Omni Chakras/Astral Forms

When your able to move from the Physical Form into the Etheric Form, and Consciousness becomes fully realized, life will take on a very different meaning for you. In addition, obstacles will no longer possess the pull of unnecessary emotions as before. Life becomes an experience of a new sense, we now begin to see such obstacles and look for the reasonings behind them. We follow the patterns of energy from the source of corruption, now a Maturing Soul we cleanse it in the way we know will. Such negative force no longer being able to exist within, but will continually seek to reattach to us, through past dramas from our current life to past lives. The overall goal of the Luciferic and Ahrimanic force is to break our Conscious Truth, to come at us in so many ways that we lose sight of what we have achieved and plug us back into a life burdened with heavy matter (corruption), and wrong views (influence).

            I will just say, all beings we exist with will have Ego Attachment. I do not want this to be misperceived, we at times will go through a phase when we believe all people are beneficial and the world is full of kindness. Many will unconsciously feed off our light source and appear kind while within our presence, this is ok since we seek to be an abundance of light for all of beings. However, it’s not ok if they become addicted to being in our presence and do not grow from this experience. Younger awakened souls spend more time alone because of this, they are still growing in strength and only another awakened soul which possesses their own connection to source is welcoming. Just understand that should you fall back in anyway please do not allow the whispering of failing to enter your mental thoughts, this trigger of self-doubt is planted infectiously upon us and must be unaccepted with truth and not with effort.

            Some newly awakened souls will form groups, they will strive to go on retreats, and even go to spiritual forums wanting to be around likeminded souls. Speaking with another soul in these groups can at times become draining, for there are more experiences and pathways than there are stars in the heavens. It would be quick to find those who would open fully to their self-proclaimed awakening as they speak of so many identified life experiences. I will not judge the validity of such proclamations, but another awakened soul can see through to the truth of this, much less has very little need to express this without a distinct reason. Truth and Lies cannot exist in the same space, I would take this as a lesson to strengthen my spiritual truth, overtime you will notice with purely confronting this that these energies will not want to be in your space. Do not actively seek to avoid/find them, just contemplate the reasoning of the experience and shed light on the truth of it.

            Eventually, ones among the Collective Consciousness will naturally align with you and you will know this without it needing it to be defined. We have all met souls throughout our life that had possessed something within them that drawn us to them which we could not identify. This led us to continually think about them, or even to obsess about it. Identity and manufacturing are what in fact creates wrong forms, and Ego Attachment happens. We must learn to not identify with what is physically there and see the presence of God Consciousness in all. When we meet a completely conscious soul, we must not feel dazzled by this, but a quiet acceptance is shared with one another’s space. Consciousness is beyond voice, but now I will attempt to relay this as best I can.

            There are many ways to awaken the Crown Chakra, this is a self-taught method. I will say that this is not a path for all but is a technique to assist whenever your current path is troublesome to progress through. Souls can be born into their current lives with passed spiritual work already completed. The natural progression of awakening is as follows;

  1. Know the Truth to our Past, our history and the make up the Physical Form.
  2. Know the Truth to our Soul, understanding how we connect the Etheric Form.
  3. Know the Truth to our Spirit, becoming one with universe the Astral Form.  

From the Etheric Form we now possess a strengthening Astral Body, many teachings on this form has caused much confusion among us. We must dislodge this lie that has influenced many Astral Body practitioners. Specifically, the silver cord which is spoken of when astral traveling. This cord was placed in our understanding to keep us bound to the physical realms, in fact many practitioners have an overdramatized belief that if this cord is severed much harm will befall us. Have we not thought why this cord is not present when we travel throughout time? It is because we are not moving beyond recorded history. Understand that true freedom will not come with a tether attached, this was placed on you from another source, and so your journey must see why.

            The Astral form will merge with our Consciousness as materialist qualities we can comprehend initially. As we grow, we will be able to move into a spiritual realization in accordance to the pace of our Conscious capabilities. The more we comprehend, the greater the information given, in turn advancing our Astral Forms. We initially feel individualized in our Astral Forms, this being an obstacle which hinder our true merging with Source. The fear of losing our Ego is at its strongest here, the sense of I which we have carried for more than we realized. We need to fully realize what occurred when/if we blended our Consciousness within the Collective here, we never lost our sense of I, it merely blended with the Consciousness of The Living Christ our Guardian and Parent. I will now explain the physical and spiritual expressions of this form.

