Chakras: Evolution Continues… (Part 8)


Unlike the elements of Holy and Dark, the element of
Psyche is directly related to the Soul of this Planet, The
Hierarchy of Sun Gods, and The Collective Conscious
Universe. Liquid and Gases relinquishes our heavy forms
and wishes us set free of this bondage. When all seemed the
bleakest, the Being we’ve come to call Christ
incarnated/manifested on this earth. Though a more
reverential name would be Yahweh, his path would mark a
transformation in us and open the doorways back to our
evolutionary scheme that Lucifer blocked us from.
Incarnations from Greater Beings happened on
occasion throughout our evolution, mainly from a Counsel
of Beings that guide us. There are also some that have
gained the knowledge to maintain their spiritual form in a
sleep like state and believe themselves supporting our
evolutionary cause, I have not made any conclusions on
this yet. They at times will manifest Avatars within this
world to support their causes, this is the only way they can
renew their conscious understanding of the changing world.
Even Lucifer manifested at times, last one recorded in the
ancient eastern culture when this Being was able to solidify
the locks on our Etheric forms. He influenced a philosophy
that clouded our viewpoints on truth, it would be one of the
few times Lucifer and Ahriman worked together.

This forced the hand of the Earth’s Soul to manifest
later in the body of Christ. With Christ the Element of
Psyche brought in this world a new bridge to The
Conscious Universe, in later chapters I will explain more
on how, just know without a continued stream of
Consciousness we would’ve eventually had lost our place
in evolution. It’s also here that we need to fully realize
what took place in the Resurrection of Christ. When Christ
incarnated, he took on both other Beings for our salvation.
They both attempted to have him relinquish his quest and
join them, but Christ was unmoved in his conviction. Both
beings threatened by him went forth destroying his
character, which only helped him to grow in love among
us, finally concluding in his physical death which was the
plan they never saw coming.

Christ brought forth our reconnection to Source
when manifesting on the planet, but he also unlocked the
doorway that Lucifer had locked on our Etheric Bodies on
his Death and Resurrection. Granting us once again a
pathway back into Universal Truth. We would no longer be
threatened with subjugation and have a freedom of choice.
Christ’s shedding of his flesh and showing us the miracle of
his Astral Form awakened our Souls once again to this
truth. Henceforth, upon our Etheric Bodies an access point
would be created which could never be locked or
destroyed. Our freewill and choice was truly solidified
through the life and actions of this truly boundless Great

Being named Jesus Christ.
Quickly afterwards Luciferians went into effect
hunting and seeking to destroy all associated with this
event. Containing and obliterating all literature which could
be hunted down, while rewriting a vague truth to support
their cause. Secret Societies were formed where very few
knew the truth behind their missions, they killed and
destroyed in what they believed to be the name of Christ.
Speaking and praying to Luciferic Beings as the world was
placed on fire. The Resurrection so shattered Lucifer’s
plans that he conquered the planet, even Ahriman became a
threat. All that practiced the ancient ways, were put to
death and only the manufactured One God ruled. No one
realizing this was The Light Bearer himself, as the best lies
were eventually forgotten. The new battle became the
relentless awakened Conscious Beings and the Luciferic
Followers internally within organizations still to this day.

Ahriman crept back into Darkness, keeping his
legions out of sight, while deploying his knowledge of
dimensions. Overtime, he deployed ancient ways to
stagnant us and feed on our consciousness once we allowed
our consciousness to become corrupted. This corruption
could overtime effect communities, societies, and cultures.
When the Industrial age came about, Lucifer had very little
interest in it and so Ahriman saw an opening back into the
world. Industries and Trades became Technology and
Science, mostly influenced by Ahriman though most have
little skill to see this reality.

The true Followers of Christ have survived, there is
no need for congregations for the Earth is their home. They
communicate through the Element of Psyche without effort.
Christ pulsates continually with these followers granting
them understandings, now days it is easy to destroy their
characters so that the masses no longer listen to them. They
live in truth and are extremely neutral in the events of the
world. They found their awakening in very different ways,
their lifetimes ripened to awake at just the right time, but
only they will know why. It is important that these beings
speak only facts, for they can no longer live with a veil
over their sight. Many have decided not to speak at all, it is
not for us to reason why. These true followers mapped out
an awakened understanding of the Chakra Points by
understanding the Crown Chakra fully unlocked by Christ.
These Followers of The Earth Soul also have a direct
record of all that has occurred within the Earth Scheme.
They utilize ancient knowledge from all sources and see it
without delusion.

Psyche’s secret is that our truth can never be taken
away. Even through death we are one with Source and will
continue forward. This Element directly connects us to the
Mental, Spiritual, and Astral Realms. Freeing ourselves
from the lie that we are mere physical beings will grant us a
seat at the True Christ’s table. Relinquishing ourselves 41 | P a g e
from the manipulations of false beliefs, and false Gods. We
finally see clearly The One True Christ and take our place
at his side to do what was meant.

In Closing

I wished to lay the groundwork for deeper spiritual
exploration. In order to move forward, we needed to move
closer to our current condition here on Earth. I thank you
for reading so far, if you are among those who haven’t
shaken all I’ve said in disbelief, then perhaps you’re
prepared to learn more. In some, I may be testing their faith
in what has been said. All is as it should be, our collective
awakening will occur because there are enough of us who
wish it to be so. Truths must come to pass, and secrets must
be brought forth. We must understand what it means to
follow Our Lord, The One True Christ. What it meant when
he said we too could perform such miracles, and what this
means for the future of life in this Solar System. It must be
known that events and timelines no longer need to be
specified, it is the prime negative influential argument of
Luciferic and Ahrimanic Beings. For the reincarnation of
Christ and the workings within the Bible have shown itself
within our complete planetary timeline on multiple
occasions, in many ways this has caused us confusion. I
invite you to take on such a journey of contemplation, and
to look towards stories which arouse our consciousness
from the Lemurian ages.

Many ideas could be challenging, and there are
forces that wish you to remain asleep at every turn. But
have you not felt asleep long enough? Are you among those
who seek to know why you have such a strong desire to
break the veil? I say only to you, please continue. For it is
easy for us to go about our daily lives hammered by
generations of instinctual natures, such natures believe life
and death a fleeting thing that is feared.
Luciferic and Ahrimanic influence are not stated
here to be dislodged or learned of in secrecy. They are to
finally be brought into the light of Consciousness, for they
are now ingrained within our Etheric Bodies and one with
our timelines. We are to be made to know them, that is the 43 | P a g e
goal of this literature. For once we will not imbalance the
two, the process of creation as spiritual beings will be
acknowledged just as equally by the realities of destruction.
There are many Great Beings that have come and gone
throughout our experience here on Earth, they seek to help
or hinder. Some beings are still intertwined and influential
beyond our current understandings, this work will direct us
in truth as to how.

All that has been said thus far, though challenging is
factual in considering your place upon the Awakened path.
Too many spiritual doctrines seem to only cover life as a
directive toward being positive, although that is indeed our
goal, they tend to block out what we crucially need to know
when succumbed by the negative. This causes imbalance
due to our very nature, we exist in and move about
throughout many realms and dimensions in a single
lifetime. My goal is to present us in a way which
encompasses balance to this nature, the Physical/Spiritual,
Conscious/Unconscious, and finally the power of
Creation/Destruction. I know well that there are some
places where a Conscious Being should never venture, but I
feel this needs to come to light. I will now continue
challenging you, understand that the points of power upon
our Etheric Bodies has always been, and will always be our
creation. These Chakras are not set in stone as one believes,
and they evolve alongside us. This is the crucial
understanding which now needs to be brought to light.