Star Beings in The Known Universe 2


I can give you what is known to The Collective
Consciousness, this is not to say that anything more or less is
wrong, it just doesn’t reside within The Collective. They may
reside within Dimensions and other Realms shadowed within
The Known Universe, or even within the reality of a Greater
Being imparting their influence on a group of followers. I have
already spoken of the Consciousness of The Planetary Bodies
but haven’t detailed the societies in which they exist. Just
understand that individually Planets and Suns of a single Solar
System possess both separate and collective personalities.
When advancing this observation, these personalities can be
engulfed into yet another Collective Personality of The Galaxy
in which they reside. Next, these Greater Galactic
Personalities can be placed into three categories within The
Known Universe, Collective (Conscious), Universal (Mental),
or Outer (Corrupted). This will determine the type of Beings
that reside within these regions, and how we should view these
heavenly bodies and what chaos or harmony we see. Higher
among these Beings are the Star Systems we know as
Astrological Signs, we have had such an extensive connection
with them we know well their distinct personality traits, they
are individuals among the Greater Universal Systems. These
Astrological Signs are the Guardians of a Universal Design
that must not be formally presented within this writing, just to
be made aware of.

Many other Entities within the Known Universe can reside
and not be of The Collective and are free moving. They can
hail from places other than The Outer Universe and the Plane
of Dark. These are The Primordial Elemental Planes (which
reside below the manifested Elemental Planes) and The Planes
of Chaos (which has yet to be discussed). Many can reside
outside of the Known Universe but are rarely of the Collective
Consciousness for light does not touch them. Star Beings of
The Collective will be organic or biological with a very
distinct ability to self-procreate or self-repair, they may
possess any array of technological advancements to assist in
these capabilities. These are the Beings known to
Consciousness, they are of the Star Beings that benefited from
The Buddha’s awakening and have been developing
Consciousness at their individual paces for the last 2500 years.
The only exception would be The Pleiadians, who were
graced into The Collective since the end of The Atlantean
Age, all others not mentioned will have derived from areas not
yet discussed.

The Pleiadians:

The Pleiadians come from a bright
star cluster known as the Pleiades. They are one of
the beings in the Milky Way and known as once
residing here on Earth as The White Magi of The
Atlantean Age. They now reside in The Plane of
Light and are Guardians of The Infinity Stream. The
Infinity Stream is the bridgeway our consciousness
is processed through when reincarnating, it is the
force that all Time resides in. It is here that we speak
of “the bright light” and seeing “past relatives”
during NDE (near death experience). Their Bodies
are of pure energy now after shedding all ties to
collective karmic advancements, though not
immortal they can self-sustain for an unaccountable
amount of time. They will not procreate and so are
particularly cautious of that which could possibly
harm them.

Annunaki Continued on 4/7/21…


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