The Multiverse

As we gently fall to sleep at night our consciousness withdraws from this plane and awakens to another. The Dream Realm is beyond our full comprehension, it is grander than our spacious conceptualizations, and more connected than we can physically conceive with our minds. But this does not mean that it is not capable of being grasped. Consciousness is unique in that it can expand the Mind’s capabilities, it can also hinder it as well. Grandmasters of Meditation are said to always be conscious, even while in a recuperative sleeplike state. Most of us are consumed in this sleep as we become purely reactive to the dreams that manifest. Bruises from falls, jerking awake as we fall back into the physical realm, and even events having impact on our daily lives emotionally and mentally are just examples.

We believe this is our time to “let go” and “unwind” to release our activities of the day. This mere thought allows for us to become subjugated to what dreams form throughout the night. These dreams have no direction, therefor will manifest many experiences that consciously we have chosen to avoid. Once awake, we are left with searching for meaning in these dreams but lack the complete consciousness to observe them fully. They are mostly fragmented and will eventually lead to more misconceptions, so we have decided to forget about them and recycle this scenario day after day.

We would be best suited to give ourselves a direction if we are unable to maintain consciousness, so that the dream realm would be able to manifest choice experiences. To realize the Dream Realm is to realize it is where we once were before manifesting into the Physical Realm. There are multiple levels of realms that we had derived from, the physical only being the latest. So why would one wish to stay conscious while sleeping? So that we do not break the continuation of our experiences here within the physical realm. We are in essence only partly here, continuously attempting to be fully manifested. When we meet these Grandmasters, it is their ability to be rooted in reality that shakes us to our core. They have fully accepted and do not run or hide in the Dream Realm.

To be free from this manifested physical realm is to realize and fully accept it. This acceptance is not just a way that we can explain it away in our various definitions. It is the acceptance of the totality of the Known Universe in which we exist, both physically and spiritually. It is the acceptance that all that has been created upon this earth we have shaped. We have created Life and Death, we have created Love and War, and we have created separation. All that has influenced and has infected our creative powers, does so through our acceptance. All that we have sought to ignore and free ourselves from, binds us to our misguided constructs of this world. Falling away into this Dream Realm, temporarily breaks our experience of this and further fragments us from The Source of Consciousness.

The physical form is the extension of Life’s Force expansion, it is the first spark that continuously collects information for The Universal Mind. But we are of Consciousness, we direct how that matter is developed and manifested through this expansion. This acceptance does not take deep amounts of training, because we have evolved consciously. It just takes an awakening of what is. This does not happen instantly, but I suggest taking moments throughout your day to bring your attention fully present so that you can become aware of the multiple streams of thoughts being processed within your mind. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is an incredible resource for those with the busy schedules most of us have nowadays.