Universal Mind


With renewed strength we now see Conscious Leaders taking
on more roles as the forces of Religion became the new
warfront. With logic falling into disarray the Plane of Psyche
(already formed earlier) would start to influence Water’s
Evolution as the awakening of Mind began to form.
Understanding the Universal Mind is to understand all that
functions without thought, much like the complete body
organism. Universal Mind works above Mind, yet Mind is
unique because it thinks and actively manipulates its
environment. However, at any time should Mind stop this
action, the Universal Mind will once again take over. The
creation of form as in a fetus, the Universal Mind is at work.

Upon death, again the Universal Mind
takes over. The Universal Mind is what connects all Minds,
what’s learned by those Minds, and how it can apply this to
future generations of Minds. Minds can only evolve through
adding to their knowledge, this knowledge does not register as
what is right or wrong, only what works. And so, Minds will
continue to do these actions, unless something new has proven
to work in conjunction with survival.

Visionaries could find themselves shunned, killed, or kept
captive as interesting people to possess. What began this need
to understand and caused Minds to wander beyond its
function, was the influence from the Plane of Psyche. But still
with Sentient Beings came free movement of forms. Now
capable of physically reflecting what Universal Mind does,
manipulate and transform form for future evolution.

Water’s Evolution was not initially these evolved forms
of minds, for the Universal Mind controlled much of their
evolution. Still today we see lifeforms function with
intelligence that simply cannot be understood and so we only
fascinate with them. How the structures of the insect
kingdoms blow us away with new discoveries continually. The
Universal Mind works on the premise of what has worked 
before, it will continue to replicate this on the most
fundamentals for prosperity. The God Particle and Golden
Spiral will prove this exceptional function.

Remember this spiral of how Consciousness is formed?
Spirit moves into Form, moves into Mind, and then moves
into Consciousness. This means that these initial forms of
Water’s Evolution are in fact of sources energy, and children
of consciousness. All that Light touches is of consciousness,
though not necessarily conscious. As they evolved past Mind,
they became free agents as consciousness began to take root in
their collective understandings. This would ultimately cause
Minds to move beyond the Universal Mind to seek
understanding of it. Many Sentient Beings that only moved
through developing the lower chakras, would learn enough to 
conceive the Universal Mind as the origin of existence and
would cease to look further. We see this today within our
Theosophical views, though incredibly versed with great
spiritual breakthroughs many have taken it in and ceased to
continue once the Masters of Old moved on.

The Universal Mind has been and will always be throughout all of existence. It has been perfecting the principles of creating form since before matter was. Over billions of years through trial and error, it now replicates what it knows works. We will see this work in all the fundamental natures of life. The Universal Mind’s goal is Sentient Creation, we will see this currently in the known universe, all other animal kingdoms are in fact catered to assist, when not they will cease. All breaking and reforming of molecules throughout the billions of years were in fact looking, experimenting, and tweaking Sentient creation. There were trillions of failed experiments until what was found worked, even today we learn of many extinctions before humans. Sentient Beings, as an unperfected but finalized creation of The Universal Mind, was expected to succeed, and seed the universe. It never accounted for Sentience developing as it has beyond this.


Within this structure of Water’s Evolution, you will find in order the Universal Mind, Form, Intelligence, and then Individualized Mind. Individualized Mind’s being on the precipice of Collective Consciousness should they move beyond Heart Consciousness. Universal Mind is aware of consciousness within the Known Universe, however it is looked at as an abnormality due to its unpredictability. Universal Mind is about structure and function, no matter the forms it creates. Universal Mind touches the unconscious, it formed the Elemental Planes and Entities which reside there and is not of The Outer Universe. The Universal Mind is a companion to Consciousness, though lacks true understanding of it because it is not among what it controls.



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