Chakras: Evolution Continues… (Part 6)


All of which I spoke of so far was a fast track aimed at
getting us where we are today. I only wanted to point
directions and not detail this thoroughly so early, for I
know all of this will be better understood later. In the end
we must take on such a journey individually to fully realize
What I am now going to speak of is also well
documented within the ancient records, but to an Awakened
One, consciousness pulses with this knowledge. We see the
conflict at war within the soul and its reflection manifested
within the elements. Because we have taken part in this act
of expansion within the universe, we are like children
extremely dependent of its life-giving energies. Most
Cosmic Beings respect this process, but some on occasions
were let loose. Once their actions were recognized, then
events were seen on this planet to such an extent that mass
extinction occurred, this was done to reset the spiritual
path. However, two of these beings were able to bond with
our Etheric Forms, hence becoming part of our evolution.
One such being, though true names are beyond our
knowledge, he has been named by us Lucifer, The Light

Between the intensity of Plasmatic and Solid force,
the Element of Holy resides. Called Holy Fire, Holy Light,
Holy Ghost, and even St Elmo’s Fire it takes on the glow of
bright luminescence quite like solidified electricity. After
his fall, Lucifer came forth with an army of followers all
from this Element. They initially possessed forms that
glowed so beautifully that we were attracted to them. On a
side note please understand that Holy is the Plane that
Angelic Beings come from and there are civilizations there
with multiple belief systems. We are not born from this
Plane yet hold within us the evolution to surpass it in ways
that make us superior. Understanding this will hold the key
to Lucifer’s need to control our Evolution. He does this by
requiring that we are baptized in his false views and submit
our God-Given will/consciousness to him.
Lucifer, in merging with our evolution was an
influence we were too young at the time to control. Initially
while in Lemuria we cared little, for with our strong
connection to Source we accepted all things with quiet
curiosity. The Luciferic energy was simply a force that
shared our space. Eventually it became stronger,
influencing our Etheric and Physical bodies while blocking
out our Astral Bodies. Creating these blocks assured that a
new path to true awakening could only be made through
Luciferic assistance. To the few who forgone this path, they
found freedom at a cost of eternal subjugation. Luciferic
beings believe they are the one true path to salvation.
Such organizations are well known for their
demands upon the soul. The history of forced subjugation
and deaths are well known. Communication is so advanced
that these Organizations can no longer hide their
hypocrisies. I need not point to any one such belief
structure for we need only follow the trail of suffering and
pain from its fruits historically. The veil is strengthened
through opposition, so development of many these beliefs
confuses one to find the true path and keeps us wandering
about throughout lifetimes. On occasions, consciousness
regains a hold on these organizations but many times the
masses have been too infected to make long term change.

Holy’s secret is that we are the path. We are truth
incarnate. If we possess form, we are the children born
from Consciousness and are meant to transcend even the
Beings that wish to control us. We can become any type of
Leader within our societies in light and love but must never
give up the truth in the process. Lucifer and his following
were made immensely strong through false understandings,
and many have drunk freely of this. It does not matter if
you are up against the world, when you have truth in your
heart you will be protected.