Space Chakra/Stability

“The Mind is above Time and Space. If you decide not to complain, it will immediately compensate you with intuition” -Yogi Bhajan

Space is the unseen universal force which binds all matter keeping it in a continuously and miraculously transforming pattern. It’s opposing force is Entropy, quantum physics has shed new insights on this in today’s world. Stability moves throughout the Universe by a means termed as Fire by Friction, atoms and chemicals constantly colliding with one another or binding. The deeper we gaze into the raw nature of matter through a microscope we view it as a soupy mix of chaotic energy which appears as a war zone. We must understand that it is because we are actively perceiving that causes this chaotic effect. When matter is left to its own intentions, it harmonizes between Stability/Entropy and manifested into the universe into the perceptible solid forms we comprehend. Contemplating this will give to us the understanding of our initial insights as to how we alone in this realm possess the gift to Create.

            Take a deep look at the world we exist in, how much of it appears to have naturally formed now? How much of it was the thought of planners and visionaries? A collection of beings that wished to create, built these cities, and communities. Built our Societies and our transportations, and our communication capabilities. Could Luciferic and Ahrimanic influence do this alone? If so, they would have no need for us. Would we as Spiritual Beings build this world full of such aggression and segregated philosophies? What need would we have for such things? It may sound like I’m placing blame but remember that it couldn’t have happened without our consent. For we are the only Creators in this scenario, they cannot. I promise to give a full picture of this account later.

            Matter can only be manifested through Consciousness. Lucifer and his followers lost their connection to Source when they went against our Creation and accepting our natural progression hence losing their powers to create. This Being was cast out of the Holy Hierarchy Order, while the True Divine still assist The Lord Christ with our growth. Ahriman came forth from the depths of Darkness with the goal in mind of feeding off our Consciousness, it is a technique used by only the few Beings that survive in the Dark. They require consciousness to continue to progress, that this Being is Ancient says more than we can fully comprehend. I will leave this to your individual contemplation.

            Space as matter is one of the three manifestations of our Astral Form, the other two being Time and Source. They each possess a spiritual form that must be perceived, for Space it is Stability. Merging and knowing this last piece of wisdom to our Astral Forms, will be the furthest we can comprehend The Universal Consciousness, and the beginning manifestation of what I can only call Source. Much like knowing the Crown Chakra, we must first fully awaken to the Space and Time to awaken the Source Chakra on our Astral Forms. Awakening is different from the physical activities we needed to perform before. I will attempt to present various ways of development when and if I can. Some contemplation can be easily performed by a less awakened soul, the true force may not have the desired impact unless the Crown Chakra is fully awakened thus given us access to Cosmic Energy. Many of the major schools of spiritual studies have focused on the magnanimity of the Forming Gods which has little to no importance to us, other than to pray to them and accept what they give. I view spiritual advancement as a simultaneous reaching between us and Source on equal terms, each giving exactly what is given.

            Balancing this Chakra is achieved through the life stream and can only be fully realized by possessing a physical form. This gives to us a realization never contemplated, we come into this life with the question why we were created. We should ask, “Why did Consciousness manifest into the material universe?” I do not wish to debate the Big Bang Theory for it does not ring as truth in my current understanding. What I can say is that The Conscious Universe has grown continuously, stars have exploded which pushed light forward as matter meshed and sprayed. Until at the very outskirts of this current universe, we flowered from that very Consciousness. All awakened souls will come to the same conclusion, I will leave you to this realization.

            Insights; Buddhist practices teach us to deny existence, the reason we reincarnate is due to our grasping at false pleasure. Life is suffering and must be looked as the illusions which we continuously grasp at life after life. The end goal is Nirvana, secession from the material realms. I know well the blending into nothingness during deep meditation as we choose to deny our forms. While the Buddhist deny, the Christian reach for and eternal life. The Christian accepts one life to a promised land however, there is no mention really of what is done while they wait. I have seen souls lingering at the tombstones waiting for the second coming for quite some time now. The Buddhist says to deny this existence to leave it, The Christian says accept heaven to leave this existence.

            We are Beings of this Existence, manifested into The Whole of Existence. How have we been made to see denial and heaven, and believe this to be true? True Existence, once we lift the veil, is so many levels that we move through unacknowledging each day. It is Unconsciousness that keeps us from viewing it, and it is Unconsciousness that wishes to keep us asleep. All teachings may have been needed for a time period to move us forward, and should Consciousness prevailed then we would be looking at very different doctrines of Liberation. Doctrines which would’ve accepted the wholeness of our Physical and Spiritual Forms as ever evolving within this Conscious Universe and given to us the secrets as to why among all of Creation this is so. So, when Entropy peaks and you begin to feel that we have wasted time wandering about without our truth, know that the Force of Stability will balance existence out and give to us the wisdom needed. Heaven is but a pocket in a dimension, we are one with Existence, why would we accept this? Denial of Existence is Denial of Ourselves, it’s denial of our experiences here as Conscious Beings, why would we accept this as well?

