarely by chance. Hard work is needed, and respect gives us identities which we believe in. I am writing this during the COVID 19 Pandemic. I watched as peopled struggled with their Identities and were told to stay home and be safe. I watched as people were lost in this for many months. Slowly I watched as families connected and even began group walks, I heard laughter in the neighborhood, something I never heard before the Pandemic. I’m sure some felt guilt when having to returned to work and not really wanting to, for they had found a new identity, being a loving family unit. Of course, we are still in the Pandemic, and we have all suffered in some way. This broke our realities, if just for a brief time to see something new. It broke our reality that our loved ones would live for as long as we wanted, it broke the reality that slaving at a job and having no connection with your loved ones was how it should be. We accepted these situations and it enlightened us to find a life different from the one we were living.

This is what happens within this Plane, Possibilities form Realities, our hopes and dreams keep us looking. Throughout these two Planes the few Aware Beings attempt to keep the Collective Consciousness in check. Making sure we never lose hope these Beings live and work with us always helping to make our days brighter, and worth it. Some may not be consciously evolved, but they have surpassed us in acceptance to such a degree that common world doesn’t affect them the same way. They see past the lies that are told to them and are generally kind natured and haven’t formulated any deep thoughts on spirituality. For them, it works. Life could be better if we would Collectively agree to change it, I feel we are attempting to grow this concept together now.