Learning to Create as Spirit (Part 3)

Putting This Wisdom All Together

Here Force operates as an extending pattern of conscious thought stimulated through the minds of beings. Order as we know it, will generally function in our current Known Universe in three parts, Forms, Waves, and Streamers. As we leave from physical consciousness and into the Outer Universe, we begin to see that the same laws no longer apply, or in the least have some variations. Note also that beings are able to exist in multiple places for instance, a human may have a physical body but due to the pain and suffering they have endured, it pushes their consciousness into the Outer Universe and locks them like an anchor to their false viewpoints. (New) I have had an experience with a friend that had lost the ability to walk during an explosion in the military. Wherever he fell asleep within our apartment his Etheric Form would attempt to pull himself away from his body in an agonizing expression. Never to be able to move from his midsection area. As I would talk him through his spiritual struggle he did not initially know of this suffering and was easily angered when discussed. It took time and Conscious Effort to free him from this state. (End New)

Depending upon what paths they take there could still be strong possibilities that they will come back to the Collective. Even still upon death that same Spirit may still have enough connection to consciousness to continue to live well into the Collective Universe. However, a continued amount of suffering and acceptance, from a continued amount of lives can only conclude that at the time of any death the rebirth will be in the Outer Universe. Yet again while this life is being process through the Realm of Entropy and Dimension of Fears, they will still exist as we know them in the physical universe, with a completely different perspective about life and in the Unconscious Collective. They will mimic life in the Conscious World and contort what is known as truth. They are still capable of the full range of emotions that are available to the human understanding within their individual means, but they will take these emotions to places where an evolving consciousness would never. Their concepts of oneness and their depth of love isn’t wholesome like most but wreaked with conditions that could be of any poor capacity. A Greater Being told me once, “that our truest power is the ability to change our thoughts”, perhaps the only key to helping our spiritual siblings back at this point. This is different if they move into the Dimension of Internalizations, here the suffering and acceptance takes on a deeper hold and the Soul moves into The Abysmal Realms, they will lose their Physical Forms and stay here locked in their pain.

Forms within the Collective are particles that through the Consciousness of Spirits formulate Waves and Streamers that solidify when they are locked by our creative powers. Though we may call this visualization, or prayers, manifesting forms is completely dependent upon the Consciousness that has created it. Whereas Awakened Spirits will have control over their direct environment and utilize Forms to create therein, Greater Spirits can possess power to create Forms with much larger areas of their environment. Perfected Beings however is what we would conceive of as Gods. Within the Collective Consciousness we universally create the Forms that we see upon the planet.

Forms are Force that begin as Waves, then connected through Streamers by observation to create shapes. Most of these shapes required little of our attention to maintain as we have become accustomed to this matter throughout lifetimes. Individually however we at times desire something that isn’t within our current environment. This is when our true spiritual nature’s flourish, Streamers shoot forth and influence the Waves and the Waves respond by bringing the desire into the known universe. This new Form (creation) is only as permanent as the force that the Spirit wields through its consciousness. These Forms can continue through lifetimes should the original spirit pass to others the awareness of the creation’s importance. An example would be a poor person that becomes a CEO by building up a company from scratch, she’s about to pass and has instilled in everyone in the company the importance that they have in the world and has lead a life helping others grow from a poor state like herself.

The Omni-Consciousness reflected through The Source of Consciousness supersedes all other Consciousness. In considering the Collective Consciousness, all must agree on the importance of the created forms for them to be maintained for an evolving awareness. Here we find the Collective struggles over what is right for all, and the Unconscious concepts of what is right for an individual. An example here would be major societal/global issues that have looked at the better good for the entire planet. It’s also here where we begin to understand how very little the Collective Consciousness has actually been able to do when it comes to creating a better world. Greater Beings have been able to Form better societies, but collectively we have yet to consciously unite on a Form which will create a better planet. This is also when we begin to understand that the Source of Consciousness does not takes sides in the experiences. Either Unconsciousness overtakes us, and this planet falls into the Outer Universe where life forms continue to fall into extinction until none are left, or Consciousness Forms an existence which takes us to a place of spiritual growth an abundance for every life form. Either way there is no death to the Omni-Consciousness, we are but a portion of life in a sizable body beyond our concepts. It is for us to connect back to the Source, only then will we be granted attention and be able to call into creation massive changes on this planet.

