True consciousness is undiscovered by most of the world, they are thus far content to use titles such as Self-Consciousness or Awareness. The field that seems to be most intrigued about it at this time is Quantum Physics, for they have branched off onto a field of discovery that has given them systematic puzzles to ponder. Which may later allot for insights that the rest of the logical world would consider or even accept. They have already found what many spiritual beings have said for thousands of years that consciousness creates matter. This realization is tough to accept for the physical world, nothing so far in life is considered to be so simple. For surely if a Greater Being created something from nothing out of thin air, it would literally be blocked by Minds to accept this. It is very easy to say one believes, but much harder to accept this as true.          

The Omni-Consciousness granted those of Water’s Evolution this gift at key stages within the earth’s development. Each time coinciding with the formation of Organisms within Earth’s history that would be able to propel life forward. These are what we call “Conscious Impulse”, during this time life was granted temporary conscious powers to survive, but few beings to take on true consciousness. With consciousness granted at these key moments the life that existed was able to transform rapidly to survive further onslaughts of cosmic nature. However, these lifeforms did not have much of a lifespan and would soon to die out leaving the Universal Mind to continue superficially structuring their evolution.