What are these differences of Consciousness within both evolutions? There isn’t any, consciousness is one and cannot be divided. Our individual movement on this cycling is dependent upon our realization of Forms, Mind, and Spirit alone. Water’s evolution was very complexed being associated with the Mind and Psyche Plane, in addition being corrupted as we are now with the Dark Plane’s influence. We will see very complex theories developing, shaded with deep philosophical insights during these times. Those Sages and Rishi’s capable of transmigrating to Greater Being status, found it easier to leave the physical world to their own means and find solemn and refuge far and away. We see these writings in the earliest forms of Vedanta, yet even these teachings were formulated at a much earlier stage in earth’s development. We see continued advancements form early Hermetics into Gnostic philosophy, and Occult understandings branching into Astrology and Alchemist theories.

          In truth Water’s Evolution reached its pinnacle in what we call Heart Consciousness, all later realizations were the search to develop into higher forms of awareness. Heart Consciousness manifested with the final development of the Heart Chakra. Those Beings capable of seeing beyond this were what was expressed in later teachings. It’s important to note that the Heart Chakra brought with it the compassion humans needed to grow in a more unified way, so this could be seen far before we could intelligently verbalize it. Lemurians and Atlanteans both possessed Heart Consciousness, for we see this in their societies. It wouldn’t be until later that Eastern Societies would lay out an understanding that could be shared for all to realize. Although earlier ages of The Polarian and Hyperborean were of Earth’s Evolution they were still much too engrossed in consciousness from their initial developmental stages. They came onto earth with a complete sense of oneness and only lost this through the fall of later stages. They later had to relearn Heart Consciousness from Water’s Evolutionary Track. Although written with the intent to define Consciousness, it does in fact define Intelligence here in this following literature.

From General Taught Literature

Our Rainbow Body is in reality, the perceptual clothing our souls or beings wear while inhabiting this planet called earth. It is very interesting to note that the following map of human consciousness on multiple levels of intelligence.

Red – Physical Intelligence – The ability to perceive the universe and understand it through the five senses. Knowing how to take care of one’s body and health, exercise, diet, sport, healing, and medical intelligence.

Orange – Social Intelligence – The ability to associate and understand oneself in relationship to others. Leadership abilities, the ability to nurture relationships and maintain friendships, conflict resolution skills, and social analysis, the ability to understand other people.

Yellow – Intellectual Intelligence – Our rational and analytical ability to organize information. Logical thinking ability, problem solving, sequential organization, the ability to see inconsistencies, weigh opposites and make judgments.

Green – Emotional Intelligence – Also known as heart intelligence, this is the science of understanding one’s emotions and feelings which mix all the other levels of intelligence into what might be called a “feeling” intelligence.

Blue – Conceptual Intelligence – The perceptual world of memory, ideas, concepts and meaning. The ability to form mental models that incorporates entire fields of information.

Indigo – Intuitive Intelligence – The ability to cut through ‘mental’ fields of knowing to the essence. Intuition is the perceptual power of direct perception. Here we just simply know without knowing how we know. Einstein was a champion of the intuition. He said, “I think with intuition.”

Violet – Imaginative Intelligence – Is in one aspect an aspect of our highest intelligence, the ability to form and communicate with images. This is the level of creative intelligence, the ability to form something from nothing. Referred to this as spatial, musical, and artistic intelligence. With the primordial power of the imagination we constantly recreate external reality somewhere between our two ears. We literally see with our imaginations.

Color Psychology is about how our personalities are structured and formed around our conscious or unconscious absorption of light. Our vehicles of light or “light body” are absorbing the cosmic light through the prism of the chakra system. We absorb, mix, and eventually re-radiate out this light. This process that is going on deep within us and makes us very much who and what we are.

End of General Taught Literature This literature is brought forward because I wanted us to see how still today the mind continues to search even though most knowledge has been made aware of. It’s important to note that the colors coincide with the Etheric Body and Chakra Points. There was a very strong effort to connect the two through Intellect alone. In doing so attempting to define consciousness in new light. Yet in reality this could best be defined as Self-Consciousness rather than Consciousness. There has been an ongoing theme within Water’s Evolution to understand that which is considered Unconscious. Believing oneself Conscious, Unconscious becomes that which is hidden. This is at odds with a True Conscious Being, for consciousness is to know all that is, unconscious is simply to no longer be conscious. Here you will find distinct differences within the two evolutions, and the confusions which occurred once Conscious Beings manifested in the physical plane. The Plane of Mind was forming with the influence of The Plane of Psyche, and so there was a continued aggressive growth “to know, to understand” which still can be impressive today.