Intelligence/Consciousness 5

It is the act of not accepting “what is” that causes Water Beings to dwell in areas that Conscious Beings would never tread. Where Earth Beings were primarily of Lemuria, Water Beings were in power in Atlantis. Their interest in technology and the most ancient dark arts kept them in a continued spiral of wanting to know more, which Dark Beings loved to entice them and place them further at loss. Later, when the survivors of Atlantis sought to reform their societies, Star Beings heard this call and assisted briefly. Star Beings are of Water’s Evolution as well, and so much that was taught was for their understandings and gave no weight to the Earth Evolutionary Beings. These technologically advanced beings were incapable of seeing right in front of them that Water’s Evolution was now merged with Earth’s Evolution. That both evolutions now coincided within the same form as human. They did not know the working of consciousness but was intrigued with the Atlantean development and at the same time at fear of the possibility’s humans can possess.

These Star Beings would place a structure of understanding in place that would be designed to hinder our spiritual growth while strengthening their societies in incredible ways. Allowing them to dominate the globe in some ways still today. Just one in the many obstacles we as Conscious Beings have. Earth’s Evolution comes as an advancement of the developing Higher Chakra Points. Imagine all that is of the body, centered on the heart and below as belonging to Water’s Evolution. Yet all that is above the heart ruled by Earth’s Evolution. 

I feel I must give a brief outline of Reincarnation once again to continue, though it was covered more extensively in the first book. However, I must add two new understandings to be able to move forth.

  1. Collective Beings Reincarnate, they are able to gain new consciousness and apply this to their future development.
  2. Outer Beings Incarnate, they are corrupted by the Outer Universe and thus not given any new consciousness upon their incarnations until they are free from this cycle.
  3. Perfected Beings Manifest, Incarnate, and Reincarnate depending upon their reasonings. They Manifest when creating Avatars, this can be achieved to any place within the Universe that is known to them, if not known then they cannot. They Incarnate when merge with a Planetary Evolution, when doing this they have accepted existing within a direct region of the Universe until that portioned area achieves collective freedom. Lastly, they Reincarnate, they must live out a single life but are free Conscious Beings after the body ends. They do this to experience the overall understandings of the forms. Perfected Beings only hail from The Higher Hierarchies and these abilities are of Consciousness alone.
  4. Star Beings technologically control their life cycles through various forms of memory transplant, bioengineering, or cybernetic advancements. Star Beings physically travel throughout the universe which can be from dimensional, teleportational, or physical. Any advance form of manipulation of matter to transport themselves. These Beings will not hail from Consciousness but can easily be of a kind alignment for the better percentage of them. There are limits to the distances they can travel, so will generally keep close records of universal movements and their windows of opportunities to explore vast amounts of their areas. Star Beings hail from a most ancient of Water’s Evolution and are of Mind alone.