Intelligence/Consciousness 6

I wanted to present this so that we can have a clearer understanding of the impacts some of these beings have had on our development both Consciously and Intelligently. We can also now give placement to some of our greatest leaders within the past and future. Examples being Hermes Trismegistus, as one who’s impactful wisdoms can easily be placed deriving from deep in Mind’s, and thus Water’s Evolution. Another note to The Emerald Tablets for those familiar is the Greater Beings that reside deep within Pyramids, these beings are in a comatose status and therefore not of the regulatory cycles of Earth’s Conscious Beings. The Anunnaki, Star Beings easily defined as Water’s Evolution. Krishna and Buddha, speaking from Consciousness and thus towards Earth’s Evolution. The Buddha, being unique because he began in Water’s Evolution and surpassed it in Earth’s Evolution, while doing so creating a path for others to follow. Greater Beings spring forth in so many unique ways that we can only be conscious and enjoy the variety and beauty of this.

          Later forms of Conscious Levels began to formulate all throughout the world. This was initially the Plane of Mind’s attempt to grasp consciousness in the way others had throughout history. Among some of these theories we have Holder’s three levels of consciousness, Barrett’s seven levels of personal consciousness, and Gibson’s four states of consciousness. All very much stimulated through the Intelligent Impulse in addition to a few combined theories that was perhaps too complex to take serious roots. Many attempts have been made in so many varied ways, yet none have confronted the dual aspects of our natures. The dual understandings of Eastern Thought dwindle as Consciousness continues to find new ways of presenting itself to new generations. Currently this is in the form of Aura Spectrums, Cosmic Personalities, Spiritual Astrology, and Chakras.

Most teachings become convoluted once the concepts of time enter into their teachings. True Consciousness is beyond time, so to consider the Omni-Conscious making a dedicated promise to perform some acts within particular timeframes is at the most mentally fabricated. Placing timespans on any form of spiritual conclusion will inevitably denote when that particular teaching was infected with a loss in consciousness. As a Human Species, there are concrete times that are known to us which will be facts, and there are fictitious beliefs that in no way possible can be truth. As Spirits there are concrete truths that are factually known, and periods in our existence which we know never occurred. This is because Consciousness is a continuation from Source and any capable of connecting knows all that is and was. Futuristic postulations are not of Consciousness, Consciousness has little need to know what will be because Consciousness manifest’s what is. The amount of consciousness may determine an outcome of a future event because it is capable of seeing all that is occurring within its existence. But events are changing moment by moment and thus consciousness must stay vigilant and not accept instantly what it conceived previously. Eckhart Tolle’s teachings brought this through quite clearly.

I will end this chapter with all that is needed to be known of Consciousness, Intelligence will attempt to find reasons to accept these truths as expected, and we must find it in our wisdom to give allowance for this. Earth’s Evolution must guide Water’s Evolution with compassion to achieve true unity.

  1. Consciousness knows all of Consciousness
  2. Consciousness knows all of Recorded Time
  3. Consciousness knows all Form
  4. Consciousness has Compassion to all of Creation
  5. Consciousness Manifest Light
  6. Consciousness Manifest it’s Form
  7. Consciousness Manifest it’s Environment     

Understand that we are Conscious Beings knowing all that is within our cycles of consciousness, only The Omni-Conscious knows all that is both within the Known Universe and beyond. Many Greater Beings are not of consciousness, and none are Omni-Conscious. This has caused them to believe themselves capable of directing the universe as they see fit among our evolutions. Spoken of in Buddhist Concepts of Planes, these are places where Gods, Demi-Gods, and Elder Gods constantly battle for superiority of the universe. Other among the Greater Beings are Intelligent, they too have grand scale battles deep within the universe for regional control. Only few of the Greater Beings have grasped the truth and were permitted into the embrace of the Higher Hierarchies to guide Earth’s Evolution towards freedom.

          Working from number seven up on the list will be what is considered the last three stages of Water’s development into consciousness. It is not until step four is known that they would achieve the compassion for all beings, therefor many Star Beings would be better understood beyond this point. Same would be true for our religious/spiritual belief systems when looking at what is commanded by their godheads, and what is expressed by their followings. We can only conclude that Water’s Evolution has very prominently structured our paths for quite some time now. “Ye shall know them by their fruits,” Is all that could be added.


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