Consciousness in Water’s Evolution is directly related to the seven prime Chakra Points. It is here that they were able to find their way to spiritual freedom millenniums back. Consciousness in the end being possessed and not inherited, so that those unwilling to do the work would not be given this sacred gift. The very difference to Earth’s Evolution is that we derive from The Source of Consciousness and are born into existence as Conscious Beings. Water’s Evolution is derived from Universal Mind and must work towards consciousness.

Perhaps this graph can help with understanding. Within the oval shape is Water’s Evolution to the right and Earth’s Evolution on the left spoke of in my first book. Though tricky to fully comprehend, do not believe that each element is unto themselves but is just represented on this chart for a better understanding.


Note that Water’s evolution hails from The Source of Mind what we call The Universal Mind, whereas Earth’s evolution The Source of Consciousness. Though later they both will meet within the Higher Kingdoms. Earth will eventually become the Plane of Spirit, and Water already achieving the Plane of Mind manifested. It is because of this that Water’s Evolution does not arrive at consciousness until later within their evolutionary scheme. Within our Known Universe consciousness is developed within this next chart.

The first path will show Water’s Evolution to consciousness. Once the groundwork is laid, the 2nd path is then able to manifest and bypass the 1st which is us and the Earth’s Evolution. The third path reserved for all that have achieved Liberation from Forms.