The Ten Absolute Laws

From The Birth of a Universe.

1st Absolute Law
There is only the Absolute. Though dark we may perceive, but what we perceive must be known for its Truth. The Absolute is all, and thus before this Known Universe came into manifestation The Absolute was.

2nd Absolute Law
“No Thing” will exist without opposition. Beings beyond substance may possess no opposition but can never grow into such without becoming manifested first.

3rd Absolute Law
“No Thing” will exist with permanence. Consciousness will be realized only through transmigration and only through transmigration will Absolute Truth be known.

4th Absolute Law
Consciousness must Realize Consciousness to manifest Growth. Those of Unconsciousness may know of Forms, as those of Consciousness may know of Consciousness.

5th Absolute Law
The Absolute is “what is”, all manifestations within are of Consciousness. Whether we conceive them as Dark or Light they are of one in nature and thus supportive of a singular goal.

6th Absolute Law
Should Consciousness move into Form, Form will fragment Consciousness. Each fragment will thus gain New Consciousness to reassemble anew. Only Beings that have Fully Realized Consciousness will maintain what they have realized.

7th Absolute Law
Consciousness may transverse innumerable paths, they may search throughout existence and freely come to any conclusion. Yet all paths will inevitably come to the Singular Truth of The Absolute.

8th Absolute Law
With the attentive acceptance of experience, Beings of Consciousness may be graced into comprehending Absolute Truth, though must be Conscious to be graced with knowing The Absolute.

9th Absolute Law
Perfected Beings can Create Conscious Forms with seeds of Current Full Realizations. Those below that of Perfection in Consciousness, are thus allowed to create Conscious Forms with seeds of Manifestation. Those that are neither “Conscious” nor “Of Consciousness” cannot create.

10th Absolute Law
Henceforth, Consciousness may know of Consciousness, now Consciousness may know of All Other Forms as those Forms are capable of Conscious Receptivity. Forms will only know of Forms but may know of Absolute Truth when progressed to that “Of Consciousness”.

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