The Outer Universe 5

Unconsciousness begins to grow the same as Consciousness, when we move our Observations into areas that we perceive to be the workings of the Grand Design but are mistaken. We allow ourselves to be influenced by the groups we are attached to without taking an aware viewpoint for ourselves, and over time this becomes the norm. We then tend to follow what the “new ways” of existing are in our communities, not because we know it to be right, but because that’s what everyone is doing. We become afraid to move outside of these viewpoints.

Overtime, continuing this way darkness begins to eat at our Consciousness as it conflicts with our original concepts of oneness, and we begin to attempt to form our own understandings from what we once knew was right. Yet without connections with the Source, we aren’t presented with current understandings from within the Collective Consciousness and must piece together what we believe to be right. We continue this way until we seek to feed off anyone or anything, we believe will make us feel this connection again, or fill the gap that is left in our souls. In the worst extremes, we end up taking on the conception that our survival is paramount to any others in our existence, for everything is just for us to experience. Every hardship is ours alone and those who hurt us must be dealt with.

In the lowest of the Outer Universe, we find ourselves so completely disconnected that there is nowhere for us to grow. We are born into a realm where hunger is so intense and cannot be filled by any source, yet our influence over infecting others is strong as we fight to get the smallest samples of Consciousness to survive. Feeding off of the Collective this way takes from the Conscious Spirits that dwell here, hindering then from growing unless they become Consciously Aware of the infection.

It is also time we look at what we are doing to our own bodies that may cause the Outer Universe to take hold. All of the Conscious Universe survives in a complete circle of processed energy, our bodies have evolved to do just this. Should we choose to take in meat or take in vegetables it is and will only be of a personal belief detailed within our very unique paths. It is the way in which we take in these foods that we have to acknowledge. In societies, we pack chemical pollutants into our foods we inevitably consume which is excessively destructive to ours and family’s bodies. We pollute the airs in which we breathe with little concern for the effects and build ways of energy that are detrimental to our lives even when they are contained. We digest our bodies with drugs, with little knowledge or concerns for what it will do to us. And we have children during these events, infecting them with all we have lingering within us. And this is just the physical side of it.

Should we find that we show personality traits within the Outer Universe don’t become too discouraged. I offer this as a wisdom, we may all jump throughout the Realms on varied degrees and opinions. Those that are most in danger of losing themselves are those who aren’t capable of seeing these faults within. We operate on Consciousness alone, and it is the degree in which we possess it that would determine our strength in these darker realms, if we ever awakened in past lives our Consciousness will be stronger if we fall. As I have learned, do not feel guilt either, for even in falling there are lessons to learn, and paths to realize. Continued