Yahweh, Our Planetary Logo (Part 3)

I will conclude these inserts here, I do so, so that I can convey where the 10th Absolute Law manifested. From Omniscience; The Conscious Collective Reawakened.


I now verge upon a topic that will be extremely hard to conceive by Christianity. I say this as one who has risen within a Christian Organization and was granted the ability to even Baptize others into its faith. It will be more receptive with those open to Occult branches for they have lessened their adherences to many mainstream thoughts. As for Christians, I see this as due to the historical struggles for Christianity into our current age. They have been so pressed to believe, and then again pressed to gain followings. It has been dually understood they have even had periods of aggression in history with extreme leaders. Now to be somewhat comfortable in their standing in the world, it is not without some still deeply rooted devotions.

It is difficult to fathom the complexity this Being we have come to know by many names and within many parts of our world. Though we due him no justice by not considering that all could be correct. We conceive of a God as omnipotent, yet when placed with the possibility that this could be true, we find reasons to argue it away. We have dissected these concepts into many branches, all feeling that each branch alone is right.

Again, the call for unifying our viewpoints are needed. For just the slightest divergence on what we contemplate is true about this Being. We can be slammed against a wall of non-belief or even non-acceptance to those who guard their concepts as life changing. We protect ourselves with what is written within Books of Knowledge, yet never investigate from whence this knowledge first originated. I do not seek to rewrite our historical documents, all can remain as it is. For these stories were already related to us yet lost to antiquity for various reasons.

Yahweh was brought forth by an evolution beyond our concepts and fell into balancing Lucifer’s uprising. We complex our understandings with the notions of Trinities and then giving equality to Lucifer. But these are new storylines, I will need to allow you to find a balance in these topics. As many now know Christianity is rooted in Hebrew faith, Hebrew belief influenced by The Land of Egypt, and Egypt belief brought down from Sumerian and Mesopotamia. We have the Gnostic Belief that held on to documents that Christianity no longer felt served them and were hidden away. And many books deemed unworthy to be placed into its pages by Christian Hierarchy. We’ve gone through a cleansing campaign from Entities seeking to destroy all past knowledge through the list of destroyed libraries and conquered cultures. Though deeply harmed, Consciousness sought out ways to resurface these truths. The many branches of Christianity all rooted in the same sources, no matter what Mystic’s they follow. Even before the great destruction in Alexandria many of the Pre-Biblical texts were hidden my Mystics in what we now call The Dead Sea Scrolls. We unfortunately have fragmented so many different storylines as to these ancient texts.

Yahweh would be the first Greater Being brought forth into existence. It was believed to be by The Omni-Conscious directives, but this is conceived differently depending on what “forces” influenced the Mystic. What is known, is that his birth would be in The Plane of Holy, but he was not of any Elemental Race, for he was able to blend into all Planes. In just a mere few thousand years he would take The Holy Beings to glorious heights. Suppressed the Outer Universe and kept it in a direct balance. Produced a calm among those that Lucifer led. And through knowledge only he possessed at the time, showed Holy Beings of Dimensional Creation. They would take this understanding to create the Heavenly Realms.

He would leave the Plane of Holy much like he arrived, but this time would reappear in the Plane of Psyche. The Beings that still moved throughout this Plane were significantly weakened by their manifested counterparts soon on the verge of Martian obliteration. Yahweh restructured the Akashic Halls and gave leadership and structure to The Plane of Psyche. Learning all he could among the knowledge and society much like he did in the Plane of Holy.

Amassing this knowledge gave to him many secrets we can only fathom about the universe. Yahweh would stay within the Plane of Psyche until he became a Perfected Being. He was a Being that always came into this universe with directives none other were privy to know. But none doubted his intention for the good of all. When ready, he would amass himself and travel to earth. Once here, he broke into the crust with great velocity and settled deep within its core. He would take on becoming the Title of Our Reverend Planetary Logo. This personally directed our Conscious Impulses here on earth, and he became solely responsible for the guardianship of the beginning Root Races. Though personalities differ, Our Planetary and Solar Logo work in complete harmony when considering our conscious progress.

I will let other titles be worked out among the individual Societies such as Master Sanat Kumara, Brahma,  Ahura Mazda, Al Khdir, Lady Master Venus, Lady Master Meta, Master Cha Ara, Lady Master Nada,  Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, and even identified as The Solar Logo. He has been said to be one of The Lords of Fire and in many places throughout our diverse past history. I ask simply why they can’t all be true for such a Perfected Being? But I will let the later Mystics work on this.

We search for reasons as to why we no longer are able to view what we consider to be “unknown” in this existence. As to why The Veil is unknowable to those of Form but seen with various degrees to those that are Conscious. It occurred when our Reverend Planetary Logo manifested on this planet and brought forth The Last Absolute Law, its effects coming into fruition in the middle of The Lemurian Age and lasted sense then.

The 10th Absolute Law states that Henceforth, Consciousness may know of Consciousness, now Consciousness may know of All Other Forms as those Forms are capable of Conscious Receptivity. Forms will only know of Forms but may know of Absolute Truth when progressed to that “Of Consciousness”.

We consistently bring forward stories of The Tower of Babel and manufactured stories that speak of The Breaking Up of our communicational abilities. There was at the time so many Greater Beings and Entities seeking to control our Conscious Paths. This placed us into a slumber to hinder them from taking hold onto our creative powers and manipulating it for their own infectious deeds. As now Guardian of our Conscious Path, this now locked out of all other’s influence. All Consciousness will now know of us when we are capable of receiving them. Many of us are now capable, but at the time, we were not. We were born bombarded with corruptive tendencies towards aggression and domination as instinctual survival. This enhanced the 4th Absolute Law and brought forth protections until we were able to receive them.

There are those that are born with a knowledge of the multiple layers of existence, we are born into a society that may not be able to know as we do. Many of us are then silenced and learn to keep this hidden from those who cannot see past this veil. This would have been much worse if The Outer Universe was able to corrupt us earlier in earths cycles. This also stopped The Outer Universe from infecting us directly, it would have to find new means to expand while we were allowed to strengthen.

This led to the expansion of Water’s Evolution in The Atlantean Ages, which was acceptable for they still were of The Universal Mind. As we now know, they evolved into a great civilization with deep insights into the ways of matter manipulation. It was when they were capable of receptivity, that they opened the gateways to other Beings and Entities. The White Magi became pitted against The Black Magi. The Anunnaki became aware of us on this planet as well as the hosts of other Star Beings spoken of in the second book.

I cannot say that in the future as we progress that there are not more Absolute Laws waiting to manifest. But it is time that we realize those that have and what conditions made them manifest. There is perhaps much more awaiting us as we grow as a Collective Consciousness. I pray all is received properly.

I have decided to recap The Absolute Laws for a quicker reference should you need them. Know that they are given to stimulate Conscious Growth and to unify ourselves towards a full true awakening in our future endeavors.