Learning to Create in The Realms


It was always my goal to give a complete account of our very real Spiritual Evolution. All Ancient Teachings had this in mind, at times these teachings needed lengthy intense understanding, for we are such a complex evolution. I believe when we came to America the settlers were meant to intermingle beliefs with The Natives here and grow into a centralized spiritual practice. But it appeared the Luciferic Influence was too strong and the Settlers still immature spiritually. The Native Americans belief in Oneness with The Universe would’ve been a great compliment to The Settlers belief in The Trinity. But even being set back a few hundred years is better than not awakening at all. I cannot fathom how many great blessings were given throughout this time from Our Guardians and Family of the Light forces. The Collective is a place of wonder, that must be sought after like a treasure, not simply given. Just as sure as I live a normal life on a 9-5, I’ve committed to learning in the mist of the experience.

Realm of Possibilities              

Here is where we begin our journey in the Physical Universe as capable spirits. It is considered the birthplace into human life. The Sub-Planes here are Dreams, Hopes, and Goals. Each one capable of giving us the inner strength to evolve spiritually as we become aware of our nature and gifts. It is here where we lay the groundwork to understand our powers over Creation by replicating it within the physical world. The universe and all of our lives was formed by the Omnipotent Consciousness, but to observe that act taking place we must learn to quiet some of the repetitive voices that we have studied and listened to for so long now. Some contemplations may seem trivial to most of us at this level because we may have already acknowledged our part in the building of societies. When in truth these cities and counties were built by a joint effort from leaders that had existed far before us (like perhaps our Democracy from Roman territories), and the people who decided how much they would actually stand for (like historical riots and civil wars). We would eventually form a consensus, but that by no means implies that we are finished. Morals were formed within different cultures that reflected what their needs were at the time, and as they were no longer needed, they were changed and made into new laws. All of this progression was created with less effort than it would take to understand ourselves internally, for there were so many leaders directing us we had but to look at their options and decide a path… Continued in Consciousness: Earth’s Evolution, Spiritually Realized

Plane of Dreams: here we begin to formulate our desires. This plane isn’t capable of judgment for the universe is abundant in energy. If we feel guilty about our desires, it’s completely from our own way of thinking. These desires impulse out from our consciousness into the universe to begin linking pathways to manifest. The dynamic level here is completely for the self, look at this as a young person living under their parent’s roof and dreaming of a day when they would have their own life. We can stay here and dream continuously about the new job, new car, new house, and partner. We will always be…Continued in Consciousness: Earth’s Evolution, Spiritually Realized

Plane of Hopes: here we expand ourselves to looking at what we believe to be an idea place to live and function. This arises only after we have achieved any amount of the benefits from the lower plane. We grow aware of our ability to create and now feel that our standards to continue creating must meet an expanded criterion in the place where we live. We are now selective due to many factors from, our job, our family, and friends. In fact, their input may add to our creating abilities as waves of force are stimulated in large quantities to attempt to form what we hope to be the idea space. Here we bounce…Continued in Consciousness: Earth’s Evolution, Spiritually Realized

Plane of Goals: here we become fully conscious of our ability to create a better life for ourselves, our loved ones, and our community. We are aware of the many times we used these gifts to the point where we have gained a confidence that we are active participants in the conditions in which we live. We exist in communities that help one another, and we gladly take on a wise active role because of our understanding. We could be leaders…Continued in Consciousness: Earth’s Evolution, Spiritually Realized

Realm of Realities

Plane of Concepts

Plane of Formulations

Plane of Placements

Realm of Order


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There is more to us than Creation, there’s love and support, and a blending of ideas. All prospering towards a day when all spirits within a great cosmic awakening transforms us like never before seen in the Known and Unknown Universe. In the meantime, we perform the groundwork. View more posts

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