Consciousness is given very distinct traits within the overall scheme of the Known Universe. The Logical Mind will for the most part seek to deny this, for to do so would be to acknowledge its false sense of superiority it has fought so hard to maintain. Consciousness is active in manifesting its physical design by the purest of will alone, whereas Intelligence must do so through manipulation of matter. When evolving, both completely capable of performing these tasks within their own way. Consciousness can evolve with much more expediency and without the hindrance of forming its needs, but to simply manifest its growth. We see this every day in the way the people we know transform their physical forms completely by their consciousness alone. Especially during times when they become ill and are faced with the reality that their lifestyles are causing their conditions. Some will transform to live, others will decide not to and move on. This is of course in considering that they have such choices and that their conditions are curable through their belief and will. These are situations where it takes only consciousness to transform, one week of conscious effort can astound those around us.          

Intelligence can do such transformations through long term activities. Bodybuilders are one example, strict adherence over elongated time spans will produce an outward appearance of a perfected physique. These pathways will generally take incredible tolls on the physical form as they must maintain an overall structure to their lives. Pushing the bar far beyond its means and disciplined specifically in areas of the body that is incapable of functioning beyond its condition. These are generally the competitive sports throughout the world. For they compete to entertain, and they enhance themselves through knowledge of manipulating the physical form. These two forms of evolution are conjoined with many of the Eastern Martial Arts and some of the Yogic practices. A time when Consciousness and Mind worked towards balancing the physical form. The choice would always be to decide which pathway to continue on when reaching a pinnacle point of their development. Evolution, Consciousness, and Intelligence has always had an undefined co-existence.