Forms within the Outer Universe are places that if any of us had the hardships to see, have tried to forget. Here are the places we talk about in stories as supernatural phenomena. Repetitious lives of clinging onto the Outer Universe has strung a tattered dulled Sub-conscious Realm around the places where Consciousness resides. These are the scattered places that beings reside after physical death, for any amount of time. For Beings of these Dimensions, their unconsciousness manifest everything as real Forms from painful deaths to repeating struggles. Every Unconscious Being clasp onto one another in a parasitic arrangement when no Conscious Beings are present. But due to existing without a physical form, the Outer Universe can now grasp onto the screams and drain their powers of creation to solidify them into nightmares. For in the Unconscious Level of the Omnipotent Design, these beings will now merge with this stagnated energy and in turn replicate an altered existence. There are few places where Forms such as this occur in the Outer Universe, yet they are all associated with incredible numbers of Spirits that have lost their way. At this point, only a Greater Being can develop the ability to free these souls, they are beyond the reach of normal Spirits in awareness. They are consumed in a world that is a webbing of all the echoes of suffering there, depending on how powerful that suffering is, it may bleed out into the physical world and be noticed by aware beings. There have been many misconceptions about these places, the strongest is that a ghost is created by just one bad dramatic death. When in reality this type of being existed many lifetimes in turmoil and suffering to such an extent that when the unaware person examining this being’s life, they would think it was a singular grand atrocity. The same would be true for beings that are born into a lifetime of war & killing, their unconscious natures placed them into such a life. Despite the debates, it is not, nor will it ever be within our natures as Spirits to destroy another aware life when we are part of the Collective Consciousness, for we know well our unity through all living experience. Places that have been in continued wars are a repetition of unconscious activity that recycles as new births are created. Eventually those few Conscious Spirits, leave the area and seek to grow away from the pain while the others stay and make up reasoning’s as to why the wars are right. That is, at least until that one death places them in one of the Outer Sub-Realms of Forms. Anywhere that we place our thoughts, the universe manifest on levels that most of us seem to be oblivious by.

Waves within the Collective are conjoined masses of particles moving in a continuous wave beyond our current conscious comprehension. Within the micro universe, these Waves are made continuously active by the billions of spirits pushing them around with their constant flow of thought patterns. Particles consistently bounce about, although something miraculous occurs when we observe all items in our Conscious Universe with any form of precision, this force by our observation becomes noticed. This occurs faster than you can view any item in your realm of vision, consciousness prepares quicker than any physical movement. Here, your intentions will masterfully create all matter that we as a collective have considered it to be. This is also why we are so intensely focused on wonderful new items we view for the first time, our consciousness is absorbing and categorizing it as it slowly is being processed. The arts especially have this effect, because it is unknown to us and must be realized for the first time from what the Artist is attempting to display.

In meditation or deep prayer, we slow the waves, this is done by slowing our concepts of thought patterns that arise when we focus our intention on a single point. By placing our observation on the very act of creation itself in the Collective Universe, we move outside of the constant waves that flow from all other sources. Waves are usually directly viewed through our singular observation, the only way to view the entirety of the universe is to view waves throughout a collective conscious observation. In the Collective Universe Waves make up everything that we do not view within our vision. The pure fact that the waves form into matter as we move about our day is the “indication of truth” that we reside within the Physical Universe. Here, Waves adhere to a collective understanding of what consciousness and unconsciousness perceive them to be.

Waves within the Outer Universe act quite different, imagine an electric jolted explosion that at the very end of its intensity freezes into place. Scattered is its branches and varied in its size. These Waves simply cannot pulsate or grow due to their lack of connection to Source. Beings that are of this universe are dependent on just their personal supply of energy. It sprays forth in varied amounts around these beings as they go about their day as if pulsated much like a heartbeat. These waves are completely reliant on getting energy from the being, so as the being moves about, the static explosion freezes, and will generally stay there for a time depending on the strength of the thought. Whatever the corrupted thoughts are of the being they have originated from, the Wave will continue to replicate as any other Souls walk through the area. If the wave is intense enough in emotion, it will grasp at any other Soul and attempt to feed off its energy this way attempting to maintain a continued flow as it would do if it was in the Collective Universe. Not all Waves are this strong, but this type is most dangerous around heavy populated areas, it will cause disharmony and disarray in a place for a very long time until cleansed. Most times when psychics walk into a zone and feel negative energy, this is what they are feeling. For the Beings that are capable of making these Waves, they are usually the type of people positive Spirits simply avoid as if by instinct. For those of us who haven’t the choice, the effects of being by them can be only destructive if we aren’t aware of their negative energy.

