Chakras: Evolution Continues… (Part 4)


Liquids began to become abundant upon the planet, all of
this is recorded within our writings. The other Being that
whispered to us of how superior we are followed as we
came to create Atlantis. Island like in appearance, Atlantis
was created with many waterways. We took on a softer
energy with Liquids influence, it brought to this planet a
knowledge of things beyond the stars. The Atlanteans
encompassed a superior control over many of the
inhabitants on the planet. The Atlanteans believed
themselves the divine rulers and overseers of the planet and
on a few occasions was made to show this force.
The Atlantean was one with their creativity in this
epoch, arts and crafts were fully realized with magic in
abundance. All structures took on a fluidity which
complimented all the society. Vocal communication began
to form, so there was a mixture of telepathic and verbal
communication. Here the development of incantations and
powerful verbal sounds were created.

For an amount of time we began to dedicate our lives to
discovering the deepest and darkest ancient arts. Rune
Magic was developed, the art of drawing ancient symbols
on matter which created permanent effects. Like children,
forgetting our true selves we delved even deeper and
Summoning Magic was created. Beings were brought forth
into our realms which were never intended to reach us, this
would come at a price. Thus, once again these two
Powerful Beings placed us in another war as the same
fractions once again surfaced. Looked at as an awe

 inspiring society it must be noted that it eventually became
very segregated and secretive in position and power.
Liquid manifested into Water during this era, as it
did our physical bodies took on this organic form we see
today. Water is the conduit of energy, and thus so are we.
Water is also a means as to which many organisms exist
within us causing our forms to become a silent constant
battleground. Water is the historian of genetic
understanding, consciously we began to fall into a deep
state of sleep as we believed ourselves originating from
Amoeba and the depths of the oceans. Through Water, the
man and women manifested. Until this point, we were
recorded as being a society of hermaphrodites capable of
self-reproduction. On Atlantis, we developed emotional
connections and needs for one another. The constant
thought, “I need someone to connect with me” eventually
manifested the two sexes.
Water soothes us at the beaches gently reminding
our genetic side of the time long ago when we believe
ourselves to have splashed along the shoreline mixing DNA
and forming strands of larger life. It heals our thoughts
when we’re immersed in the steam of a hot bath, calmly
taking us to a time when life was much clearer. Water is
our truly first connection to existence as physical entities,
its essence is still found nurturing the bountiful oceans or
helping lives richness grow with rainfall. Without Water,
the physical world as we know it would no longer
exist. Though we are complex beings that require all the
elements to survive, this one holds a special place in our
physical creation.

Water’s secret is to rediscover the wisdom that has
disconnected us from true understanding. How many of us
have honestly looked around and asked why? These
answers have been here inside us for eternity. If you have
been asking such questions without understanding, then
perhaps you should calmly ask yourself in what way are
you asking? To the Spirit, a DNA strand is a readable
document, all answers to our physical existence resides
within its pages.

Liquid’s Influence within the physical form is to
learn the secrets within secrets with this Element. It is here
where our ability to manipulate our forms were locked up.
DNA is awakened through intense emotions, this will
record great events that will adapt to our needs and
evolution. Our recorded history from Lemuria, Atlantis,
and the great Civilizations afterwards is also locked away
from us until we truly seek this knowledge. It is crucial to
know that all information given will be from a genetic
viewpoint, the Astral and Etheric records reside elsewhere.
Liquid is slow moving, pacing itself it rarely makes
mistakes. Genetically transforming organism to fit their
needs to prosper. Many times, we look at a variety of
animals on this planet and wonder what caused their
development. Then through observations and patience we
learned what their different anatomy is used for. Should
species be defined by this understanding, we would learn of
ancestry differently, but would also learn our similarities.