Space Chakra: Guardian Over Movement & Order

F = G x M1 x M2/d 2.  Some of us might have looked at that and said, ‘What the heck?” There is a reason behind my madness so stay calm.  This is Isaac Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation.  When Newton published his theory of gravity in 1687 he show that every object in the universe exerts a gravitational force whose strength is directly related to its mass (the amount of matter in it).  He also concluded that gravity acts the same way in every part of the universe. 

Thus, the same force that makes a fruit fall to the ground binds the planets to the stars.  It is this basic structure to humankind’s existence that has dazzled us to perceive a greater being in control of it all.  Many gods have been created by the stories of the stars and heavenly bodies.  It’s here that we conceive immense power to be, and it’s here where we fall short of true understanding. ​Time and Space were created together exactly at point zero seconds.  Where time became the recorder, space became the organizer. 

The Space Chakra is composed of strong force, week nuclear force, and electromagnetic force which pulls matter together to create what we think of a substance.  This chakra is the creator of physical existence constantly expanding and retracted the entire universe.  In fact, this is the Space Chakras prime concern.  All physical life fits into the categories of destroying, building, and reorganizing.  The Space Chakra is the reason why we haven’t been flooded with destructive forces from space.  We are currently in the prospering phases on this planet. 

But that isn’t the only reason, the other is because we’re here as spirits and have collectively willed our survival to this galaxy we call home. ​It’s ironic how we feel that in order to reap great benefits we must drudge through hell.  Unaccountably religions deal with pain and persecution, particularly as a way to gain acceptance into something greater and unknown.  Such sacrifices in the name of a greater cause are a constant occurrence in humankind’s history. 

All of us have gazed up and wondered if anyone cares, or if there is an entity that we could reach that would have all the answers.  Though some of you might take offense to this, we have been looking in the wrong places.  The Space Chakra insists that we master ourselves not it.  For there is nothing that could be learned from an alien race or the particles in deep space about who we are.  Space may provide a great adventure and eventually newfound homes but it won’t give to us deeper insights.

​I once sat in a room filled with 50 or so people.  We watch a tape about a witchdoctor who could powerfully defy gravity and levitate his body.  This wasn’t exactly easy and took the entire day in meditation to be able to work into such a force.  I gazed at the expressions on everyone in the room as he began to levitate up.  They were in awe, every piece of their spirit wanted to believe what they saw.  Once he landed fatigued, he passed out on the ground.  All of the people reactively disbelieved what they saw and found reasons to joke about their uncomfortable feelings.  We all have a tendency to disbelieve those topics before our eyes that doesn’t fit into physical reality.  Or should I say the reality we understand currently.  We started off saying seeing is believing in the scientific world, unfortunately we tend to see many occurrences that lack logic and only causes us confusion. ​

We can either stop for growth at the Time Chakra, never seeking to know anything beyond.  On the other hand, we can awaken the Space Chakra and view life as it really is, structured universal energy.  The same energy that places electrons to the nucleus also places planets to the sun.  We as spirits are an energy force all our own.  Nothing concerning us is composed of space’s matter, so we operate on a different plane.  When we seek to open this chakra, this very truth is understood.  This is the point in our spiritual existence when physical actualities form simply by our thoughts.  What we’re doing as spirits are converting energy into matter in giving to it our own life energy.  This is a much focused process and will become easier with clear practice.  This is the ultimate transformational chakra. 

With elemental chakras, we perform ceremonial power working to influence the conditions of life.  As human chakras, we exert ultimate control over our physical bodies and conditions through personal power working.  Now with the awakening of the space chakra, the advanced to absolute control over the whole of the physical environment.  These transformations are easily seen with little waiting.  The extent of our strength is limited only to the power of our spiritual nature.  If you have performed any type of visualization simply imagine that instantly created as opposed to waiting.  You can still however over exert yourself and become spiritually fatigued.  This is because our spiritual awareness isn’t fully completed yet, which will be explained in the final chakra. ​

When a child is born into this world they have on the back of their skulls what doctors call a ‘soft spot’.  Within the center of this latest transformational part of the skull located one or two inches in on the spiritual body lies the space chakra. ​This is where you will take the knowledge gained from the time chakra on your previous lives and place them into balance. 

To awaken this chakra will take a balancing of all the other chakras so far, deep contemplation of the time chakras knowledge of your spiritual lives history, and a life balancing of each lifetime.  This means balancing all that chakras in each lifetime.  I know what I ask is a complicated task but everything you have conquered so far in your existence has prepared you for this. 

This is sometimes much easier for the younger spirits for they have fewer lifetimes.  They have less negative karma built up than the older souls.  Balance the greater chakras only if you have achieved awakening them in your prior lifetimes.  Once you’re done, acknowledging who you are as a spirit and how you’ve come to be.  Some of us were born on this planet, some of us may have spent time across the universe, and some were present before the beginning of time.  Use your wisdom wisely and decide where you want existence to take you a spiritual kindred.