The Outer Universe 2

Within the Lower Realms of the Outer Universe we have the Dimensions of Fears and Internalizations. There are many of us that reside within these dimensions, here irrational and chaotic fears take over and hinder our every move in life. Our beliefs that we are physical and will only have a short time to achieve anything pushes us into a frenzy. Chaos seeps into our powers of creation and fears begin to manifest themselves around us. Here we find pessimism, hopelessness, and depravity in its worst forms. Still a being of creation, we fuel the Outer Universe with abilities and it in turn creates our hell. Within the Realm of Fear, we are living somewhat, yet we aren’t alive and passionate simply moving through the motions accepting life as we believe it to be. We can live many lives in this state, searching for more and never having the ability to connect back to the Collective Universe.

In the Realm of Internalizations, our fears have finally taken root at our cores and when we pass on, we fall into a place where other broken spirits have unconsciously collected pushing us further into the dark. Here we find the troubled specters hovering about trying so hard to reconnect to the living, tormenting and harming others in extreme case. This soupy realm resides like an undercurrent to the physical realm and has been known at many times to influence the nature of the unconscious spirits. When looking at the great devastations and genocides that have taken place on entire continents and have never been spiritually cleansed, we could begin to see why it’s so hard to rise above our conditions in life.

Here within the Outer Realms of the Lower Dimensions we have over time fell into a Collective Sub-Conscious State. Sub-Conscious because it was Self-Created with the unity of our screams and fears for so long. We possess a gold tether that has been spoken of by many Astral Projectors, the cord is of varied strength depending upon your connection to the Outer Universe, and we will always possess this if we possess Egoic Attachments, even when we slip far into an unconscious state. This tether was designed by The Holy Hierarchy to pull us back onto the path, there are just two scenarios where this tether will break, if we fully awaken and loose Ego Attachments, or if we sink into the Higher Realms of the Outer Universe.

While in the Realm of Fear we still have some amount of choice to decide to pull ourselves free of devastation, in the Realm of Internalizations this is not an option. We merge so intensely with the Collective Sub-Conscious State that all wrong beliefs and view become our only reality supported with all other lost spirits, our spiritual cords are thinned and so translucent that only the powers of an Aware Being can stimulate it back and begin to assist our pathway back towards spiritual healing. This Realm was self-created by us through our fear to survive on a planet that has eaten, beaten, and killed us for millions of years. It has been made more powerful with the evolution of humans, our advanced states of unconsciousness have created a very real hell that seeks to grow with every Spirit it assimilates. The more we are made to fear, the more it will impose that fear into our living space.