Chakras: Evolution Continues… (Part 7)


Yet again little is known about the next Being that instilled
itself within our evolutionary scheme. Between Solids and
Liquids, we become aware of the Element of Dark.
Ahriman and his minions surfaced into our awareness just
at the end of the Lemurian, and the beginning of the
Atlantean era. It was always theorized that the Ahrimanic
influence were implanted with us far before this, but this
Being lacked the knowledge to influence us until Lucifer
came into play. Quietly Ahriman learned the hidden
knowledge until it was able to act. Dark as the Element
forms in earthly depths of cold where one would think life
would not be. Ahriman is more cunning and has the
patience that surpasses many.

Dark was fully realized in the Atlantean age when
Ahriman was able to whisper the dark arts in our ears to
bring forth his legions through summoning magic. These
beings that were let loose still infect our societies today, it
helps that they are not unified but war among themselves.
It has also been theorized that Ahriman is far more ancient
than the other Greater Beings in play. That he resides
already in a Universe of his own making, an alternate
dimension put another way. The only thing truly known, is
that like Lucifer he requires sustenance from us, of course
they use it in different ways to further their goals.

As Lucifer influences our Religious and Political
branches giving us the effect of superiority over one
another and a false path to deification, Ahriman has taken
control of the Sciences and Technologies seeking a way to
fully manifest within our world. We’re left to decide if we
can snap out of our sleep and awaken in time. And so here
is the ongoing battle from Lemurian times, two Beings that
have been fighting relentlessly for our souls while both
keeping us blind to the truth. We can easily be influenced
either way and care little for what it would mean, one by
one we submit to wars we have little understandings of and
create technologies with little cognition of the future.

Dark’s secret is that Ahriman cares little of such things as
ruling us, he will give to us anything we wish and dazzle us
with power only so he can take control of something far
more powerful. I am quite sure of this as I have watched
Ahriman’s actions, I also choose to be vague on this reason
until later chapters. Know only that this planet holds the
key to unlocking Ahriman passing any further. It has been
prophesized that we would not be able to stop this
inevitability soon. I however do not accept this, Ahriman
whispers to us in many ways and can easily find a way to
make us loose hope. Even if he should manifest, we can
still be prepared and ready to stop it from going any further.