Within Earth’s Evolution (Video)

Death from any event where the consciousness is within the Collective, that Soul will generally be reincarnated here again after a time. You may not be ready for this realization, but a healthy uncorrupted Soul does not leave Earth’s Evolution. They do not travel about in Limbo and need to go into the light. These recorded NDE’s are, and are not accurate. They are accurate because it is an event that happens to us as we create it. They aren’t accurate because we are not able to see conscious truth in the beginning.

It is amazing how when we lose the connection to a physical body how capable we are to gain our Powers of Creation back. How quickly the universe becomes what we wish it to. And it will become what we wish it to, even if we feel we have no power over it. We can be so enthralled with these NDE’s or actual deaths that we float about in a creation of our own design if we are willing to let go. Fantasy become manifested and we play in a world of heaven and delights, this is more of a mayday for the Guardians. They will visit you quite often to help you to realize you are misperceiving truth, which could take many generations on earth. When you do become Conscious again, you will be ready to reincarnate.

If not, we stay and will go through a curious period of attempting to contact our loved ones, they in turn may dramatize their feelings based on their beliefs. Life appears very solid for us, only we are moving about as an Etheric Body, our physical form lost, our Astral Form not realized. This is our plight when we have not awakened to forms yet. The Conscious Universe cannot reconnect to us until we accept this, for our minds will still be active speculating solely on what went wrong from all that we “thought” would occur after death. You can stay here for generations and never see another like you, you eventually realize that this current existence you’re in is only of your own making, you are in essence standing still as time moves onward and you still very consciously view it move throughout all that you grasp at as real.

The moment you accept that you are Consciousness without Form, a predetermined Guardian will be able to enter your self-created universe and guide you forward. They will assist you in overlooking your last life and guide your plan when you are ready to reincarnate. This is how it is done, every time when you are a Collective Soul without Awakening. It is peacefully yours alone, full of recollection and contemplation.

Loved one’s with clairvoyance will connect easily with you when they dream while you are in this dimension. In the beginning stages while you are here in confusion, these loved ones will feel your suffering, later as you become at peace, they will conceive this as well and even have wonderful experiences when they visit as long as you are here.

Collective Universe Reincarnations

I have written much within this book about reincarnation. I thought that I would give us a bit more clarity to have, when these times present themselves in our cycles. Should you need the initial understanding please see Chapter 10, Dimension of Internalizations. Perhaps the most sought-after understanding would be why is the consciousness lost during these lifetime cycles. Not to be mysterious, but is it really? Each one of us have had brief concepts about another life and have quickly dismissed them. For the Soul within the Collective that doesn’t have control over their reincarnations, it’s not as complicated. To be reincarnated takes a willing mind, somewhere within the process we must accept wanting a new life. This New Life comes with new input from Consciousness, and a New Chance to experience physical form while advancing our own personal development. At this point we already accepted that we are going to outlive this next body. But the communication between us and our Guides aren’t at all verbal, we do not sit down with pen and paper to decide our next lifetime and lessons. Souls communicate through consciousness, a mind we haven’t fully awakened to at this stage. Impressions of great intensity can flood our minds, we will see the entire new life before we reincarnate, but the lessons will never be learned if we knew what was to inevitably come. We seed ourselves in a slumber and the Guide places us back into the physical world. We must decide on this, if we wish to go back then we must place ourselves in a slumbering state. Many have stayed for hundreds of years before deciding, some cultures have developed beliefs that visiting and gaining blessings from their ancestors is needed, and so we stay to impart wisdom to our generations until these beliefs cease. Either through obligations or enjoyment we stay until we are ready.

We seed ourselves to protect the integrity of our true selves, when being reborn into the world we are given new Consciousness, this is done in our slumbering form that is encased and protected. When entering through the birthing process we are bombarded with personalities from our genetic line and our race. These personalities will attempt to mold us into their concept of the current world understandings. The Genetic Personality is dependent upon each of your parent’s lifetime of experiences. If they are in conflict with themselves in anyway, perhaps haven’t accepted their lives or are in internal struggle with their experiences in life. This will be impressed upon you, many times a positive parent’s experience will phase out a negative parent. The Race Personality can also be in conflict, in most cases where different Races are involved there are internal struggles that each parent may have had to find peace with. Each Race Personality comes with a force of ownership on this new form. If each parent has identified with their Race Personality, then this personality would in turn attempt ownerships of us. If in fact, both or one parent has conquered their Race Personality then you will be free from its impressions. Throughout this process we are seeded and safe within our encasement, and upon birth these Personalities will begin to form us as we grow. Here we can find great and unique features form from our Genetic and Race Personalities, they are blending and finding a way to harmonize in form.