Streamers inside of the Collective would be considered Consciousness Incarnate. Start by becoming aware of yourself reading these pages, your consciousness is a stream that moves from your observation to the pages and stimulates wave particles to form a page for you to read. This stream of consciousness is within every Spirit in a never-ending innumerable flow that originated with the creation of life through the Omni-Consciousness. Your parents observed your conception, you observed your children’s, and so forth in this way since beginning-less time. This is not simply produced once you lay witness to these forms but manifested by us far before such conceptions. We can come into this life seeking new understandings and manifesting families, and this will ripen as such. We have always been conscious of one another as these multiple interconnecting flows of force encompass the planet and manifest life. There is a continuous flow of creation within each picosecond (one-trillionth of a second), some even at once. Imagine consciousness as a constant flow of creation streaming throughout every Soul on the planet at once.

Streamers here function as an unimaginable stream of Force connected to every conscious being on the planet, as one spirit creates, so does every being become aware of that creation consciously. When, for the first time we are introduced to something new here in the Collective, we integrate that with our personal experiences of existence. We then balance what is good about the item, and the Collective Consciousness adds it to a new viewpoint.

Streamers, being connected to the whole of the Known Universe is our spiritual root to beginning consciousness. Very much like a constant pulsating flow of force that leads back to originality. Within this encircling force of Streamers so too is the knowledge of every other form in the material world that we have conceived thus far. Hence the reason why the knowledge of trees and forms are held within our awareness even when we aren’t physically observing them, it’s been added and strengthened by thousands of other observations. Lastly, when considering “how” the world functions, we have developed this by Streamers of Force within the Collective Consciousness. This means, since we have postulated globally on how life forms, populate, and grow through our Scientific Fact-Based Model, they now do so as we have defined them. Streamers and Waves stand ready to form the instant we search for them with our awareness while following our collective standards.

Streamers inside the Outer Universe operate primarily as a stream of force that feeds without growth or connection to any form of other life. Here the Unconscious Beings will observe objects the same way as explained earlier, the Streamers moving forth to influence the Waves to materialize, note that they only originate from the being and not from the Universe. However, the Streamer will push force into the particles and as I have said the Waves will freeze in place. Should the Unconscious Being wished to maintain its connection with form it takes effort, this may be displayed with levels from uncomfortable agitation to extreme aggression. Consciousness here takes a constant effort, which in turns drains the limited supply of force. Streamers of force that originate from an unconscious being develop only to feed off other force, much like a survival mechanism. When Unconscious beings connect to Conscious beings, they will become aware of the other consciousness due to their need to feel that they exist. They will activate everything they have learned (many times negative emotions and techniques) to keep the attention of the Conscious being and satiate their need to feel real. These Streamers will not be enough and will pulse once and disperse, and so the Unconscious being must continuously create overblown events to keep and feed off a Conscious being’s energy. For them, it can literally feel like death if they can’t keep the Conscious being’s attention. This is much deeper than self-centeredness, since the being is no longer fueled by the Source of Consciousness it no longer feels a connection to all. It conceptualizes a universe where they are the only one in it and therefor every experience it has had is all there is. Without any new understandings, existence takes on the unconscious being’s observations of only what has occurred to it. New understandings can no longer become originated by them, they may take on clinging to a well supply energy of consciousness in individuals or groups in an attempt to replicate the Collective Universe. Strong Light Workers are able to reconnect these broken streamers briefly, but the unconscious being must be able to try to reconnect.

There is specially designed force that cannot be categorized within the known actions of force, for these I call “Other”. When considering the Higher Realms, most of our concepts no longer apply.

“Other” Force within the Collective Universe

These realms are the domains of Greater Beings we have at times called Gods. They are a collection of strong spirits that have surpassed the physical universe and reside here for a multitude of purposes. They may reside where/whenever they wish, some make their home within the Infinity Stream, a place beyond the concept of time and yet all places in the Known Universe at once. Creation takes on new laws here as we expand our consciousness to that of Universal Understanding, we blend our awareness with that of our Creator within the Realm of Order and renew ourselves as we gain insights into Creation beyond any former comprehension.

“Other” Force Within the Outer Universe

This type of Force is mainly in the Realm of Entropy. We can usually realize where the Source of Power is coming from in a Realm where there are Specialized Energies or “Other” within. Within the Outer Realms Specialized or Other is generally where Power is being concentrated. This is due to the processing and restructuring it takes to break down a Conscious Spirit. A Spirit can stay within the grip of corruption for any amount of time before it resurfaces inside the Outer Physical Universe. The other place is within the Higher Realm of Dark Matter, where beings have been dispersed to such an extent from their Consciousness that they are reborn as Beings that mimic the Unconscious Level of the Omnipotent Design. They feel themselves to be the will of the Universe and now actively participate in its expansion. It would be an extreme rarity to discover these types of Beings for they live in places we have never ventured and have appetites we could not fathom. If they should influence, it would be from afar. If the suffering and pain was loud enough, it may possibly attract their attention.