Chakras: Evolution Continues… (Part 3)

Nature is an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere. Blaise Pascal


Extensive unknown time elapsed, The Earth began to
solidify. Life sprang forth and became extinct many of
times. Our focal point here now becomes the inhabitants of
The Lemurian age. In these forms we coincided in what we
would think of as the time Giants walked the Earth. Though
our forms were thought of as larger, our structures weren’t
as solid as we would think. We were still strongly
connected with our Etheric Forms which gave a light
fluidity to us. We possessed the ability to manifest our
forms quickly depending upon our environments,
sometimes multiple times within one lifetime. Our bone
physicality was such that after death, very little was left
shortly afterwards. It wasn’t until we began structuring
societies later that these Giant’s bone structures began to
harden. A gene that springs up off and on throughout the
entirety of our existence. Ancient teachings mastered
influencing this at a few other points in our existence at a
time when the megaliths were built. But for some reason
this knowledge is closed now within The Akashic Records.
Within the picture you will see how The Lemurian
Culture later enriched the surrounding Continents. Also
note the derived cultures that sprang forth from later
surrounding areas, their connection with the planet still
very strong today, their appearance undeniably similar. It
would also be important to note that in no way am I
suggesting that human forms began on Lemuria, I am
stating that our next phase in spiritual evolution inhabited
the forms of Lemuria. It would also be important to realize
in each plateau to our collective awakenings there has been
a great transformation on the planet, a continent ceased to
exist as we know it in the physical realm. Remnants which
remain are focal points to the greater among us to travel
and learn.

Lemurian culture was full of fantasy, many of our
past dreams were in fact once reality here. Since we were
still so connected with our etheric bodies, our mere
emotions transformed our world and personal forms. It
would be easy to see skin shades of blues and reds, humans
with more than four arms, or what we would call magic
performed without ceremonies. Yet the Lemurians had little
desire to control their world, they were connected to Source
and understood all was as it should be. In peace, they
watched life play out as it was meant to. The Elementals
thrived alongside the Lemurians during this time in what
would be looked at as harmony.
Solid eventually manifested into Earth. We as
Spirits helped bring this about with our fascinations, we
went from bending the matter to our will to becoming more
personal and touching matter hands on. Life for us began to
take on a more personal role as we grasped at being
entertained more by the world. There was as always within
our existence fractions that wanted to hold on to the old
ways, as others wished to progress with stone and metal.
Wars ensued for which the Hindu Texts of Ancient India
teachings speak thoroughly so I will not. I will say however
that it was perhaps the first time in our physical existence
that two Greater Beings stepped out of the shadows and
made themselves known. One Being influenced us to
become arrogant with the powers we wielded, this side
believed themselves to be Gods. The other Being
influenced our control over earth, it made us believe we
were to conquer and control it. It wouldn’t be for another
extended amount of time before we would recognize these
Beings for who they were.

Lemuria, being destroyed by war and chaotic
energies that we drenched the continent in eventually sank
away into history. As the fragments of this society
traversed and regrouped forming tighter understanding of
Nature in tribal communities, they went into personal battle
with The Being that whispered they should control nature,
as they developed their ability to enter the Astral world.
Many Shamans speak of the Blue Road and dangers to
travel it.

It is a fact that Earth’s energies are aggressive. Far
from the passive outlook that writers record it as having the
true nature of Earth is survival, which is an aggressive act
to all the species on this planet. Out with the old, in with
the new is the underlying energies here which is apparent in
the young lion cub eventually besting the leader of the
Pride. Earth is for the most part a builder, it is an upshot of
layer upon layer of earthquakes and reformations of land,
which has instilled in us an incredible adaptability to
survive. Many species have come and gone, it’s important
to note that this had been going on far before Humankind
stepped on the earth. We should however understand that
there are miniscule worlds that have formed and lived
beside us and within us, some that can be only viewed by a
microscope. By influence and necessity, we took on this
trait mentally to survive many harsh eras. In today’s world,
technology is simply the transformation/manipulation of
the matter that we had originally been able to mentally
create. We must ponder now if we are creating it, or if it is
creating us. We’ve come a long way, yet somewhere inside
we fear that, that which we are creating now doesn’t
eventually create itself like we do now. Or that we become
dependent more so on our creations, with Artificial
Intelligence over the horizon there is much to 19 | P a g e
contemplate. Already earth is feeling the devastation that
we are placing on it to fuel our destinies. Earth is the
original survivor, we would you kindly to remember that
with respect.

Earth’s secret is that we must learn to step away
from that which propelled us into the 21st century. The
species of humankind though superior does not survive
alone, we have made our place in existence, but our
aggressive tendencies have placed many of the other
species either in extinction or close to it. There’s a wealth
of wisdom to be gained from all the other inhabitants of
this planet. When we understand this, we further
understand ourselves. Remember that we were once them,
crawling, hunting, discovering, and surviving. I speak in
no way fearful towards this element, for its traits have
driven us to survive throughout years of adversity. We
should understand Earth more deeply before we continue
beyond this great changing millennium.

Solids Influence is for the most part awake. Earth’s
layers of crust are always active, though it takes its
directives from most higher beings. This in turn can get
conflicted when multiple orders are given at once. All other
voices are silenced when The Logos of this planet speaks
however, these are the times when we see the most
inactivity and the inhabitants on Earth can prosper.
Generally, we are meant to harmonize with earth during
this time, but nowadays we fail at this continually.
Solid has little interest in what Species hold reign
on earth, only that it is from Earth. This would mean should
we tinker with bioengineering as we do, should those
creations prove superior than they will in fact grasp Solid’s
attention. Should also Artificial Intelligence become
cultivated enough and prove to be more essential than we
are, Solid’s focus would inevitably sway towards it. It
would be due to our collective lack of connection to truth
which would make this so, we have become so fascinated
with our creations that we believe them to be more essential
then the air we breathe.