Omniscience: Mystics Continued..

The only insight I can give to these Mystics is to sustain with your commitment through a higher form of consciousness. Know that you must see beyond opinions that may alter your realized truths either positive or negative. For residing in Conscious Collective ultimately is residing in Absolute Truth. Should you never get any receptibility from the masses, it will still be untainted by those seeking other agendas. And will be brought forth in purity into The Collective without The Outer Universe knowing.

Should Mystics ever be graced with The Reflections of The Omni-Conscious, wisdom must prevail. They may when becoming present in Absolute Truth get insights from The Source of Consciousness or The Universal Mind. Realize that they both have distinct forms of communications. The Source of Consciousness will always refer to itself as “I”. This “I” is indistinguishable from any other “I”. When communicating on any event, person, or place The Source of Consciousness will all-inclusively refer to it as “I”. I can only suggest reading The Book of Enoch and understand when The Source of Consciousness spoke as this “I”, and when this “I” was not present. It’s a great way to teach ourselves this insight.

The Universal Mind will refer to itself as “We”, this again is an all-inclusive “We”, which will replace event(s), people, or places. The Universal Mind will not direct its communication to a single identifiable “Thing” but will generalize it and bulk it into connected categories. The “We” it refers to will be understood to be the “We” of all observation. Thus, actually sounding disconnected from existence, yet Observer to it All.

This trust in yourself must be maintained by each Mystic, for they must gain these insights or may fall into Relative Reality. Other Beings (or Entities) that have gained this knowledge will seek to replicate this. It will take a Greater Beings consciousness to see passed this deceit, or an Awakened Being wise enough to catch faults in the communication.

Introduction. 6

The Multiverse. 27

Perennialism Reawakened. 58

Evolution of Ancient Wisdom.. 103

Force, Scientific and Spiritual 145

Force in Our Known Universe. 172

The Birth of a Universe. 207

The Corruption of Consciousness. 266

Rebuilding Consciousness. 299

The Birth of Our Solar System.. 317

The Ten Absolute Laws. 370

Darkness Falls. 376

Three Paths of Animalism.. 393

Monotheism to Polytheism 458