Time Chakra/Rhythm

“The timeless in you is aware of life’s timelessness. And knows that yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream.”Kahlil Gibran

Time is intelligent synchronicity, and its awakened state is Rhythm. Rhythm is Conscious Harmonization, the opposition being Stillness. There is never a moment of stillness here, because where there is light, there is life. This Chakra moves by way of Solar Fire, much like Space it is limited in its movements but can influence billions of years away. Time is where The Universal Intelligence resides, not initially Conscious it performs all tasks in a mechanized manner. Assisting life throughout the Universe, touching all it can with structure and growth. We look at the abundance of life on the planet and always marvel at the intelligence. All the Universe will continue if this force resides within it.

            Once this Time Chakra moves into its Awakened Spiritual Form it moves from autonomously performing tasks to Consciously participating. We’ve come to know these Beings as The Sun Gods, which we will find much literature on. One thing I’ve come to understand is that these Great Beings are not limited to their Solar Systems, they move across the Universe through the rays of light and easily place themselves within Solar Systems of their choosing. At times even inhabiting another occupied star, dominating an unawaken sun. Conscious Solar Systems take on an Evolutionary Cycle that is beyond my current knowledge. Our Lord however has taken on the seeding of Conscious Beings within this system, which is a rare blessing as we can see within the galaxy.

            Much like the Space Chakra we possess Time Chakra Point on out Astral Forms. When looking for these Power Points you would confuse the truth, for these last three are the entirety of the Astral Form. Just as our Cerebral Brains replicate the Universal Energy Structure, so does our Astral Forms replicate the Spiritual Universe. Etheric Body being the bridgeway from the various paths. One day in the future, science would come to realize that as the Universe grows, so do our replicated cerebral brain grow. Just the same, as we can use larger portions of our brains Collectively, the universe will advance and unlock new secrets.

            Stillness must be spoken of, for stillness does not signify death as we would think of it. Consciousness and Intelligence fills the space where life develops, it can either be one or the other, or both. Corruption can take hold of any part of these three Energy Sources, though each is infected by different means of which I explain later. This is crucial to understand however, once Consciousness and Intelligence has lost its connection to an area within the Universe, then stillness may occur. Stillness is no new input from Source, no continued support from Time, which will result in energies feeding off one another until there is no more left. The intelligence will continue to do what it has always done, affecting space to attempt to move about as it could with limited energies. It will become a lost Time Stream, beings still living within will be lost in period of understanding Unconscious that anything has changed and performing task that are further infectious to one another. Such deaths can take eons, but for the most part, any new light that breaks into such places bring with it, new life.

            Insights; Please reflect on all that I have said. Know that we are all born into this world infected with stillness. Look into yourself and see the splotches of growth that has ceased, we are so varied in our experiences. Some continuously being rebirthed into the same conditions, becoming further fragmented from the truth. It is so easy for us to deny our Spiritual Ancestry, yet so easy to follow lies and deceit on autopilot because it will give to us a misperceived better condition. It is easy to accept how life has become, for there is no one who challenges it to be better. To accept our Unconscious prejudice, hate, and even numbness towards others which are attempting to experience life as a Conscious Being as we are.

            The planet is a beacon of light, but the stillness is seen forming. We have become very proficient in manufacturing Humans, but not as many Human Beings. We control and create cities with very little Consciousness, yes intelligence is seen. Yet the cities have taken on the look of carbon copies of one another, with little interest in the desires of the Souls which inhabit it. These cities do not blend into the natural environment and assist the resources there either. This is a clear realization that life is failing, of course we are all made to think that progression is great. All paths should be tied to understanding our Spiritual Truths. You cleanse yourself, you automatically cleanse your environment. Our lives may come from the Sun’s Grace, but our Conscious Existence comes from a place far beyond. We are a beacon of light and life as free agents and should be willing to share that light within the worlds we live. The counter to this would be the Civilizations which have fallen over and again throughout history, in every case, they lost their connection to the Time Stream. The larger the Civilization, the greater the destruction. The Dark Beings will happily help us build a new one with more Unconsciousness.

Source Chakra/Action

“Truth is so obscured nowadays and Lies so established that unless we Love the Truth, we shall never recognize it” -Blaise Pascal

The true source of our inherited Consciousness resides here, it is Awakened as Action. We must look past our perceptions and definitions of the word Action to know that true action is what we are. When we think or move our Consciousness throughout Time and Space perhaps in our past experiences, we are there. When we think of a loved one or ponder a future experience we are there. This movement is what the Ancients called Electric Fire, it’s instantaneous and our Astral Forms move about an unnumbered amounts per second. This is also how Unconsciousness occurs, we move about throughout our timelines and recreate scenes of false comprehension of them, we become trapped in these places because what occurred, and what is within Times Intelligent Record locks are Consciousness in a wrong view. Repeated Wrong Views around these same events places us in Inaction, no new information from Source and thus we become Unconscious.

