The Outer Universe 4

The raw potential of Creation is untapped by the spiritual world, thus far only reserve for Greater Beings. Even now the pathways we possess here to achieve such greatness so far only tell us to be humble and not make grand displays of such gifts. They warn that we should live in silence because the world “isn’t ready” for such feats. I must play Devil’s Advocate here, what we call “all these reasons” is merely a way for us to hamper down on our true potential so that we never are able to give another being a glimpse of what can truly be. There are Greater Beings that choose to keep themselves secret to us, but they have their reasons. But then there are those who exist throughout even this world that never come forward. Within a Buddhist prayer, the Sangha (body or community) calls forth to honor Buddha’s, all other Beings that have the potential to become Buddha’s, and the Buddha’s that have hidden themselves to please come forth and grant us their wisdom. My point here is that within the Spiritual Collective we are very aware of one another and are unified in our goals. We may even communicate in ways that our consciousness may not yet fully understand, but we are all here. Existing within the Realms, Planes, and Dimensions.

The Outer Universe, full of Unconsciousness and lack of growth, incapable of connecting to the richness of life and the everlasting supply of Consciousness. It reflects a place that feeds upon itself as it mimics what it conceives to be right. Lightworkers and Healers work tirelessly to bring Consciousness into these Realms and the Beings that reside here. A Light-Worker is able to bring conscious energy back into a damaged space, where a Light-Healer is able to bring consciousness back to a lost Soul. But in the end, it takes the Unconscious Being to change its place within the Realms, for they are responsible for their own life path. For these Damaged Souls, I will lay their Unconsciousness before us so that we are never again deceived. Continued