The Outer Universe 3

If you will note, when looking at the Elemental Chart, Dark resides in the center. We can understand how it has influence on all connected Kingdoms. But it is contained and surrounded at once, but constantly finding new ways to spread itself. Our Domain is just above Dark, and in the stages of formation, we are responsible for realizing the end result and deciding our fate. Each of the Realms in the Outer Universe seeks to corrupt its opposite Realm in the Collective. With intensely different effects. Order is a place that pulls together the Omnipotent Consciousness and connect its Spiritual Beings, this will allow us to reach out and connect to the Design of Creation. Entropy seeks to replicate this Design but fails without Source’s ever flowing force. So instead it feeds off itself depleting its energy, and then seeks to find more in desperation. It isn’t a struggle to the death because the Collective Universe is Creation Materialized. This means that should events ever lead to the point when Dark over encompasses Light, all that is light will boil to a point in creation and then the will of the Omnipotent Consciousness will simply materialize again in a great flowing to begin the cycle anew. It is for us to end this cycle when we finally realize the why and how.

Remember the story of the grandmaster? Imagine now if the grandmaster had it within his power to harmonize every part of his body and there would be no more destruction among the microorganisms. All creatures that existed within the grandmaster’s body was at peace and prospered in all their unique ways. Imagine that this occurred because some of those organisms developed a way to communicate to the grandmaster, the yogi then through this new connection was able to create harmony through them and develop a miniature universe where every creature was working towards the common good of the body and there were no longer need for war or wants. This could be hard to even imagine, but it’s the future to come if we connect and continue to grow towards our truth. Continued