Chakras: Evolution Continues… (Part 5)


Time would past and civilizations would begin to prosper
again. Gases liberated our expression with speech, this
form of communication further fragmented our connections
with one another. Globally these Nations would conquer
one another which from the physical viewpoint seemed
quite normal. A more in-depth scrutiny would understand
that Gases were manifesting into Air at this time. With the
element of Air, brought an influential way of life as we
shared this heavier oxygen on the planet. Our sacred belief
on communication began a mental construct of superiority
of civilizations.

Throughout the Ages of Metal, we were influenced
to have greater control over other communication that
conflicted with our own. From the outlook there were
common wars, however truthfully knowledge was being
destroyed, contained, and controlled. Great libraries of
ancient wisdom burned to ash as truth was taught only to
the elite organizations. Single powerful belief structures
sprang forth demanding your submission, no longer giving
us choice as our young were taught new ways and lost their

When most looked lost, a new path would be
opened by one we would call Christ, upon this planet his
name and miracles would reach every ear. Our Great Parent
in Christ would point the way towards many hidden
teachings. He would give to us insights and show us
miracles that we had forgotten for centuries. He would
open and cleanse gateways which had been blocked and
corrupted deep in our past. Lastly, he would give to us the
remembrance of how to love one another so much that his
sacrifice became symbolic of this love.
Manipulation of the Christ’s event went into effect
immediately. Structures of beliefs distorted the truth on one
front and replaced this with aggressively holding onto the
self-awakening. Moving incredibly fast, we come to the
world of communication. Radios, became phone, became
cellphones, became the internet. Truth’s became opinions,
became lies, became loss. Digging through it all it would
take a critical eye to find facts these days. However, truth is
here to be found, as sure as the Air we breathe.

We are aware of Air in everyday life, supporting us
whenever we’re in need. Softly blowing seedlings of trees
to their expanding destinations this is a very supporting
element. Air supports our communication in many ways as
well. Here we can fully utilize our politics, news/media,
and establishing closer ties to other humans around the
world and one day beyond. We find an ally in this Element,
for thus far the elements before possessed more control
over our development. This Element will move our forms
into the next stage of our evolution once we truly act and
clean the pollutants on the planet.

Air’s secret is for us to understand that we are
never alone. Air will always be here to help us on our
journey. You might find this in the soft caressing of the
wind upon your face. If you open yourself to
understanding, most of the time wind reminds you of a
loved one who is thinking about you. Air is an abundance
of supportive information, telepathically communicating
our thoughts continually to the Collective Universe.

Gases Influence it’s important to know that this is
where power of thought resides. In this Elements awakened
state, it vibrates with our own Etheric Forms. Deep desires
will manifest depending on the strength of the thought.
However, true will is not effort, it is an unflinching belief
that it is already done. Without consciously accepting this
wisdom, it would take a spirit a few lifetimes to trust this
through experience.
The harsher aspect of this Element is that we can
create our heaven or hell with it. Negativity and Fears will
create such a world as well, either internally or externally.
As life compounds us with pessimism and regrets they in
turn influence our outlook for the way of existence.
Powerful organizations have used this for quite some time
to hinder our growth by corrupting our consumer type
appetites, this too will be clarified in later chapters.