Star Beings in The Known Universe 3


The Anunnaki:

I may harm some concepts of this
Star Race, for it is believed that they come from a
Planet that resides within our Solar System. Nibiru Is
their home planet, but resides on a Solar System
close to us, it is a very organic planet that is
developed by harvesting 100% natural resources
which makes it unseeable close to 90% of the time
here from Earth once we develop the capabilities.
Their technology has developed the planet as a
source of heat to sustain themselves for the long
travels beyond their Sun’s warmth. They did come to
Earth to farm our rich resources of Gold, for their
planet’s thermal projects. They did not bioengineer
the human race, they were experimenting on
enhancing our already human forms. They sought to
extend our lives, which initially worked but
dwindled as we procreated. There were many other
experiments that were eventually deemed inhumane
by Enki and stopped. They are highly advanced in
gravitational technologies, they have transformed
their Satellites (Moons) into ships that can dislodge
themselves from their home planet and propel into
the galaxy. This does have a gravitational effect on
the Solar Systems they interact with and takes a very
long time to move about, in addition to the
calculation of all other planetary systems movements
to reach their goal. It is such ships that have caused
us to believe that another planet orbits our solar
system, but it has since left and reconnected back to
its own.


The Gray’s come from a star-system known
as Zeti Reticuli, which is a star system located
somewhere in the southern celestial hemisphere.
They generally are the Star Beings that have evolved
to high Intelligence and will have a variety of shades
and features, much like humans. At over 40 light years away,

they must strictly plan their travels to
Earth when there’s an opening. They tend to perform
many experiments on earthlings, but ironically, it’s
for their own data storage. They continually
“document” and “categorize” universal species. Tall
and humanoid with a long head, and distinctive grey
features; They are the most commonly depicted alien
life-form in our media. And are also the beings that
are most commonly described by alien abductees
who have been returned back to Earth. The Grays
have the greatest tendency to be involved in
abductions, they are not of The Outer Universe but
seemed to have a calling all their own. They
communicate only out of what they consider
necessity, humans considered them cold and
emotionless. They have no tendency to be involved
with takeovers or manipulate earth’s civilizations,
only to document which is speculated as purpose
they have self-evolved into. The Sassani is a version
of Grays, but we have created hybrid stories of them.

Published by Shagri'el

There is more to us than Creation, there’s love and support, and a blending of ideas. All prospering towards a day when all spirits within a great cosmic awakening transforms us like never before seen in the Known and Unknown Universe. In the meantime, we perform the groundwork.

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