Lower Realms in Water’s Evolution 2

Lower Planes in The Collective Universe

The Planes of Stimulus, Emotions, and Thoughts is
where self-stimulation would give to them a sense of
belonging to their environments of which they existed.
Stimulation on these levels would be procreation, that would
mean growth and survival. The Plane of Stimulus is a plane
that is the raw nature of physical creation. One may think that
society urges us into procreation, but it is something much
larger. Many Sages and Spiritualist seek to control this urge,
for some have come to learn it beacons even the most evolved
minds. To conquer this urge, would take on the power of
trillions of voices within the physical form, but also a genetic
collective that has existed for millions of years.
It is obvious without this stimulation that we would
rarely populate, even now we have species of animals that
have very low stimulation to breed and are always placed on
endangered lists. Here we will find that the Plane of Stimulus
has given little energy to these forms to procreate, through the
Universal Mind they are no longer considered important
within the greater scheme of life. We tend to look at these
events and consider our responsibility of causing extinctions,
but if they are needed, they would find a way to evolve to
meet the demands of evolution. The only part in this we have
responsibility from is when we outright hunt a species to
extinction for unnecessary needs as in the whale population,
there are many others. In considering how we outcry about an
endangered species we tend to not place any need for them
other than our overwhelming concern, this bares little interest
to the Plane of Stimulus and anything without “purpose” will
likely fade into existence.

This urge is without fault, both sexes will have an
intimate internal calling at many points within their lifetime.
There is perfective evolved circuitry that gives an intense
pleasurable sensation to this act, but in truth, it is the Plane of
Stimulus that gains ownership of the form. In the event that
more than one physical form adjoins to perform acts of
procreation, the Plane of Stimulus will send out a signal to the
Universal Mind through DNA pulses. It will acknowledge the
forms and decide what genetically these forms can give to the
process of Sentient Life on the planet.
Our truest fault would be when we force a stimulation
of growth within a species for our personal needs. We take
control of this species and take it away from the Universal
Mind and it’s control. This will evolve a species into an
overpopulation and many diseases will continuously sprout up
in attempt to control this growth. The species will become fast
tracked in their mental awareness as well, even cows are
known to cry for weeks when their babies are taken from
them, there is a distinct knowledge of what suffering their
lineage will have. We need not look further than Man’s Best
Friend, the majority now have a very clear understanding of
their responsibility to us and view us as the center of their

Each Plane possesses Sub-Planes but will not be looked
at in these writings. The Plane of Stimulus manifested with the
birth of Mitochondria 2.4 billion years ago. The threat of
extinction through this era is what consciously causes
Stimulus to always be at the ready, assuring that should global
destruction occur, there will always be enough life to rebuild.
Trying to conceive the number of Mitochondria we
possess within each individual body is mind boggling.

Mitochondria are responsible for converting food into energy
for our Cells, so they can be considered Farmers and Tenders
to the Cell’s nurturing and growth. Now consider that each
Cell can possess anywhere from 500 to 1000 Mitochondria
depending on the type of Cell. Lastly, now consider that there
is roughly 30 Trillion Cells in each Body. Within each of our
physical forms, there lies a universe of Mitochondria that will
combine as a collective. We refer to this as a Mitochondria
Central Mind or many voices, only coming into complete
unity when stimulated by complete pleasure through deep
ecstasy of various kinds. This could include deep mental states
of ecstasy while performing many different activities.
Otherwise, it tends only to its individual parts as it is capable.
Should a particular portion of our bodies cellular structure fail,
and the Mitochondrion Central Mind isn’t aware, then that
portion of body will fail no matter if it sets off a chain reaction
and harms other cells.

Positive nourishment of this Mitochondrion Mind will
be primarily to acknowledge its existence. Corruption will
attack the Plane of Stimulus foremost, for it will be easier to
fragment the other structure to the form (body). I will go over
these events in the Outer Universe part of the Lower Realms
further on. We love to seek pleasure of our experiences here in
bodies, and generally the most fit are indeed the most active.
Finding pleasure in simplicity and calm is a great way to
counterbalance Mitochondria, they have evolved to believe
activity equates to progression of the species. Find pleasure
even if at first it is something that must be learned, trillions of
voices will cry out but will easily adhere to your wishes when
not corrupted.