Buddhism and Hermeticism 2

I would like to give more insight on The Plane of Psyche and
its influence on Water’s Evolution. To start, I would like to
give a closer look at The Plane of Mind and its direct
connection to The Plane of Psyche shown here. The Plane of Psyche resides

to the right, in between The Plane of Water and The Plane of Mind. The Plane of Water manifested first, then The Plane of Psyche, which became the building force to manifested The Plane of Mind and advance Water’s Evolution.


Though not considered a formalized religion, Hermetic
Philosophy touched the many truth seekers throughout the
ages of intellectual thought. Hellenistic, Gnostic, and yet
rooted in Christian Influence it brought forth fundamental
structure to evolving spiritual understanding. What’s not truly
known is that spirituality was never the goal. It was a time
when The Universal Mind incarnated upon the planet to guide
Sentient Minds, in the form we’ve come to know as
Poemander. It must be understood that when dealing with
Beings of such magnitude generations of time may be
influenced. I will attempt to help with this comprehension and
will need some time to form these thoughts.

Beings such as The Source of Consciousness and The
Universal Mind are direct manifestations of The Omni Consciousness, which is a reflective of The Absolute. I clarify this in Omniscience, the last in my trilogy.

perhaps better understood as a reflection of its
omniscient persona. Conditions are usually manifested for
these Beings to form within or influence the Physical Realm.
These conditions are rarely known to Collective
Consciousness, only felt in Conscious Impulses for those few
capably attuned. Understand this however, such
manifestations will almost never occur within a single
physical form. A manifestation of such Beings will transgress
possibly generations giving its knowledge slowly to the
collective evolutions, so that Greater Beings (plural at times)
that are deemed their voices may be so for a multitude of

This is what occurred in the Greater Being we knew as
Hermes Trismegistus, once servant of The Dark Magi he was
privy to knowledge many awakened beings never had access
to. The Emerald Tablets is thus historical documentation of his
passage and lifetimes as he was able to free his bondage from
The Dark Magi. It is not my place to speak on the specifics of
the Emerald Tablets, for it was written in a way that will only
harmonize with a consciousness that has evolved enough to
understand its secrets. I can tell you however that it was
amassed through many lifetimes of Hermes throughout the
region, as he took on many different identities.

He was of Greater Being status and knew well what
knowledge he needed to become a Perfected Being. Once
guided by The Universal Mind, his powers far surpassed that
of The Dark Magi, they no longer could wield powers against
him. The Universal Mind sought him out to become Prefect to
The Plane of Psyche, a title once bestowed to Our Revered
Logos long ago. With Trismegistus blending his experience
within the Akashic Halls, knew modern conceptual structures
would formulate. The Plane of Psyche would connect to the
Plane of Water and The Plane of Mind in new understandings.
In the end, The Hermetic Principles would form as a reflection
of The Plane of Psyche. I realize I perhaps make this sound
very simplistic, but this was in fact thousands of years in the
making ranging from 6-5000 BCE to 500 BCE. Hermes (Now
Blessed as a Voice to The Universal Mind) would be
reincarnated many times and renamed as a God by the people
of each era. This would coalesce with the writing of The
Kybalion and the Three Initiates.

The outline of the Hermetic Laws is in fact the initial
groundwork to gain access to the Higher Plane of Mind. It was
blended in a way to be understood, as The Universal Mind
softened its views and permitted The Barrier of Mentalism to
be loosened to reconnect with Water’s Evolution. I doubt
many are unaware of these laws, but I must give them briefly
to continue. For us, they are called Principles in this era. Note
that these laws correspond with The Universal Mind and
advances insight into The Source of Consciousness.
Hermetic Principles: Laws of The Universe

1. The Principle of Mentalism “The all is mind; the
universe is mental.”
2. The Principle of Correspondence “As above, so below,
as below, so above. As within, so without, as without, so
3. The Principle of Vibration “Nothing rests; Everything
moves; Everything vibrates.”
4. The Principle of Polarity “Everything is dual, everything
has poles and everything has its pair of opposites; Like
and unlike are the same; Opposites are identical in nature,
but different in degree; Extremes meet; All truths, are but
half-truths; All paradoxes may be reconciled.”
5. The Principle of Rhythm “Everything flows, out and in;
Everything has its tides; All things rise and fall.”
6. The Principle of Cause and Effect “Every cause has its
effect; Every effect has its cause.”
7. The Principle of Gender “Gender is in everything;
Everything has its masculine and feminine principles.”

If you are among the few who are new to these principles,
I invite you to further your study on this topic within the
Kybalion Text. I have contemplated after this series giving an
understanding to that which was before us and below our
evolution, but when that arises, I may decide. As for what
presses forward, it will be the connection with The Higher
Plane of Psyche and Lower Right Side of The Plane of Mind.

What incentivized The Universal Mind to manifest was The
Outer Universe taking on direct influence of the one known as
Ahriman. Taking up from the Indus Valley where Murugan
and the Pleiadians were assisting with conscious evolution.
Eventually through trade with the Persians and Egyptians the
Dark Beings would become aware of conscious influence in
the region. The remnants of The Anunnaki resided in Egypt,
no longer in their original post in what was now Persia. Now
unprotected, The Outer Universe revitalized ancient
Mesopotamian and the Iranian Polytheism beliefs with what
would be called Zoroastrianism (Mazdayasna Originally).
Zoroastrianism originally formed in Iran and was created by
The Dark Magi to subjugate the followers, through wars some
would relocate in the Persian areas. Zoroastrians would take
on their own struggle as later the Conscious Beings within
would internally struggle to cleanse their belief structure with
that of the influential corruption. This is a history only those
well versed on Zoroastrian History can account for,
consciousness is scattered at times. All that is clearly known is
the emergence of the personification of Ahriman, and the
period of detailed height of his worship around 1110 BC. The
Persians defeat was many years before this, but in essence it
was the defeat of The Dark Magi by The Plane of Dark. The
Dark Magi retreated to Egypt and took to a deep slumber,
while this New Patheon took over leading the followers.

Within Indus Valley, the Pleiadians would retreat back
to their homeland, as stated they are very non-aggressive and
shy away from any conflict. The Vedic Philosophy would then
be taken over by The Universal Mind and become structured,
for The Universal Mind had great interest in protecting this
understanding. Eastern belief would be propelled evolving
into two branches, Shenism which would parent the well known Confucianism and Taoism within China. And the next
branch Jainism which would lay the groundwork for
Buddhism to later form within India.

Jainism developed by the eastern intellect to detour the
beginning threat of Ahriman’s influence within the Indus
Valley territories. This was done in many tactical ways by the
corrupted forces. With their continued invasions disrupting the

villager’s peaceful existence they harmed any semblance of
conscious growth. This in turn would harm the climate
conditions needed for a deeply entrenched agricultural society.
Once corruption had taken root, the rivers dried up. The
leaders of the Indus Valley knew well what was to come of
their once great cities. They took it upon themselves to write
down their sacred knowledge of The Vedas in what we know
now as The Upanishads. Before this threat, there wasn’t a need

for written understandings to these laws, for they were etrenched

in each new conscious birth.