Source Chakra: Creator of All Spiritual Life forms


The Infinity Stream, an everlasting supply of energy for the known universe and beyond.  This is also a place of peace for the eternal soul.  Spirits have glimpsed these soft white lights during near death experiences.  In most encounters, spirits have learned of their destinies there and they’ve found it hard to leave.  ‘The Stream’ operates outside of time so we might find a familiar spirit there when we go.  Even if that familiar spirit has passed on years ago, it’s merely a slight passing in the timeline there in the infinity stream. ​

When we physically pass on, the energies of the body are fabricated into the environment as food and nutrients.  Biology has proven that the fading energy becomes one with the environment and is used.  Depending on how connected we are, we as spirits will eventually detach and move into the spiritual realm.  Driven by an inner force we revitalize our essence by tapping into the bright energies of the infinity stream.  Unfortunately, our time there is brief because we possess negative karma that has clung itself to our spiritual bodies.  Another reason is that we as spirits aren’t connected to the Source Chakra.  Waves of energy constantly blast through the infinity stream from Source, the eternal provider.  They pushes us back into our spiritual realms and we eventually reconnect to the physical realm again.

​If we mapped the entire universe, we would find a pattern that resembled a DNA strain.  Imagine a line of energy moving through the middle of this strain, this is where the infinity stream is located.  If we were able to trace this line of energy to the beginning, then we would locate Source.  This would be the exact point where time and space was created with the cosmic eruption known as the Big Bang.  Source was the energy that literally sparked life.  For us to return to that existence we must reconnect to the source within each of us.  This doesn’t have to be our only goal however, we are creatures of creation and have a universe to explore once we’ve mastered true awareness.  Entities from other galaxies exist and assist us now and then from within the infinity stream, which is our highway throughout the universes.  They have found the path to enlightenment.  They now realize that we are the only ones who can truly set ourselves free.  They rarely interfere with our destinies until we are able to connect to them.  However, these Angelic figures have been known to influence a few of us through visions of sorts.  We hold these beings and high esteem because spiritually we know that they’ve achieved the peace we desire.  In addition, they have the ability to appear mostly in our time of deep needs. ​

There is a tremendous amount of ancient text that speak of how we are created in our father’s image.  As humankind we could not help but to take this literally, and in doing so seemed to search the heavens for this physical face of which we can touch.  Though the text or perhaps inspired by our spiritual nature’s it was easily confused.  But we are collecting, scraping together every possible reading and learning to look at it through spiritual eyes.  And as we awaken we can now uncover the truth in our spiritual bodies, and realize our creator is much like us only larger.  To achieve this we must again regain control in ourselves and experience spiritual life. ​

At times, humankind’s need to survive has become anything short of fanatic.  In turn, we as spirits end up indulging these concerns.  We never stop to remember how we can change these events with our innate abilities.  Here’s our story, we have all wanted answers to the big questions and life.  I’ve presented the guidelines, once it become part of who we are we can simply continue living a prosperous life if we wish. ​

The power of this chakra speaks for itself.  With the infinite amounts of spiritual energy at our command, we no longer possess limited supplies.  When tapping into the force of space chakra’s transformational abilities we are limitless.  We’ve the spiritual strength to decide our fate after physical death and I dare say have complete control over our true lives.  Now and then such blessed spirits have come back to this planet and have had an intense effect on us.  They heal the blind and diseased, speak about how we too can achieve such inner gifts, they gain immortality in humankind’s eyes through their elaborate physical deaths. ​

At the core of our spiritual bodies is where the Source Chakra is located.  Within the laws of energy, there’s always a core with a collective of attached energy.  We finally complete this law when we connect ourselves to Source.  Our collective in return becomes all of the other chakra points.  At this point in spiritual development our Crown Chakra would have achieved a fully open connection allowing massive flows of energy to stimulate all the other chakras that should at this point be awakened also.  We’re able to freely exit at will from our bodies and still maintain a strong connection.  We supply the energy and control what we wish it to be.  There shouldn’t be a need to balance this chakra unless we drastically abuse it intently.  For at this point we know, we’re home.  I can tell you nothing of what awaits you for it must be experienced.

Wrap Up ​

This wraps up all there is to know about the power points, i.e. Chakras.  I hope that actually applying these chakras give to you immeasurable wealth, by that I mean especially spiritual wealth.  I also hope that your experiences strengthen every space of your inner being.  Now you have the guidelines, but you must take the journey.  Remember that it doesn’t matter what your current practices are in life.  Meaning whatever your occupation, religion, our personal preferences are.  All you need is to possess the will to confront and acknowledge the good you have inside yourself.  We’ve all performed acts that have caused negative karma in our existence.  These acts the only be released when we stop accusing every other aspect of our lives and truly take responsibility for them.  Here it is!  Just that you’ve read this long tells me that you aren’t living in denial.  True spirituality is our reality, just as science is humankind’s reality.

​I know I speak of spirit/human in two separate terms, but we’re separate in our existence.  We as spirits will for centuries far into the future be the x-factor to humankind’s instant advancement above all the other species on this planet.  We are the identities of humans and must now allow this age old show to take flight.  If humankind’s desires are to reach to the ends of the cosmos then return so be it.  If millions of years from now, we decide that we’re going to continue our close connection with physical life that’s okay too.  As long as we know our potential and for once stop allowing ourselves to be downsized by our false limitations.

​These greater chakras of the last step to enhanced self-empowerment.  We’ve all as spirits journeyed this extensive march in life, collecting information in every way and form.  I’ve compiled just basic information on the timelines and common sense when living with your newfound freedom.  This will be in the next chapter on timelines.  For me personally, I’ve made a dedication sometime back to know myself.  My journey ended a few years back, my newfound awareness left me even more compassionate about the world.  I find myself helping spirits when they are guided to me.  Though it may be a longer process knowing that they must achieve awareness on their own, nothing is a greater benefit them to let the spirit be able to eternally help themselves for ultimate freedom. ​

Continue to maintain your awareness on the other chakras and how they’re influencing you.  Should you create the illusion that perfect balances forever, then negative karma may have slipped in under the guise of ego.  We’re spirits, and live differently from the physical world while maintaining an avid participation.  A simple rule is this, whatever it is, acknowledge it.  Negative karma will clear up faster than you think.  If you make an aware decision to fix the blocks of negative charges, then you grab the essence of the Time Chakra’s attention making it easier to repair what was already fixed before.  Situations will start to show up which will allow you to make karma right.  Lastly, it’s not a good idea to go up to someone and say,’ I think I knew you in a past life!’ Especially if they aren’t aware enough to understand.  Life should be about how we knew each other, it should be about how we know each other.

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Published by Shagri'el

There is more to us than Creation, there’s love and support, and a blending of ideas. All prospering towards a day when all spirits within a great cosmic awakening transforms us like never before seen in the Known and Unknown Universe. In the meantime, we perform the groundwork.

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