This seed with our true selves will remain encased but will begin to emanate. This usually is what occurs the moment we begin to remember our experiences as children. Some children begin to remember experiences as young as one year of age, where others first remembered experience could be at three. This speaks to the amount of time they were in conflict with these Personalities. In a perfect scenario, both parents have conquered fully their own personalities. This newborn will be free and joyous from birth, and there is a feeling of great lightness to their energy. The true self will take charge of these other personalities upon waking and seek to organize what they have considered harmonizing already. The moment the true self wakens they become fully connected to the physical world, and with-it Karmic Strings begin to form the already established Genetic and Race Personalities. This doesn’t happen instantly for these strings are tracing themselves back to the beginning of their lines and where enturbulations have occurred. Our personal Karma doesn’t officially begin until the Chakras become established, each individual to our needs.

In children born with deficiencies they are generally brought forth from either parent, this is hard to be accepted still. For we have placed so much faith in our science, and since science has not fully grasped this, we have not. In cases where neither parent is responsible, a few things may need to be considered. The Soul chooses to reincarnate this way to help either parent’s karma to ripen. An awakened being chose this lifetime to experience this for reasons unknown to us. The Collective Consciousness has plans that we may only know throughout the lifetime of these children. I can think of cases when parents were incredible supporters of Disability Laws that may not have taken the stance if they did not have to confront it within their own families. Remember that Souls live in a Universe of Cause and Reason, we must always look for a deeper meaning behind the physical situations we find ourselves in. Most time they are there to take us to new heights within the Collective Universe.

Outer Universe Incarnations

 Two things to note, a Collective Being will mostly be born in the Collective Universe. An Infective Being will mostly be born to the Outer Universe. The grey area here is when a Being is struggling to free themselves from corruption, they may jump back and forth and will just need guided Consciousness to break this cycle. We can see this in Collective Souls giving birth to children they have complete misunderstandings with on viewpoints of common humanity. Of course, children go through their stages, but this is very different, there is a core value that the parents both possessed but just couldn’t instill within the children. This grey area leaves with it a host of opened complexities that must be looked at in future writings. But the Collective Parent will need contemplation before action, conscious observation with confronting truth will give to them the steps to progress. Understand that this child gained an understanding that brought them forth into the Collective, or they would not have been born here. They now need to find a way through the residue left from being corrupted.

            Generally, we cannot conceive of an Infective Being and a Collective Being bringing forth a reincarnation. For Infective Beings in a relationship with a Collective Being, will quickly infect the Collective Being. In the unfortunate event that rape occurs to a Collective Being, there is a grace period when the Collective Being struggles to find acceptance of the event. If they do, they will have the opportunity to cleanse the baby forming within them which is a power granted only at this time. I have personally witnessed this, and it is miraculous, but the toughest to achieve internally from the mother to be. This grace period will generally be during early stages as the baby is forming. Should she conquer her own suffering and remain a Collective Being, the child will be placed into the Collective this lifetime. Should she become an Infective Being, so too will the child. Should she only achieve cleansing herself after birth, then the baby will be Infective, but at least still holds the ability of being raised by a Collective Being. This is an even greater understanding that mothers hold over the blessings of life.

            To be an Infective Being will incarnate you time and again in an infective family. This continues the cycle of corruption. You come into the world with no new consciousness of the planet’s progression of understandings and viewpoints. Just the negative viewpoints that you have gained from prior lives which will be impressed and coated onto your true self’s encasing. This Entropic Force travels with you like a parasite clung to your true self, when all stages of Genetic and Race Personalities come forth, they will do the same as before. But in most cases, you will be hindered by two already Infective Parents, adding their unconscious experiences with these Personalities. Once you begin to emanate from your true self, it must first get through the dark mass that has surrounded you which is an assemblage of viewpoints not of truth. You can continue this amassing continuously, thickening and strengthening itself every time you agree with these viewpoints.            

The events that can help during this time will weaken the false viewpoints and even at times give you a sense of clarity. Feeling warmth and kindness from others which is freely given without and attachments. Conscious Beings looking at you and piercing through the mass to connect to your true self. Karma from past deeds ripening to grant you blessings. Or you deciding to not succumb to these viewpoints and look for a way out of them. We see this last part done endlessly, beings rising out of their suppressed situations and becoming their own heroes. If they do so and develop the kindness and compassion for others in general hardships, then they can fully free themselves. But if they do so with the negative viewpoint of self-survival and it persists, then they have just added to their corruption.

There is in every form or literature parts that call out to us as spirits, we simply need to change the way in which we observe them with our conscious efforts. In Revelations we are told that in the ending days all will hear the word of God, as spirits we can easily view the “word” as a spiritual calling and “ending days” as the ending of physical consciousness as we awaken as one.

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