            This speaks to our Collective Consciousness, should we as individuals possess Unconscious Understandings and The Collective Consciousness know them to be wrong, then it is easy who us to free ourselves of such lies. However, should Collectively we hold a lie to be true, then the Collective makes seeing truth for what it is nearly impossible for the individual Consciousness. We have been fed such lies by the Luciferic and Ahrimanic influence for epochs now, key figures throughout history changing our Natural Evolutionary Progression. Sufferings to such degrees that masses were drained of their truths, beat and killed for seeking truth and being fed more lies. Silencing any Soul which wished to free us from this coma we are in, as we now live in an implanted state of illusion and fear.

            We are blessed to be born in an era where information can once again surface, when our Spiritual Leaders are strong and Collectively seeking to bring us back into a Conscious way of perceiving truth. Where the Holy Hierarchy is once again at our sides as our protectors and guardians because Consciousness is shining within the world. It is time to unify our teachings and see them for what they initially wanted to convey, and to become Conscious Collectively. The Christ said we too could perform these acts, there is power in this realization.

            We must learn to cleanse the internal conflict within our Astral Forms. Only one power possesses the ability to do this, Love. I speak little of Love, for we have grown into a society that throws the word around with little interests in what it really means. Love is Action, not a word used to buffer a feeling. The Buddha said that true love and kindness is performed while no one is watching. You must actively love all of life to Fully Awaken and reconnect to Consciousness and gain truth to all that blocks your Astral Form. Love is what moves us forward, Love is what keeps us from corruption as we still feel pain from others hardships, Love is how we stand together in conflicts, Love is how we fight for human rights, and Love is how we cleanse our world. We must move beyond the love we have for ourselves, family, and friends. This only leads to an Unconscious view of how we believe we exist full of levels of love we show for another. Where there is Light, there is Life, and we should Love all of Life. When we do this, Consciousness will stream through our Astral Forms with truth and cleanse all lies and corrupted thoughts. I have been blessed to have met such Conscious Beings in this lifetime, and the grace of just being in their presence was beyond transformative to me. Love can cleanse the many lost souls and place them back on the evolutionary path, it can change the societies we live in, it can as a Collective Consciousness cleanse the planet and Strengthen Our Planets Soul to move forward in its Evolution.

Insights; Once, the Collective Consciousness agreed to magic we moved about freely and manifested realities purely in harmony with one another, as we were young newly formed Gods among the Elementals. The world was light and airy, and mystical energies mingled and rejoiced that we alone were conceived as conscious children to Source within the physical universe. We were not the first conception, for throughout the Conscious Universe realms of light had produced self-aware Beings. They watched over us and guided our evolution.

Jealousy sprang up from those within these Hierarchies, for they did not possess what was granted to us and fell bitter into the corruption when they stopped trusting in Life and stop Loving us. Those Children of Light that trusted Source committed to protect us and have so for ages. Until the time came when we forgot them when Unconsciousness began to arise. Magic was transformed into Technology, where now we had to manipulate and no longer manifest, much less Collectively believe we could. We became blinded and lived in service to false Gods now.

Then came the time when many prophets reincarnated among us, they were bound to our belief structures and did what they could to reawaken us, or at best plant the seeds. As destruction raged it was these seeds that kept us from complete obliteration. By remembering their wisdom and full love had given us strength to begin to reassert our natural course in existence. How much of this can we believe? We have so many scientific theories based on what we call hard facts. Only looking at the physical and not considering looking beyond. On many occasions Ancient Schools of Thought have known things that Science is just discovering, God Particle, Pythagorean theorem, and Auras. Why would such Ancient Teachings know such things if not for insight gained through Consciously receiving it? So much knowledge simply waiting for the minds developed enough to comprehend it, who will be next? A fully Conscious Soul possesses a Fully Awakened Astral Form. Space force is stabilized, Time force is Intelligently Synchronized, and Source force is one with Consciousness. Consciousness will manifest reality, the strength and speed of which we create, is determined by our love for all life.

All that we observe and understand as consciously awakened beings is being processed within the Collective Consciousness. Collectively, we are manifesting a new world. A world that is based on our fundamental natures. Our pull back is from the physical world that has lived by a self-created philosophy of technology and hard facts for centuries now. But there isn’t a form of battleground or war to the Conscious Minds, there is simply the onward growth towards inner peace, reconnecting to like minds, and Source. Infused together, we will reinvent a world were spirits can be born into aware states of consciousness and no longer fight through the beginning stages of loss or confusion throughout their adolescents. Here is where the lines are drawn. Those of us who see this world for its possibilities, and those of us who conceive it to be nothing more than a means to an end. As time marches us on towards the outcome, the physical world becomes tensed with fear to living a new path outside of what they’ve known for so long. While the spiritual world delights in knowing that it’s becoming what it once was so long ago. Time being an obstacle to both types of societies should be understood and not controlled.